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How to Build a Soundproof Gaming Booth? 23 Effective Tips to Start
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How to Build a Soundproof Gaming Booth? 23 Effective Tips to Start

|Jan 5, 2022

The sound is a crucial part of the gaming experience. That's why gamers from all over the world spend so much money on headsets and speakers. These devices highly improve gaming sessions by making them more immersive and helping you to focus. 

However, in most cases, when we're being too loud, it ends up in angry neighbors or roommates who need to sleep. That problem can be fixed in several ways without taking a toll on our gaming experience. 

In this quick guide, you are going to learn some essential tips on how to build a soundproof gaming booth that caters to all of your necessities.

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Why Do You Need a Soundproof Gaming Booth?

The answer to this question is quite simple. When building a soundproof gaming room, we want to achieve comfort for you and the people around you. It is meant to give you complete freedom to do anything you want while you're gaming and prevent you from disturbing your neighbors. 

Having a soundproof gaming room also improves your gaming experience and the sound quality of your games. This way, you make sure you get to play every game how the creator intended. You also can consider a portable soundproof box for your gaming experience or build a DIY soundproof booth in your home.

Tips to Build a Soundproof Gaming Booth

Don't be scared if this is your first time building a soundproof gaming booth. We've got you covered with some fantastic tips that may help you create the best soundproof gaming booth of all time. 

1. High-quality Acoustic Panels

High-quality Acoustic Panels of soundproof gaming booth

When we think about soundproofing a room, this is the first thing that comes to mind. Finding high-quality acoustic panels can be wonderful, as they do an excellent job isolating sounds from a room. 

These panels were originally made for music rooms, but the way they're built makes them ideal to dampen the noise that might come from your speakers while gaming. The structure catches all the noise that would otherwise bounce off the walls and create an echo. 

This also helps in case your walls have any cracks on them. Cracked walls let the vibrations go into its structure and create more damage. When this happens, you could either fill the gaps with joint compounds and paint over them or install acoustic panels on your walls. 

2. Make the Door Thicker

The first step you need to do is inspect your door. Knock on it, feel it, find out what material it is made of and if it is hollow or not. Once you figure this out, you are going to know more about how to fix any problems that it might have. 

In order to fix a thin door, you can either replace it with a thicker one or cover it with sound-deadening materials. You might need to ask for permission from your landlord to do this, but this technique ensures the most effective results. 

3. Cover the Door Spaces

Cover the Door Spaces of the soundproof gaming booth

You can use dampening seals on any type of door to make it soundproof for not much money. This cheap option isn't the most eye-appealing one, but it is very efficient. Just follow the next steps: 

  • Get the measures of your door
  • Cut the seals into the correct shapes
  • Place the seals in the holes of the door
  • Secure them from the inside to maintain a pretty aesthetic on the outside 

4. Install Draft Stopper

These handy elements work amazingly to stop the noise that usually comes out through the small space between the floor and the door. It doesn't cause any problems when opening or closing the door, so you don't have to worry about getting locked in your soundproof gaming room. 

You can install them on all kinds of floors and carpets, as they allow the door to roll smoothly over them while blocking unwanted noise simultaneously. 

5. Soundproofing Blankets and Curtains

Soundproofing Blankets and Curtains

Soundproof fabrics are extremely heavy textiles that can be hung on your walls and windows to prevent the sound from escaping. These fabrics work exceptionally well in catching the sound from gaming rooms and drowning every noise before anyone outside the room can hear it. 

6. Soundproof Your Windows

You can use some of the previously described techniques to soundproof your windows, such as using soundproof curtains or filling in any gaps with dampening seals. Another interesting recommendation is to install an additional window pane to create an extra layer that's meant to drown any noise coming from the PC gaming room

7. Add DryWall

Add DryWall for soundproof gaming booth

Single-layered drywalls tend to be way too thin, and noises go through them with ease. The most effective technique to fix this is to create a new layer of drywall and put a generous amount of sound dampening materials between them. Remember that there's no better way to soundproof a gaming room than building thicker walls. 

8. Heavy Rugs

Spare your neighbors from hearing the annoying tapping of shoes and moving of furniture by getting a rug heavy enough to endure all the weight and absorb the room's noises. 

These mats are also made to drown the noises from the room below, so you can stop worrying about annoying neighbors interrupting your gaming session. 

9. Work on the Ceiling

Work on the Ceiling of the soundproof gaming booth

Ceilings can be improved the same way as walls. You can thicken it, pin down some dampening materials, or even use soundproof blankets, foam mats, and acoustic tiles. 

These solutions are meant for the same purpose as making your floor soundproof. We want to protect our gaming desk setups from neighbors and all kinds of outside noises. 

10. Soundproof Box

Having a soundproof box for your setup is sure to eliminate any unwanted noises from the direct source, and you can even build it yourself. 

You are only going to need to join together plywood panels forming a box and stick vinyl foams to its walls. Remember to leave one side of the box open to prevent your computer from overheating. 

