PC Gaming Chair Color Psychology: Physical and Mental Effects of Colors
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PC Gaming Chair Color Psychology: Physical and Mental Effects of Colors

|Sep 12, 2023

On the long list of things to consider when you are picking out your gaming accessories and designing your dream setup is what color you want your chair to be. Apart from your screen system, the PC gaming chair is the most important element- not just for style but for keeping your body supported while you use it.

The impacts of chair height, material, and lumbar support are well documented in the ‘how to shop for the best PC gaming chair’ category, but what about the color? How much does the color of your chair contribute to your physical and mental well-being? It might seem like an odd question, but you may be surprised how much it actually matters. 

How Do Colors Influence the Body and Mind?

Color plays a major role in the way people feel. They have an undeniable subconscious impact on emotions and mindsets, so much so that they can even raise heart rates or lower blood pressure.  

Furniture color psychology- including your gaming chair and desk - is based on the biological responses the brain has to seeing certain tones. The color spectrum is measured on a wavelength using nanometers and how much light they reflect. They move from cool to warm, changing the way we feel about them as they go.

How Do Colors Influence the Body and Mind?

The Color Psychology of Different Colored PC Gaming Chairs

Here are some of the most popular PC gaming chair colors and an overview of the mental effects they have on people in general and when they game. 


Red is the second most visible color on the spectrum (after yellow), and it has arguably the strongest connotations and psychological impacts. In fact, red is such a powerful color that it even affects your heart rate when you look at it. 

Both the mind and body feel stimulated when they see red, which is why it is often associated with powerful emotions such as anger, love, and lust. It increases the heart rate and boosts energy levels, ultimately making you feel more awake and detail-focused.

What does all this mean for gaming? A red gaming chair is going to help you feel engaged, passionate, and in the zone. Facing a marathon session with the squad or on an all-night XP-gaining mission? The subconscious excitement and hyper-focused energy a red chair gives you could come in handy.



Moving way down the color spectrum, blue is the ‘coolest’ cool color (not technically speaking, that would be purple) and a fan favorite amongst creatives and big thinkers. Why? Because blue is the color of intellect and creativity, and it stimulates the brain in ways that help people focus differently. 

Unlike red, which kickstarts the attention-to-detail driven- almost obsessive- focus, blue makes people alert but peaceful. The result is an openness to new ideas because the mind feels calmer, free, and braver. 

A blue gaming chair is a great choice in a game/work hybrid space. If you use your home office to work in the day and play at night, blue does both! If you find the right tone, it can stimulate your creative thinking and intellectual focus when working and carry them through to out-the-box gameplay that works well in strategic games.



Pink is the softest member of the red family- achieved by adding white to its fiery cousin red. The connotations and vibes pink gives off couldn’t be much further from red, and its impact on psychology is also pretty different. 

Because pink is a low-saturation hue, it is generally considered calming. There are some exceptions when you move toward the more vibrant tones like fuchsia. What doesn’t change, no matter the shade, is the fun, carefree, nurturing feeling we all get from pink- and it is not just for girls, either.  

A pink gaming chair is a fun choice- there is no other word for it. It is pretty hard to feel down when you use a pink chair, and that has a knock-on impact on the way you game and how you feel mentally while you do.



Black is not a color- it is a color vortex. It is the absence of light, and that is the feeling you get when you're playing in an all-black chair. Because no light is reflected, it isolates the person and redirects their entire focus and attention to the nearest light source- in this case, your screen. 

Most gamers love a black gaming chair because it helps them get into the zone and stay there. It is also a lot easier to blend with any other décor. Another benefit of having a black PC gaming chair is that it doubles up well as an office chair since it is not distracting and can look professional.



Purple is one of the lesser-discussed colors in color psychology, and it is not as common a choice in things such as gaming chairs. Part of this could be because it is the hardest color family for the eye to pick up. It is also one of the rarest colors in nature, and as a result, is less common in popular interior design. 

The color purple sits at the opposite end of the spectrum to red, so it is the most calming color in theory. However, because it is so polarizing, a lot of people avoid it completely. If you do like the idea of a purple gaming chair, you can expect to feel unique, confident, and relaxed. Depending on the tone you go for, it can either be vibrant and stimulate feelings of magic and possibility or subtle to enhance your chilled vibes and create a tranquil space.


Green sits right in the middle of the color spectrum, and that technically makes it the easiest on the eyes and the brain, with both having to do less work to pick up this color than others. Because you experience less strain on a chemical level, green tones give off a naturally calming vibe. 

It comes as no surprise that the brain associates green with nature, even if you don’t automatically notice yourself doing it. Going back to our primal roots, green was heavily tied to food sources. 

Interestingly, having green nearby makes the eyes pick up blue and red light more clearly, which can be useful in gaming. If you are somebody who gets stressed easily and wants your gaming zone to be a calming escape, green could be the way to go.



Another polarizing color choice is white. Like black, it is not a color- but instead of absorbing light, it reflects it. White is clean, clinical, and pristine- which is why it is used in medical practices and labs. These are not exactly words you associate with a recreational zone, but some people swear by the minimalistic design aesthetic.  

