Top 6 Facts and Myths about Adjustable Armrest Office Chairs
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Top 6 Facts and Myths about Adjustable Armrest Office Chairs

|Sep 15, 2020

Ergonomics have changed the working environment of the office since they have come into existence and till now various things are improving every single day to improve the productivity of workers not only in the office but throughout the day. In simple words, it is improving the efficiency of work by changing the office supplies like a mouse, desk, chair, and other office goodies in order to make sure that employees don’t sustain any injury or body pain so that they can work to their full potential throughout the day.

However, we all know ergonomic is concerned with resolving a long-term issue like back pain, neck pain, vision problems, stiff arm muscle, etc. that are caused by working long hours at the similar position.

Why Is an Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Armrests Important?

All the people who are in desk-bound jobs know that 90% of their office time is spent on laptops or desktops where their upper body is used more rigorously. Their hands, wrist, and shoulders are always in motion. Most of them have a habit of stretching their arms and shoulder after complete the whole task which results in stiffness and strain to their limbs. Keeping the whole scenario in mind companies have started equipping the office chairs with adjustable armrest that offers better stability to shoulder and arms while reducing the fatigue caused due to keeping the arm in one position for a long time period.

But still, there are some of the people who are not familiar with the facts and guidelines of the adjustable armrest office chair. They have their own perceptions about the adjustable armrest office chair without knowing the exact facts and figures. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the myths of the people related to the ergonomic chair with adjustable armrest and make them familiar with the real facts about the problems of a chair without armrests.

6 Myths and Facts about Adjustable Armrest Office Chairs

1. Is Armrest a must have featured in an office chair?

Let’s add some more content to this myth. Yes, we agree that armrest is necessary, but under ideal circumstances, i.e. under appropriate height and width adjustability. We all agree & research also identifies favorable interest in context to armrests. It is helpful in reducing shoulder and upper back pain related to statically holding the upper body parts.


However, we agree that armrest is a useful feature to have in an office chair but not a must one as office chairs can completely be fine and comfortable at the same time without an armrest.

Therefore let’s discuss some condition that proves the above statement a myth. A neutral shoulder posture is a perfect position to keep the shoulder relaxed, not being raised or depressed and don’t cause the upper arm to flex away from the torso muscles called abduction in other words. However, the user's arm is comfortably tucked to the human body while working. Medically this posture will not expose the user to any ergonomic risk like shoulder or arm pain or developing any muscle skeleton injury neither it will cause any discomfort or depression to shoulder related to any past injuries.

If an armrest force to raise or depress the shoulder while working, then it is leading to discomfort and pain to the upper back and shoulder. It is even observed that adjustable armrest is also not very supportive while moving the arms and shoulder freely. The only solution to this is to remove the armrest or buy a chair without an armrest. Yes, we know it is a controversial idea for some, but if it is leading to ergonomic problems instead of reducing the risk, then it is considered as a non-optimal option in the first place. It proves that an adjustable armrest is an essential feature in an office chair but you can still manage without it and moreover it will not cause pain to your shoulder or arms.

2. There is a risk of sitting with adjustable armrest while typing

Our arms are heavy and equipped most of the time while working, so without armrest, there will be pressure on arms and shoulder which will result in pain after a few hours of work. Ultimately, the user will lean to the desk for support or slouch. However, most people don’t understand that it is difficult to remember to sit with our arm line in the position of the desk and the goal behind this is to keep the wrist relaxed and comfortable to move while typing or using a mouse.

problem of a chair without armrests

Therefore, an armrest is very supportive while typing as when you want to sit and think about your next move, the most comfortable position is leaning back and keeping your arms on the armrest for support. However, the adjustment of the armrest helps you to keep the arms in the best possible position you like and which make you thinking style more convenient. Not only this incorrect position can result in an increase of RSI due to tension build in the wrist but also other joint pains which will affect your working ability and body health in the long run.

Those who feel that the there is a risk of sitting with adjustable armrest office chair while typing, they should think one again and try to contradict their own situation because there is nothing like it. Instead of causing risks, it reduces the risk of many muscle problem faced by employees while working for long hours continuously in the office. So, make sure you use the chair with an armrest that allows you to make adjustments according to your needs.