11. Find the Right Volume

Find the Right Volume

The truth is that having your speakers at the highest volume isn't the best thing either, as the sound might get distorted if your gadgets don't have the best quality. Perhaps you can find a middle ground where it still sounds fantastic, and no one outside the room can hear the noise. 

12. Move Your Gaming Station

If the problem is one specific shared wall, you can move your L-shaped gaming desk to the other side of the room, making sure your speakers don't come close to the shared wall. This way, the bass isn't going to shake up and possibly damage your neighbor's wall. 

13. Stack Furniture Against the Walls

Stack Furniture Against the Walls

Adding mass to the wall is also a fantastic way of preventing the noise from going through them. The most effective furniture is big bookshelves with loads of books and a closed back. Sofas and anything made out of fabric also work exceptionally. 

You can pair this method with soundproof curtains to ensure you don't lessen the sound quality. 

14. Quieter Fans

This is probably the loudest element of your ultimate gaming setup. Luckily, you can make it silent with quiet fan cases and anti-vibration fan mouths. These two elements can make a world of difference and help you forget about the noise that your computer fans can make. 

15. Use Pillows

Use Pillows for soundproof gaming booth

Sometimes, making your room a little bit more soundproof can be as easy as stacking up some pillows around your gaming setup. The fabric of the cushions is going to catch a lot of the noise that your speakers may produce. However, you still need to pair this method with others on this list. 

16. Lift Your Speakers

Slide some spongy material underneath your speakers to prevent them from vibrating through the floor. It's also a good idea to keep them on higher grounds at all times and point them away from walls. You can buy special rubber padding that's made specifically for this issue. 

17. Use Silent Gaming Gadgets

If noise is a problem in your house, you can opt for a silent keyboard and mouse. These are usually the most used elements during gaming. The constant tapping and clicking may awaken some people's pet peeves. Hence, these silent alternatives can give you further comfort without the hassle of installing any extra materials. 

18. Install a Subfloor

Install a Subfloor

You can do this by placing an additional MDF wood or plywood panel on the floor and sticking it together with a strong soundproofing sealant to prevent possible noise.

This technique is going to add enough mass to the floor to catch all the noises your setup might make during your gaming sessions. However, this is only worth the hassle if you're dealing with too much noise or really annoying neighbors. Usually, a thick carpet is enough to diffuse the sounds.

19. Anti-vibration Mat

Anti-vibration mats are simply rubber mats made out of 100% synthetic rubber that you can place on the floor to reduce the vibration of your setup. It also helps you forget about spilling liquids on the carpet, as it can't get stained as regular carpets do. 

These mats also work fantastically for gaming chairs with wheels, such as the SL4000 by Vertagear.

20. Use a Gaming Headset

If you want to avoid building new structures or buying unnecessary machinery, this is the option for you. Getting a good headset can change your whole gaming experience. It is sure to give you top-tier sound effects with almost zero possibility of disturbing others. 

This is also an excellent option for gaming late at night when you don't want to take any chances of disturbing your neighbors or roommates. You can pair it with your favorite gaming PC by Autonomous and Artesian Builds.

21. Fiberglass Insulation

Insulation isn't only good for making your rooms soundproof. It also helps you cut some electricity expenses. It might be quite a bit of an investment, but once it's done, you are going to be able to enjoy all the benefits that come from it. 

This might suit you better if you're building a room from scratch. If this is not the case, you are going to need heavy-duty tools to remove the existing drywall and build the fiberglass insulation around it. Insulating your walls can also help you protect your house from weather changes. 

22. Soundproof Tiles

Soundproof ceramic tiles are specially made to absorb all the sounds that come from walking or gaming in your room. They lessen the vibrations that devices such as speakers and PCs tend to make. 

These tiles are often used in gyms to reduce the vibrations from the machinery. We can copy this practice and incorporate them into our gaming room. 

However, this method by itself isn't enough to make your room completely soundproof. You are going to need to use other techniques, too, such as adding a sub-floor and carpets to make sure your room is as silent as possible. 

23. Egg Cartons

If you're on a budget, but you really want to make a soundproof gaming booth, this is an option you should consider. Replace regular acoustic panels with egg cartons. The shape is ideal to resemble foam panels, and they work too! However, they don't function as well as professional acoustic panels would, but they're still worth a try. 

You can stick them to the walls of your booth, and you're all set to begin gaming. A huge downside is that they're not appealing to the eye, and you can't paint on them without ruining the soundproof factor. 

Extra Tip: If You Have a Backyard, Build a Gaming Pod

The ultimate way of preventing any sound from disturbing your gaming sessions is by building a gaming pod in your backyard. These are small rooms that can be set up in gardens to create an environment that's completely separated from your house. 

Most of them are soundproof, so you don't have to worry about making any changes to their structure. 

Bottom Line

Now that you've read all of our handy advice for creating a soundproof gaming room, you're all set to get your tools and make your gaming aesthetic dreams come true. 

Never get interrupted again while you're gaming with these simple steps. If you're interested in upgrading your gaming setup, don't hesitate to check our catalog and see all the gadgets we offer. One of our favorites is this compact gaming desk by Benzara.

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