Why Should Your Gaming Desk be a Standing Desk?
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Why Should Your Gaming Desk be a Standing Desk?

|Aug 31, 2021

Gaming has surely taken off as a massive industry. Not only playing, but now you have many folks who are developing new games. Gone are the days of only a few games like the Temple Run, PUBG, and others. With newer games on the market, consider the amount of workforce that's behind the scenes.

Gamers always have a choice to sit and play or stand to play.  While this is a personal preference, perhaps most gamers and developers are unaware of the health risks associated with long hours of sitting.  Your solution lies in choosing a stand up gaming desk.

Why Should You Choose a Standing Gaming Desk?

Health Risks

Health Risks

As a gamer or a developer, your health should be your priority. Consider the number of hours that you spend sitting in front of your systems. Medical research proves that spending time sitting and working can have ill effects on your health. Health concerns can range from obesity, cardiovascular issues, aches, sprains, and more.

What is the Solution?

Sit stand gaming desks that can be raised or lowered for height are the best preventive solutions. These can be raised or lowered through manual adjustments, a crankshaft, or using electric motors. While the first two types of standing desks prove to be at the lower end costs wise, You cannot ignore the functionality and ease of the electric standing desk.  Most height adjustable gaming desks can climb between one to 2.3 inches per second. Fast, isn't it?  Obviously, gamers cannot pause on their game playtime just to ensure that the desk is raised. You are looking for quick solutions to continue with your game or developing one.

For many gamers and developers, being healthy may not be the top priority. Talk about another reason, and perhaps gamers and game developers could be interested.

Gaming Experience

Many gamers prefer to stand and play their games. While there is no proven research to prove this, discussions with gamers conclude that the gaming experience and energy levels are completely different when using an adjustable gaming desk. The freedom to sway your arms, turn your body and legs, step forward, or stomp as you kill an enemy on your screen is just different as you stand to play.

Talk to a gamer about the health benefits of standing desks, and you may see them frowning. But, add the health angle to it, and you see their ears picking up to say, 'could you repeat that for me please?' or 'could you tell me more about this please?’.

Well, it's true that standing up and working or playing breaks the monotony of sitting.  As you stand and work/play, your body muscles get activated. They need the energy to move, which they get from the blood sugar in your body.  Imagine if the blood sugar is not getting used; your body then stores it, leading to diabetes, obesity, and more.

As they do too much of anything it is bad. It’s the same with sitting. While using a standing gaming desk too, it is not advisable to be standing all the time. You will get tired and need to rest. Hence, the importance of a sit-stand desk for gaming is important.

Standing offers you good health by reducing shoulder and neck stiffness, backaches are minimalized, and so are the effects on the entire neck, back, and arms.

Improved Focus

Improved Focus

Have you ever seen a sniper sitting in a chair, aiming to shoot? Most would answer that in a negative way. True. Similarly, standing up to play improves your concentration and focus on the task at hand. You tend to feel more engaged, and the presence of mind and alertness increases. You can see this in any movie, game, and example from daily life.

With your alertness high, you are highly focused on the screen. Your reflex actions tend to increase as you stand. As a result, you are in a better position to move and are not restricted by the arms of a chair or your ability to break into a run versus sitting.  

A Forbes report mentions that a standing desk could give you a boost in performance by standing. 

How to Choose a Standing Gaming Desk

As you consider a standing gaming desk, you are looking for various factors. On your priority should be the following:



As you play your game, you want to ensure that your standing gaming desk is quite sturdy even when it is raised to the maximum height offered. For this always, check the reviews, maximum height offered, and the strength of the desk's frame.  As you use a keyboard or a joystick, you want to avoid the desk shaking or your systems at risk of falling due to the weak table frame. Always choose a motorized gaming desk that has a steel frame and heavy and sturdy frames. You may perhaps be using a gaming computer desk for multiple monitors. Hence, stability in operating a standing desk becomes critical.

Climb Rate

Climb Rate

The distance that the desk frame climbs is called the climb rate when you are using a motorized gaming desk. Best-in-class electric motors will offer you 2 inches to 2.3 inches climb rate per second.  The faster the climb rate for an electric standing desk, the better it is. Why? Because the desk can be raised or lowered faster without interrupting your game. Even in between games and on pause mode, it will transition your desk from sitting to standing at a faster speed. Don’t miss reading our blog on what is the best gaming desk height.

Spill-Resistant Desktop

As human beings, most tend to bring a cup of tea or coffee to the work table. However, sometimes you may carry back a glass of water.  Hence, it becomes important that you pick a spill proof desk that is easy to clean and maintain.

Desktop Size

Desktop Size

While finalizing your desktop choice, never cringe on space. Look for desktops that are wide enough to hold all your monitors. Ensure that you have kept space between monitors. Some gamers prefer an L-shaped gaming desk for ease of access to most areas on your desktop. Ample space helps you arrange most of your gaming desk accessories.


To wrap up, gamers cannot ignore the importance of a standing gaming desk that offers good health and overall well-being. In addition, other factors like better focus, being present, and more add to the gaming experience.

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