From Closet to Commander: Maximizing Your Closet Gaming Setup
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From Closet to Commander: Maximizing Your Closet Gaming Setup

|Jul 13, 2023

Turning your closet into a gaming setup might sound strange, but it is undoubtedly the most attractive setup idea out there. This saves a lot of space in your room for other stuff without making your gaming setup look basic.

In this article, we will get into detail on how you can make a professional gaming setup in a closet. For starters, here are a few steps that you need to follow.

1. Choosing the Color Theme

Choosing the right color theme is the first and most important step for a gaming setup in the closet. Most people go out and throw all the colors in to make their setup attractive. However, the best way to implement the strategy is to go for a two-tone setup with the inner closet being light and the outer side a bit darker. A black-and-white combination would be ideal if you want your setup to look more elegant and modern.

If you want to make it look a bit more colorful, make sure to select the colors close to the interior of your room. Setting up a good color combination with the rest of the décor is crucial to make your closet gaming setup stand out.

Choosing the Color Theme - closet gaming setup

2. Buying the Right Gaming Chair

Once you have decided on the color theme for your setup, the second step is to select the right type of gaming chair. Gaming chairs come in various sizes and fabrics. For the right fabric quality, we highly recommend using mesh chairs for comfort, allowing you to sit and play for longer periods. Moreover, select a big and tall gaming chair as they come with height adjustability, ideal for closet gaming setups.

Buying the Right Gaming Chair - closet gaming setup

3. Setting up the Lighting System

Before setting up all the gaming equipment and accessories, it is important to set up the lighting system and wiring inside the closet. You can use smart led lights for the lighting system on the borders of your closet. Attach the strip using a mount or adhesive on the corners of each compartment of your closet, except for the middle one where you will be placing your tv.

The middle compartment will have the lighting system only on the back side of the tv, which will change according to the color of the tv or monitor. For such lighting, you can use Philips Hue Bluetooth smart led strip.

Setting up the Lighting System - closet gaming setup

4. Hiding the Wires

Hiding all your wires and leaving the sockets hidden makes your gaming setup attractive and clean. Before you buy and place all your equipment, make sure to set up a wiring system so that everything doesn't get strangled up at the end. Leave small holes or paths for wires to pass from one compartment to another. Since every small closet gaming setup is built differently, you will have to be a bit creative to keep every wire hidden.

Hiding the Wires

5. Picking up the Perfect-Sized Monitor

Before picking the monitor for your setup, make sure to check the maximum size that you can fit in your closet. For a small closet, a 32-inch monitor or tv would be ideal. On the other hand, people with big closets can also go for a dual monitor setup. Make sure to leave some space empty on the right and left side of your center compartment for speakers.

Picking up the Perfect-Sized Monitor

6. Mounting the Monitor on the Closet Wall

For a PC setup in closets, it is better to mount the screen on the back wall instead of placing it on the shelf. Mounting the monitor also leaves space to place your controllers and a keyboard. Before mounting the Tv, remember to attach the led strips mentioned in the 3rd step on the back of your TV and attach them to a power source.

7. Allotting the Shelves

In the first 5 steps, you have already allotted the middle shelf to the monitor, keyboard, controllers, and speakers. Now for the upper and lower compartments, allot each shelf to a specific accessory. We highly recommend placing your pc or console at the bottom-most shelf while keeping all the character figures and decoration pieces at the top.

In small closets, there are three compartments, with the middle one being the biggest. If you own one of the small ones, then put all your physical games at the top with figures and decoration items. However, if you have got more compartments, allot a separate one for your gaming collection.

workpod for gamer

8. Buying and Placing the Accessories

Last but not least, buy some pro gaming accessories for your closet setup, such as a desk mat, charging station, RGB keyboard, gaming headphones, etc. The more accessories you buy, the more space you will need to place them. So, make sure you check your closet space before adding all the extra accessories to your bucket list. 

9. Decorating the Closet with Gaming Figures and Collectibles

Decorating your gaming closet is a crucial step that puts your setup one step ahead of everyone. You can use multiple decoration items such as Darth Vader for the Star Wars figure, Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy figure, Borderlands cable guy figure, Master Chief from Halo's figure, etc.

Apart from gaming figures, gamers also love to place some popular icons, such as PlayStation 5 icons light and Xbox achievement light, on their closet setups.

Decorating the Closet with Gaming Figures and Collectibles

10. The Final Touch

Once you have put everything in place and in order, it's time to turn the room lights off and closet lights on to get a good look at your ultimate gaming setup. Make sure that all your gaming accessories and equipment are placed under the right lighting with wires hidden.

Once you have achieved this, you have built your own professional closet gaming setup all by yourself.

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