20 Built-In Desk Ideas for Saving Space in Your Home Office
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20 Built-In Desk Ideas for Saving Space in Your Home Office

|May 7, 2024

If there's something that any home office must have, it's a table-like furniture piece. However, installing the ideal one can be a bit problematic when we have a small room. Luckily, I've listed some built-in desk ideas to help you create the perfect workspace while saving space and adding extra storage to your setup.

Do you need inspiration to set up and organize your office furniture? Are you trying to find a way to squeeze a preppy desk into a small space? I've listed my top recommendations and the best ideas you can consider for this exciting project. Keep reading!

Creating the Ideal Workstation with a Built-in Desk

Built-in Wall Desk with Shelves

Although a built-in wall desk may seem huge, the truth is that this idea will help us save space while providing us with additional storage solutions.

You may need some time to build this wall desk, but you'll love the result. It doesn't take up too much floor space but expands the working surface a lot. Plus, those shelves are the ideal places to store my favorite books, show off my attractive decorative items, and display my beloved plants.

Built-in Wall Desk with Shelves - built in desk ideas

Built-in Desk With Storage Cabinets

If we're trying to find the best built-in desk ideas for our small home office, we shouldn't be afraid to install a floor-to-ceiling furniture piece. As I mentioned before, I know it's a little scary to think about choosing a wall-to-wall structure. However, we have to focus on its functionality and storage capacity.

Instead of bookshelves, I decided to install drawers and cabinets on this built-in desk. While the idea seemed a bit risky, the result is amazing. Now, I have a workstation with a large surface and extra storage space to keep my tools and belongings organized.

We can also make some changes to promote movement and improve our health. A standing desk with drawers could be the perfect addition to a small home office if we want to maintain an active lifestyle.

Built-in Desk With Storage Cabinets

Contemporary Wood Built-In Desk with Additional Storage

I really like this workstation. Actually, I think it's one of the best modern built-in desk ideas!

Wood is a popular material people have used for centuries to manufacture furniture pieces. However, we can give it a contemporary touch by playing around with colors and designs.

This idea incorporates the traditional color of wood but combines these earthy tones with elegant white. Plus, the built-in desk features modern shelves and practical cabinets for added storage.

Contemporary Wood Built-In Desk with Additional Storage

Renovated Closet Built-In

Look at the picture. This is the best way to save money and time. If the space we have designated for our home office has a small closet, we can transform it into a built-in desk!

Honestly, I think it's one of the easiest DIY built-in desk ideas. You just have to be creative, remove the closet doors, install some shelves on the wall, and add a functional furniture piece.

Two-Person Built-in Floating Desk

If you're looking for custom built-in desk ideas to create a family workstation, you should definitely consider this one. Pick any space in your house and craft a floating table similar to the one in the image. It'll be just the surface without legs.

As a result, we'll have an effortless and cheap but fully functional workspace to accommodate two or more people. For additional storage, I always recommend adding at least two long shelves over the floating desk. They'll take up very little space.

Two-Person Built-in Floating Desk

Three-Person Built-in Corner Desk

Do you need to create a workspace that can fit more than two people at the same time? A corner standing desk may be the perfect addition to your home office!

Thanks to its "L" shape, a corner desk will maximize space while providing a large work surface and plenty of seating. Also, I think that installing some upper cabinets will give us additional storage options.

As you can see in the picture, the desk is painted the same color as the room's walls. This is a great way to make our workspace look seamless.

Built-in Window Desk

I've also found some beautiful built-in desk ideas for nature enthusiasts, and this one is my favorite.

Since I usually take some time to admire the beautiful landscape around my house every morning, this design caught my attention. It's a floating desk installed right under a window.

The result is breathtaking. Our home office will be relaxing and provide beautiful green and sunny views.

Built-in Window Desk

Cozy Bookshelf With a Desk

While searching for small built-in desk ideas, I found this one: a modest bookshelf with a floating table and a matching chair. Although the design is simple, it's beautiful and functional.

I have some desk decorations for my working area, including a few lamps, collectibles, and small ornaments. There's enough space for them all in this built-in bookshelf with an integrated table. I love it!

Cozy Bookshelf With a Desk

Dark Built-in Desk

Although I’m in love with my white standing desk, I think dark colors are also great options for built-in furniture pieces. This picture shows how black or gray walls combine perfectly with a brown table and chair.

These colors will add a little drama to our spaces and create a moody atmosphere, but they convey serenity and a productive feel. In addition to black and gray, you can use green tones and add some warm–colored elements for a unique touch. That's what I often do.

Dark Built-in Desk

Large L-Shaped Built-in Desk

As I said before, we shouldn't be afraid of large furniture pieces. Some of the best built-in desk ideas for a home office involve setting up a huge table.

If we design this space strategically, a large desk won't take up too much space but rather provide a large working area. L-shaped models are my favorites. With one of these, we can maximize small rooms because they seamlessly fit into corners.

Around-the-Window Built-in Desk

I’m a fan of windows because they offer golden opportunities to connect with nature, even if we’re at home. Plus, they improve lighting and provide a feeling of spaciousness to small rooms.

