Top 20 Best Office Chairs Under $200 (2022 Review)
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Top 20 Best Office Chairs Under $200 (2022 Review)

Autonomous|Jun 13, 2022

Finding an office chair for your office may seem like something easy at first glance, but it’s ideal to get the best chair you can find on the market. The problem with that is most ergonomic chairs are expensive, so it’s difficult to find a decent office chair for under $200. Regardless of that, you shouldn’t go over your budget for a chair.  

Even if they are difficult to find, there are budget-friendly chairs out there that are of high quality, too. We are here to help you buy the best ergonomic chair under $200 you can get in 2022! Read this page to know the 20 best affordable chairs for office workers. This way, you’ll find the best chair under $200 according to your needs. 

What to Look for in an Office Chair Under $200


You can’t start looking for a chair if you don’t know what to look for in a computer chair under $200. Getting an affordable product doesn’t mean buying things that are not good for you or that don’t offer enough quality to help you work more comfortably.  

Thus, it’s ideal to find a desk you can adjust to your taste at all times. Adjustability features are ideal for ergonomic products, and you can’t take them for granted since they play a key part in making you feel better while sitting on your chair.  

Speaking about comfort and feeling better, try buying an ergonomic chair that offers enough back support to prevent back and neck pain. Most office workers need to sit on their chairs for long periods, and they can’t do it if their chairs don’t support their backs. Developing back pain can also reduce your productivity and creativity. 

You are good to go as long as your chair is adjustable and supports your back, but things such as aesthetics are also important, so make sure to get a product you visually like. Most products on this page offer more features than those two, so don’t worry about that.  

Best 20 Office Chairs Under $200 in 2022

As we mentioned before, we are here to help you find the best office chair under $200 for you. All the products on this list are of excellent quality, so pick the one you like best and that best suits your needs.  

Autonomous provides the first three chairs on the list, and you can get into the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program to get special discounts and deals for Autonomous products.  

1. KERDOM Swivel Mesh Chair

KERDOM Swivel Mesh office chair under $200

The first chair on the list is one of the best affordable ergonomic chairs you can find out there, and it’s the KERDOM Swivel Mesh Chair. Saying it’s one of the best is not bluff since it offers almost all the benefits you can find on an expensive chair without costing as much as them.  

This product has an ergonomic design that focuses on relaxing your muscles and relieving stress, so you can forget about back or neck pain while sitting on this chair.

2. KERDOM Home Office Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

Following up, we have another product from the KERDOM lineup. The KERDOM Home Office Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair has a more compact design than the previous one on the list and it’s made for its back to fit your lower back’s natural curvature. 

Adapting to your back’s natural curvature is one of the best features you can find in an ergonomic chair under $200 since it relieves the pressure on your back and supports it regardless of the position you sit in.  

Remember when we mentioned chairs on this list have some additional features apart from adjustability functions and back support? Well, this product also has armrests, but you can remove them to save space if you feel like it.

3. KERDOM Breathable Mesh Desk Chair

KERDOM Breathable Mesh Desk Chair

Getting to the last KERDOM chair on the list, it’s time to talk about the KERDOM Breathable Mesh Desk Chair. As its name suggests, this product focuses on optimizing your back’s airflow.  

If you buy this KERDOM product, you are going to get a chair with a human-oriented construction that also does its best in making you feel comfortable while working. As it happens with the other KERDOM chairs on the list, you can adjust it to fit your taste.

4. Homall Office Chair

The Homall Office Chair is the first item on this list that is not a KERDOM one, but that doesn’t mean it’s a low-level chair since it also offers everything you need in an office chair under $200.  

This product is top-tier when it comes to comfort due to its lumbar support pillow and headrest. You can also recline on this chair, so it’s ideal for taking breaks or phone calls. Durability is not an issue either because of the chair’s steel frame and leather upholstery.  

Regardless of that, you can only adjust the chair’s height.  

5. Hbada Office Desk Chair

Hbada office chair under $200

Hbada is one of the most popular ergonomics companies on the market, and you can expect its products to be of decent quality. The Hbada Office Desk Chair is one of the most inexpensive on the list and, therefore, offers you only the basic features you need in an ergonomic office chair.  

Assembling this office chair under $200 shouldn’t take that much time from you, so it’s ideal if you don’t like DIY activities. Since it’s an easy-to-assemble chair, it’s also easy to store it or take it to another office in case you need to move out.  

Apart from those features, you can also adjust its tilt control, height, and armrests.  

6. AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair

Aesthetics are also important when looking for an affordable office chair, and even a budget-friendly product can look luxurious and elegant. The AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair proves that by looking elegant and sophisticated while being highly comfortable for office workers.  

People often get this office chair under $200 for meeting rooms and executive offices, but you can use it regardless of what you need to do since it allows you to work all the time you need. Things such as tilt control, caster wheels, and height adjustability are some of the features this chair has to offer its users.  

