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How to Build A Budget Gaming Laptop Setup
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How to Build A Budget Gaming Laptop Setup

|Apr 25, 2022

In the wake of the semiconductor shortage, it has not been easy to build a gaming PC on a budget. The semiconductors make all the difference in playing games. There is no doubt that the graphics card shortage that has plagued PC gamers for over two years is beginning to ease, which is great news for those who want to be PC gamers searching for a budget gaming laptop.

Some entry-level GPUs are available at some online retailers that are marked up higher than MSRP. It's disappointing that these problems mostly affect Nvidia's RTX 3050 and not AMD's RX 6500 XT, which we don't much like. As a result, there's a good chance you can find Nvidia's budget graphics card for a reasonable price today for the ultimate laptop gaming setup, so don't let your dreams pass you by. Even with high prices, we put together a super budget gaming laptop, budget gaming laptop 17 inch. – or rather a plan on how to set up a laptop for gaming on a budget.

The Basics of a Budget Gaming Laptop Setup

1. Components

Components in budget gaming laptop setup

You should select GPUs and processors with enough performance headroom for your laptop and monitor setup. It's important to remember that manufacturers cannot easily replace these two critical components in most laptops. The super-budget gaming laptop you choose should have the components to play the games you want at the resolution and frame rate you need.

2. Connectivity

If you want to connect external monitors and external storage to your system, ensure that it has enough ports, especially flexible ports such as Thunderbolt3. The Thunderbolt 3 port has a data transfer rate of up to 40 Gbps, ideal for moving large files from external drives. Some laptops do not have Thunderbolt 3 ports, so check before buying.

3. Design

budget gaming laptop setup Design

Choosing a smartphone with a design you like is important for your gaming setup ideas, including slim chassis, thin bezels (the border around the screen), and a durable frame material like aluminum. Compared to 13-inch and 15-inch laptops, bigger screens (17 inches and up) take up more room but can provide an enhanced experience.

Thanks to advances in thermal engineering, even powerful laptops are thin: some systems measure less than one inch thick. While it's still possible to get a high-performance gaming laptop in a small chassis for a clean gaming setup look, the weight and price will be determined by the components you choose.

Keyboard and Mouse for a Budget Gaming Laptop Setup

1. A full-size mechanical keyboard

A full-size mechanical keyboard

With a variety of aesthetic gaming setup style options, including a retro computer lab, neon backlights, and minimalist, not to mention high-quality keycaps and a satisfying typing experience, you won't be disappointed. To find the perfect feel and tactile experience, choose between switching styles. Various switch types require different amounts of force to actuate and different volumes, so choose the one that fits your cute gaming setup needs.

2. Laptop touchpads

Considering a gaming mouse is the best option when playing at home, they are excellent for some tasks. Advanced optical sensors and customizable buttons can greatly enhance the gaming experience, and the variety of mouse options offers a possibility to fit just about any preference.

3. The right mouse pad

The right mouse pad

This provides a surface specifically designed to work with a mouse's sensor, improving gaming setups.

The PC for a Budget Gaming Laptop Setup

1. Divide tasks among multiple screens

As you play on one screen, your chat client, streaming client, or work program can run on the other one.

2. Ensure that your monitor is positioned ergonomically

Ensure that your monitor is positioned ergonomically

Maintain a comfortable viewing angle by adjusting the height of your monitor so that the top of the screen sits at (or just below) your eye level. You can avoid neck strain that can result from looking at a screen while tilting your head up or down.

3. Think about upgrading your monitor

For a crisper image, trying boosting the resolution to 1440p or 4K (if higher than your laptop's native resolution) is the right choice if your laptop has the components required for these higher resolutions. The clarity of an image can improve when switching from a laptop screen that is 13"-17" to a 27" monitor (or larger). Adaptive sync solutions prevent screen tearing by enabling higher refresh rates.

Audio Setups

1. Using speakers, you can create a theater-like experience

Some laptop designs are inventively designed to overcome the physical limitations of their smaller size. Still, sometimes, especially when it comes to louder music or immersive audio, there's no substitute for surface area. The subwoofer and tweeters in these systems help with audio immersion by providing deeper bass and more clear highs.

2. Headsets

Headsets in budget gaming laptop setup

They provide a detailed soundstage conducive to pinpointing sources of in-game noise or adjusting the balance between voice chat and game sound using physical controls. Voice chat can easily be picked up by an adjustable mic while being isolated from background noises such as keyboard clicks as well.

Budget Gaming Laptop Setup Layout

Budget Gaming Laptop Setup Layout

1. Chairs

Make sure you choose the right chair for your needs, whether it’s an ergonomic office chair with a flexible spine or a racing-style gaming chair. Quality chairs are good investments if you intend to spend a lot of time in front of your setup.

2. Monitor holder

To find a comfortable monitor setup, install monitor arms or a dual monitor arm mount and adjust their height and tilt. A multiscreen stand will give your workspace a cleaner look than a standard stand, especially when more than one screen is running at once.

3. Desk

Make your desk more functional by mounting speakers on the wall or using speaker stands to free up space for other elements like lamps and headset stands.

4. Lighting

Make your gaming space stand out with custom lighting, such as smart lights that pulse in time with audio, ambient lighting behind your monitor, and LED strips.

5. Cable management

Make sure cables don't get tangled when they are on your desk. Bundle the cables together and route them through raceways attached to the underside or back of your desk.

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