Did you like the under-the-window built-in desk ideas I talked about before? Well, here's another one. You just have to install your minimalist desk around it.

This layout will give us a cozy window seat. I won't lie. That's what I like the most about it. However, there are additional advantages, such as extra storage if we install shelves or cabinets.

An around-the-window workspace has enormous potential to become a haven of inspiration for writers and artists, don't you think?

Around-the-Window Built-in Desk

Blue Wall Desk for Two People

For me, blue is one of the best colors for modern built-in desk ideas. These tones are relaxing, create a serene space, promote inspiration, and help us stay focused.

Plus, blue combines perfectly with vibrant tones that can add a bold touch of color to our spaces, such as yellow or orange.

The setup you can see in the picture has blue-painted cabinetry and a wallpapered background that create a unique and fun style. Also, there are two yellow chairs that visually divide the desk in two and make the structure look more spacious while maintaining the beautiful design.

Since the cabinets are installed in the center of the walls, they provide additional storage without taking up too much room space.

Blue Wall Desk for Two People

Cloffice with a Built-in Floating Desk

This compact "cloffice", a term most of my friends use to describe a “closet office,” cleverly uses that space where we used to store our clothes and belongings for a workspace. The best part? It doesn't sacrifice valuable square footage!

If you're struggling to find some DIY built-in desk ideas, I think this one can give you the inspiration you need. The star of the design is a beautiful floating table that I can make myself, paired perfectly with a filing cabinet and under-desk baskets to keep everything organized and clutter-free.

Cloffice with a Built-in Floating Desk

Classic Kitchen Desk

Although I'm not a fan of kitchen desks, I think these custom built-in desk ideas are great for those who want to transform really small rooms into home offices. They'll provide a reduced but useful space for a computer.

Kitchen desks were very popular in the 80s, so I think a vintage style is perfect for these designs. Ideally, the materials we use for this workstation should match the whole area's elements.

I think I’d choose a sit-stand desk for this tiny setup because I tend to be very busy and active when I'm in the kitchen!

Multipurpose Built-in Desk

This image shows a design that takes space optimization to the next level. It goes beyond a simple “cloffice” by incorporating other elements, such as a bed, a built-in desk, a dresser, and additional storage – all in one cohesive unit.

I’m sure this ingenious layout is perfect for those of us who want to maximize functionality in any room, whether we need a convertible home office/guest room or are looking to repurpose an unused space.

Simple Built-in Corner Desk

Besides being fun and saving a lot of space, this design is ideal for those on a tight budget. We only need a floating desk and two long shelves that match the color of the wall. I believe that a slightly lighter tone will be the best choice.

There are some awkwardly shaped corners in my house, so I think this is one of those modern built-in desk ideas that can help us turn these odd areas into fully functional spaces.

Simple Built-in Corner Desk

Kitchen Desk with a Hideaway

I know I said I didn't like kitchen desks, but this idea is beautiful and so clever! Perhaps we don't want our workspace to be the star of our home and capture our guests' glances as soon as they step in.

So, we can choose a hideaway desk that tucks right into the cabinetry and stays hidden behind folding cabinet doors when we aren't working. With the right design, we can even include some storage solutions and in-cabinet lamps.

Stacked Shelves Built-In Desk

I still have some DIY built-in desk ideas to share with you. If you want to save time and money but achieve an excellent result, you can consider installing several sets of shelves in a small area to create a practical workstation.

Since I always want to maximize space and have extra storage options, I’d combine one or two floating shelves with some drawers. After that, I'd just add a matching chair and some items to make the most out of my new working surface.

Stacked Shelves Built-In Desk

Corporate Style Built-in Desk

Do you want to have a home office that conveys professionalism and improves productivity without sacrificing your ample workspace? Look no further than these modern built-in desk ideas!

This layout seamlessly integrates dark wood wall-to-wall cabinetry with a massive but practical L-shaped desk. We’ll have a wide working surface and extra space to store all our belongings.

What I love the most about this built-in desk is that it offers a sophisticated atmosphere that reminds me of a corporate workspace. It’s great to have such an elegant and functional space in the comfort of our home, don’t you think?

To take this design to the next level, I'd change the traditional L-shaped table for a smart desk with innovative features and a captivating appearance.

Minimalist Built-in Desk

The last addition to my list of built-in desk ideas is this minimalist option. Just look at the picture. We won't need more than a floating shelf-style table and a chair to create the ideal workspace.

For this design, we'll mount the “desk” on the wall and add just one or two decorative elements. If we choose an attractive option, the chair can be the focal point and add color to this setup.

This built-in desk is cheap and fits any space, whether we only need to use a laptop or have a surface suitable for writing for hours.

Minimalist Built-in Desk

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to design the ideal home office and maximize those small spaces in your home? My list of built-in desk ideas will definitely help you!

A built-in desk can be a practical addition to a small space, as these designs provide ample work surfaces without taking up too much square footage. Moreover, most are customizable and can be adapted to fit our needs.

If you want to stay active throughout the day, a built-in home standing desk could be the best furniture piece for your office, for example.

Do you think some of these built-in desk ideas can help you create the perfect workspace? I’m so happy to know that. Be creative and make the most out of these recommendations!

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