3. Chairs with armrest don’t fit under the desk

Most of the office chairs are featured with armrest which is a great thing for workers health as long hours of using laptop or writing or any other work can cause a lot of pressure and pain to the arms and shoulders. Most of the people feel that the armrest in an office chair come in a way while they want to work close to the desk. It may not be true as the adjustable armrest can be rotated and the chair can slide in as per the user convenience. The best part of this adjustable armrest is that it can easily be set as per the user height and width. Furthermore, the user can slide the chair as much as he wants and at the same time put the armrest on the table for arm and wrist support.

armrest office chairs don’t fit under the desk

There is no such thing that the chair with armrest won’t fit under the desk; it depends upon your desk and arrangements. Keeping these things aside there are many adjustable armrest office chairs are available in the market with various adjustment feature. Only you need to know under the desk arrangement of the desk you work on by this it means whether the table has less space underneath or a lot of electronic devices are attached. After knowing all the requirements, you need to buy the one which will fulfill your need, and there is nothing like that you won’t find a perfect office chair. There is a number of office chairs present in the market with adjustable armrest that you might have not even seen.

So, if you think that chair with armrest will not go under the table or desk you are working on then you are wrong, and there are different armrest adjustment which states the statement.

4. Is office chair with armrest expensive?

Yes, we agree that chair with armrest cost a little more than that without an armrest. Moreover, an office chair with adjustable armrest can too be a bit expensive in comparison to the fixed armrest. The deciding factor related to cost is of functionality and design. Moreover, the cost of the chair even depends upon the level of comfort it provides while working. There is also a myth that more the price of the chair is, more comfortable the chair will be to sit.

office chair armrests is expensive?

However, the statement is false. Although an office chair with armrest is expensive but not to the extent that it will empty your pocket, there is a difference of few dollars between both the chair with and without armrest. Therefore, it is the chase with adjustable armrest and fixed armrest; the price difference is not huge, it is of $30 to $50. So if you still think that armrest office chair is very expensive, then we suggest doing some market research on the price and brand available in the market, you will automatically know the difference in price. Renowned branded chairs may cost a little bit high. Otherwise, there is not much of a difference.

5. One chair does not fit for everyone

Comfort is the foremost thing in an office chair. But at some point, one will say it is the best, and at the same time for other, it would be extremely uncomfortable. But the best part of an armrest office chair is that it fits most of the working class people adapting itself according to their height, width, and weight. It is possible because the design of the adjustable armrest office chair is unique in its way that is why this type of chair can meet the majority of the population requirement.

The reason why these chairs fit most of the armrest adjustments is that it can be adjusted according to user need by rotating or lifting depending upon the space required to sit. Not only this even a fat guy or a girl can easily fit on the chair, and at the same time, it doesn’t compromise with the comfort. The adjustment of the armrest in an office chair is designed in a way that it does not cause any health problem like the neck, arm and shoulder pain giving the best experience to the user while sitting.

ergonomic chair with  adjustable armrests fit for everyone

Therefore if you think that one armrest office is chair not made for everyone, then you might be wrong because of the reason you are not aware of various kinds of adjustment available this day in an office chair. So, this myth can no longer be a myth as you see with your own eyes what all is available in the office chair world and who all provide them.

6. The most optical position while sitting on an office chair is 90 degree 

It is probably the biggest myth you might hear from many people even those who use the chair. It is a stereotype that sitting at 90 degrees improves posture instead of having a neutral back posture.

As cliché, as it sounds having a 90-degree posture, is not which will improve your back muscle. By slightly shifting and positioning the back 95 to 115 degree is considered an ideal sitting position. Mostly it is advised to use the armrest and adjust according to your sitting posture because it will help to reduce muscle strain and stress from the body.

sitting on an office chair is 90 degree

Therefore, the biggest disaster in sitting posture is when the user leans or slouches on the desk. It is very risky as unsupportive back results in strain and muscle pain. It is considered the most uncomfortable position while sitting on an office chair.

So if you still think that 90 degree is the best position while sitting on the chair, then you must follow researches conducted on sitting posture while sitting on an office chair. The results will definitely blow your mind.


There are many other myths as well, but these are some of the common stereotypes which are projecting the benefits of an adjustable armrest office chair in a wrong manner. We must all keep in mind that office chair is our best companion in the office with whom we spend 8 hours a day. So it is important to trust it and make yourself comfortable with it as it is the one who will reduce the risk of muscle problems in your body.

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