7. NOBLEWELL Office Chair

NOBLEWELL office chair under $200

NOBLEWELL Office Chair’s design is average among others on the list, but it perfectly supports your back and neck to prevent back pain, so it’s worth it. Padding is neither too stiff nor too soft, so you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable while working.  

8. OFIKA Big and Tall Office Chair

This is another best chair under $200 for your consideration. Tall people can find an ideal ergonomic chair in the OFIKA Big and Tall Office Chair. Weight is also not an issue for this chair since it has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. Comfort and adjustability features are of high level, too.  

9. OFM Leather High-Back Office Chair

OFM Leather High-Back office chair under $200

What makes people like executive chairs that much is they make them feel more professional and classier while working. Apart from looking classy and stylish, this chair is highly comfortable due to its ultra-plush padding.  

It’s okay if this chair’s standard black color doesn’t fit your office since the OFM Leather High-Back Office Chair is available in three other colors. As its name suggests, it’s a high-back office chair, so it’s perfect for tall people.  

The chair’s padded head support makes it a decent fit for people who take breaks from working often.  

10. Modway Articulate Mesh Chair

The Modway Articulate Mesh Chair always finds its way into lists of the best office chairs under $200 on the market, even if you don’t take its price into account. All those positive reviews are due to the chair’s optimized ergonomics and the technology used for its features. An example of that is the chair’s unique tilt-lock mechanism. 

Modway developers understand how important it is to move while working, so they added dual caster wheels to the chair’s design to make that easier for users. Although it has a minimalist design, this ergonomic chair under $200 offers a padded adjustable armrest, and you can also adjust its seat to adapt to your posture.  

11. KOLLIEE Mid-Back Mesh Chair

KOLLIEE Mid-Back Mesh office chair under $200

Ergonomic chairs often focus on addressing different situations and, therefore, have various designs and features. Mid-back chairs are excellent for people suffering from mid-back pain, so check the KOLLIEE Mid-Back Mesh Chair if that’s what you want in your new office chair.   

This office chair under $200 is lightweight and easy to maneuver, so don’t worry about having trouble moving it to other places. You don’t even have to stand up from the chair to speak to your co-workers since the chair’s casters allow you to get to them in a matter of seconds.  

12. Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Chair

The Hbada Office Desk Chair is not the only Hbada product on the list since you can also go for the Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Chair. Office workers and gamers often use the same products due to both of them sitting for long periods, and you can notice that by looking at how many gamers get this Hbada product for their gaming stations.  

Unlike many of the chairs on this list, you can adjust this product’s lumbar support, so make sure to make it the most comfortable you can. Weight capacity is not an issue for this chair, so anyone could sit on it with no problem.  

13. Neo Office Chair

Neo Office Chair

All chairs are different from each other, and that gives you a wide catalog to choose from when looking for one. People in search of a comfy seat with a lot of padding can see the Neo Office Chair as the perfect fit for them! Comfort is, without a doubt, this chair’s greatest strength.  

14. Flash Furniture Executive Office Chair

While Flash is not the most popular ergonomics brand on the market, people who often look for budget-friendly office products know it offers high-quality chairs. The Flash Furniture Executive Office Chair and its curved mesh backrest’s main goal is to reduce fatigue and physical and mental exhaustion while working. 

People getting a computer chair under $200 think the products they are buying are not as good as the ones they would get from expensive brands, but this Flash Furniture release proves them wrong by offering excellent features for a low price tag. 

15. Modway Attainment Modern Office Chair

Modway Attainment Modern Office Chair

This is another best chair under $200 for your choice. Although this Modway model is not as common as the Modway Articulate Chair, it’s still a decent option for anyone who wants an affordable ergonomic office chair under $200 available in a wide variety of colors. 

16. Boss Office Products CaressoftPlus Executive Chair

If you are looking for a chair that makes your office look more professional and sophisticated, the Boss Office Products Chair is the one for your modern office space. Not only does this product have exceptional looks, but it also has an ergonomic design that keeps you from developing any kind of pain while working.  

17. BestMassage High-Back Office Chair

BestMassage High-Back Office Chair

As its name suggests, the BestMassage High-Back Office Chair is the only chair on this list with a massaging function, and that feature represents an off-the-charts plus to the overall quality of the chair. There’s nothing better than getting a massage on your chair after a long day of work.  

18. Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair

When we said gamers and office workers used the same furniture, we meant it, and you can see that in the Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair. This office chair under $200 was first a gaming chair, but its ergonomic features made office workers turn their eyes to it.  

19. Furmax Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Furmax Mid-Back Mesh Chair

The Furmax Mid-Back Mesh Chair offers dual lumbar support, which is different from any other office chair under $200 on this list, so go for it if you want to try it.  

20. Best Office OC-H03 Chair

Getting to the end of this list, we have the Best Office OC-H03 Chair. This chair is BIFMA certified, which ensures its quality among other office chairs.  


There are many options available for people working on a budget, so there’s no need to use all your budget for a chair you can’t afford, and that offers you the same benefits as one of the chairs on this list.

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