The psychological effect of a white gaming chair is most likely to do the opposite of making you feel comfortable. It works well if you want to tackle tasks that demand productivity, but it can make you feel quite anxious because of the connotations. 

White is a popular choice in a PS5 gaming setup because it matches the console. People feel the need to match to white because the sterile, clinical vibe it gives off makes you want everything to look just as clean.


What Physical Impact Do Colors Have on PC Gaming Chair Users?

Although colors play an important role in a gamer’s psyche, they have minimal impact on the physical benefits of their chair. The only effect they may have is on the position you sit in, with more stimulating colors making people feel more involved or excited about gaming. If you are sitting on a dull chair in a dull room, you may be more likely to slump. 

Color is only one element of what makes a gaming chair great, and it has very little to do with how comfortable, supportive, or versatile they are. When picking the best chair for PC gaming, you need to consider the following aspects. 

  • What ergonomic features does it have? Back support, armrests, a headrest, and posture support are all important for any chair you spend long hours in.
  • Is it adjustable? The more you can customize the chair’s setting to fit your body, the better.
  • Are the materials suitable for long hours of use? They should be breathable, friendly to the skin, and easy to clean.
  • How comfortable is the padding? Check the thickness of the seat and any padded areas that make it more comfortable for your lower back.
  • Is it within your budget? The price range on PC gaming chairs is pretty big, so have an idea of how much you want to spend before you shop.

What Physical Impact Do Colors Have on PC Gaming Chair Users? 

It is generally best to look for an ergonomic chair design for your gaming chair. Luckily, there are many crossovers between ergonomic office chairs and PC gaming chairs, and you can easily find a cool gamer design with the physical benefits of an office chair. 

Better yet, an ergonomic reclining chair contributes to a great gaming setup as it allows them to relax as they spend hours playing without damaging their back or posture. Although a floor gaming chair is popular for how comfy they are, it is usually not the best for your back after continuous use. 

The 10 Best PC Gaming Chairs

1. Karnox Suede Gaming Chair

Sleek, simple, stylish, and supportive - the Karnox Suede gaming chair has it all. It looks professional enough to use in a home office that doubles as a gaming room but has that gamer edge we know and love.

2. EUREKA ERGONOMIC GX5 Series Gaming Chair

Our favorite mesh gaming chair is the GX5 by EUREKA ERGONOMICS. The electric blue highlights make it a great choice for a creative, vibrant setup- and the ergonomic features are excellent.

3. Techni Mobili High Back Gaming Chair

The Techni Mobili gaming chair range at Autonomous has something for everyone, but the high-back gaming chair takes the top spot for us because of how well it supports gamers for long-term use. It only comes in black, but other models have a larger variety of colors.

4. Skyline Décor X20 Gaming Chair: Adjustable Swivel Chair

We love the Skyline Décor X20 because of how incredibly comfortable and maneuverable it is while remaining stylish and durable. It also has a great color range- including purple, red, blue, white, and all-black.

5. Secretlab TITAN Evo

The Secretlab Titan is one of the best-known PC gaming chairs- and also one of the best! It ticks all the boxes, is reasonably priced, and comes in many colors. You can even get a custom gaming chair design.

6. AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Series Premium Gaming Chair

AndaSeat is a much-loved gaming chair brand, and the 3 Series Premium chair is our favorite pick. Choose between linen fabric or PVC leather in a range of colors.

7. Vertagear Gaming Chair SL5000

If you are looking for an LED gaming chair, this is one of the best. The SL5000 by Vertagear ticks every box and is available in a blue and black or green and black combo. You can add the LED setup for an even more dynamic gaming experience.

8. Karnox Gladiator – SR Gaming Chair by Karnox

Ultra strong, super comfy, and classically stylish, the Karnox Gladiator is an executive PC gaming chair combo. Made from 2.0 PU Leather, it feels and looks great.

9. EUREKA ERGONOMIC GE300 Breathable Economic Gaming Chair

Our second pick from EUREKA is this fun but functional black and pink gaming chair. It has most of the characteristics of an ergonomic office chair- but the pink stripes make it feel softer and less corporate. Breathable, supportive, and comfortable- this is a great choice for someone who goes from work to play and wants to add some subtle personality.

10. Hbada Racing Style Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Hbada Racer gaming chair is great for large setups on a budget. It is adjustable, durable, and affordable, with plenty of padding for long-lasting comfort. Red stripes on a black base add a flash of excitement without being overpowering.

Final Thoughts 

The color of your PC gaming chair does have an impact on your mental state on a chemical level. Furniture color theory is used to help people create workstations and gaming setups that inspire them and give them the vibes they need to succeed.  

Although colors have the same overall impact on everyone, we perceive them differently and respond to emotional triggers differently. That is why your friend might love gaming in their fire red chair because of how alert and focused it makes them feel, but someone else much prefers their cool blue and black chair that makes them feel creative and intelligent. 

What matters most is to pick a chair that supports your body- then you can think about the colors!

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