The 10 Best Modern Floor Lamps for Interior Design
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The 10 Best Modern Floor Lamps for Interior Design

AutonomousAutonomous | Nov 28, 2021

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Remote workspace design is often evaluated in terms of the more prominent furniture elements. These include an office standing desk or the various smart office accessories that may either beautify the space or improve the user’s quality of life. Modern floor lamps should be in the conversation too, but they rarely are. 

Even if you look beyond the floor lamp topic, how many ergonomic discussions make a big deal out of lighting? Unfortunately, this area doesn't get the focus it deserves, though when handled properly, it can lead to some of the most calming and productive work sessions ever.

If you only think of a floor lamp for living room as a random piece of furniture, let this be the last day you do so. There are decor and functionality elements to the discussion, both of which are incredibly supportive in providing lighting for computer workstations

The aim today is to clue you in on some of the best designs on the market. That way, you get one step closer to transforming your workplace into a definitive ergonomic experience.

10 Best Modern Floor Lamps for Interior Design

1. Brightech Swoop LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Swoop LED modern floor lamps

This is one of those living room floor lamps that proves you don't need a hefty price tag to achieve great quality. Brightech managed to make this one incredibly affordable, though the build quality is not too far off from some of the more expensive models available. 

It has a unique asymmetrical design that is guaranteed to bring an exclusive flair to your decor and have visitors asking you about it. Beyond the use of eye-popping curvature, the presence of black and gold accents reinforces the premium feel. 

The sculptural floor lamp features an adjustable shade, allowing you to take control of its directional orientation. An LED is bulb included, which is rated at 9.5 watts, making for a very energy-efficient style of operation. Though it's going to save you some money, the 800-lumen bulb provides the brightness you need and should last you up to 20,000 hours before a replacement is necessary. The footswitch inclusion is convenient icing on the cake. 

For those who like the idea of a minimalist workspace layout, not all contemporary floor lamps can work for you. However, the Swoop floor lamp is just what the doctor ordered. It blends well into mid century, farmhouse, retro, industrial, and vintage aesthetics. 

2. Benzara Industrial LED Floor Lamp

Benzara Industrial modern floor lamps

This is a good option for stand lamps for living room. Like Brightech, Benzara also has a standout design with this industrial model. It is also rated as one of the best floor lamps in the market. While it's not as cheap as the previous entry, it certainly isn't as expensive as some of the other models discussed. There's a simple and elegant style about it, allowing it to easily integrate into any remote workspace layout

The word “industrial” is not just fluff here. While it is well suited to those who may be working from a remote space, others who would like to use it in an organizational context should have no issues. 

This Benzara floor lamp is another model with an adjustable light shade, which is very convenient for exercising control of the beam’s direction. Based on the amount of natural light available and your positioning, you may want to adjust the unit every so often.  

There is a 12-watt LED bulb included, which translates to an energy-saving design. The lifespan you get is staggering, as you are going to be enjoying over 50,000 hours. Any traditional light source, when compared to this Benzara design, would be costing you as much as 80% more on your electric bill. 

Assembly of this contemporary floor lamp is also incredibly quick, so you can get up and running as easily as you'd like. 

3. Isobel Floor Lamp

Isobel modern floor lamps

It's hard to get a read on where to place the Isobel Floor Lamp on the scale of traditional to contemporary styles. The aesthetic of the shade automatically makes you think of the 80s, but the base and the neck tell a different story entirely. 

It has a very unusual look, which is likely to generate quite a bit of attention and comments. The unit’s visual is not super loud, but you may want to look elsewhere if you want living room floor lamps that can settle into a minimalist workspace layout. 

The resin neck’s twisting style is the center of attention, as there is almost nothing like it. The woven and drum shed complements it quite well, and the light source does not overdo things in any way. 

One of the best applications of such a design is as a charm bringer. In other words, some workspaces don’t have much to offer in charm. The only option is to add a piece that brings quite a bit of its own. The Isobel Floor Lamp can play that role tremendously. 

4. Pottery Barn Morton Floor Lamp

Pottery Barn Morton Floor Lamp

The modern floor lamps discussed on this list tend to have standard minimalist designs. However, if you were to imagine what a traditional lamp looks like, the Morton from Pottery Barn would likely show up in your head somewhere. 

As early as you could identify what a lamp was, this is very likely what you saw. Still, it's important to remember that simple does not necessarily translate to boring, so don't feel as if you cannot accessorize your home office setup with this kind of design. The main challenge is ensuring that your aesthetic supports the lamp before you purchase it. 

Transitional, Cali-cool, and coastal decor styles work best with this unit, so it comes highly recommended If any of those describes what you are working with. The shade consists of textured linen, while the sturdy base features pale rubberwood. 

5. CB2 Big Dipper Arc Brass Floor Lamp

CB2 Big Dipper Arc Brass Floor Lamp

This CB2 design sits in the middle of the park where the price is concerned. It's certainly not as cheap as some of the lower-cost units discussed, but it's not even close to the prices on the higher side of the spectrum. 

Nevertheless, no one can take away the fact that it's one of the most unique. Modern floor lamps with an arc style are not the most common in the world. However, you tend to find that desk lamps are very popular for their arc designs. 

The unit features a hardwood composition with a cotton shade and a metal base. Not only do these materials complement each other, but they also contribute to a high level of durability. 

The arch is over 6 feet high, which should not be a problem for any seated person. 

Even if you're standing at your desk, your workspace should be low enough to take advantage of the light's full potential. The footprint is not overwhelming, meaning smaller rooms can take advantage of it just as well as the bigger ones can.  

Full dimmer functionality is very appreciated, allowing you to modify the light’s intensity upon request. As far as finishes go, CB2 offers this unit in both nickel and brass. 

6. Restoration Hardware Slimline Task Floor Lamp

Restoration Hardware modern floor lamps

You're getting a modern floor lamp design that is very slim and very visually appealing. For those who are willing to deal with a somewhat hefty price tag for something that stands out without screaming too loudly, Restoration Hardware has you covered. 

The great attribute here is that even with such an eye-popping design in isolation, the moment it becomes a part of an existing workspace, you never find that it calls too much attention to itself. The orientation of the stand and head allow it to fit perfectly over a sofa arm if you’d like to use it as a reading lamp

Don't let that give you the wrong idea though, as it is still very much suited to use at your computer workstation. The shade is adjustable, allowing for 30 degrees of movement to each side. Additionally, the inclusion of a dimmer switch means that you can adjust the intensity of the light to fit in better with whatever amount of natural light is available. 

If you want to get a bit more creative, instead of using the existing dimmer, you can take advantage of this lamp's compatibility with a wall dimmer for a more streamlined experience. 

7. Muuto Leaf LED Floor Lamp

Muuto Leaf modern floor lamps

The price of this modern floor lamp is no joke, but if you are willing to pay for it, the job is going to get done right. One look is all it takes to realize that this design is appealing to those looking for living room floor lamps to slot into a minimalist layout. 

Strangely enough, when you look at the lamp from a profile view, it's going to be hard to shake the feeling that you are looking at a very large white golf club. However, it's that plain aesthetic that allows it to do its job in “plain concealment.” 

There isn't much loudness and hype around the visual it brings, yet it manages to be one of the more beautiful options out there. Artistic is one of the simplest ways to describe it, which sounds like the exact kind of lamp you want in your remote workspace. 

As you would expect, the leaf-shaped shade can be angled in various directions for controlled beam focus. 

8. Chip on Board Technology Floor Lamp

This is one of the best floor lamps in the market. While not the most cost-effective of the standing lamps for living room needs on this list, this one manages to be incredibly functional. The jury is out on the use of orange throughout, as it is said to be a nice touch of color without attracting too much attention. 

Be that as it may, it's not hard to imagine that there are several contexts in which this kind of color choice could easily clash with the aesthetic. If you don't have that challenge though, then feel free to pick it up. Other options such as gray and navy may be better suited to a wider range of visual styles. The only challenge there is that sense of uniqueness begins to fade away. 

It's the orange and bronze styles of this modern floor lamp that feel like the right step in a unique direction. The head of floor lamps for living room may worry you, but there is nothing to be concerned about, as it is designed for great coverage, thanks to the presence of wide-area light emitters. 

The ability to adjust the intensity of the lighting is also a plus, as this is the best way to compliment natural light sources beyond changing direction altogether.

9. CB2 Aristocrat 3 Globe Floor Lamp

Chip on Board Technology Floor Lamp

While this CB2 modern floor lamp design does its job well, there is not anything too special to say about it from a visual standpoint. The angled frame does provide some interesting living room office setup options to help you focus your light source, especially with the adjustable shade for tighter directional control. 

The slim neck and small diameter do provide an advantage, as you often find that very small places make it challenging to throw in a floor lamp. This one, however, can support just about anywhere you may want to put it.

10. Ashton Tall Floor Lamp

Ashton Tall Floor Lamp

It's the final of the modern floor lamps present, and it's the only one on the list that has the unique distinction of a double bulb design. It certainly knows how to garner some attention for itself, but one look is enough to tell you that you cannot fit it just anywhere. 

Even with its slim matte black design and smoked glass shades, it's hard to turn your eye away from such a standout composition. If you don't mind, then feel free to get your hands on one. The lighting this modern floor lamp provides is very subtle, and you're going to find that it supports natural sources incredibly well. 

Should you opt for a modern or glam style, that may be where the Ashton Tall Floor Lamp fits in best. 

Final Remarks

Even if other people continue to, hopefully, you are never going to underestimate the importance of ergonomic lighting again. Additionally, you have been taken on a tour of the best floor lamps money can buy. Put any of them at the center of your desk lighting ideas, and your remote workspace is never going to be the same again. 

Remember that you want to balance natural and artificial light sources as best as possible, so you could even consider bringing LED desk lamps into the mix.

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