Ergonomic and Functional Laptop and Monitor Setup
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Ergonomic and Functional Laptop and Monitor Setup

|Feb 19, 2023

Organizing a desk setup with a laptop and monitor can be challenging. If you don't even know what to buy, you might have a hard time figuring out the best way to ensure your workspace is effective and aesthetically pleasing. Read on and find out more about all the things you should keep in mind. 

5 Desk Setup Ideas

Now that you know the essential items you must get to organize your workspace, you can make a list and start ticking them off once you find the perfect models for you. 

After that, though, you need to know how to organize them correctly to have the laptop workstation setup you've always dreamed of. Check out the following ideas, and find the one that works best for you: 

1. Classic Setup

You can never go wrong with a classic setup. It's the easiest one you could go for, and it's the one you might choose if organizing interiors is not your thing and you simply want something practical to help you get your work done. 

With a classic laptop workstation setup, you simply have to position your desk and chair in the best angle you can with regard to your windows and lighting. Commodity and effectiveness are the two most essential things, as you probably don't have many decorative items to add anyway. 

Classic Setup

2. Modern Setup

Another common laptop with monitor setup is the modern one, which differs from the classic setup since you probably bought a desk and chair with a completely different style. 

Lighting is everything when it comes to a modern desk setup, which is why many people buy colored LED lights as the perfect accessories for this kind of workplace. You can place them on the edges of your desk or even on the ceiling, always making sure that you have other light sources to provide you with the illumination you need.

Modern Setup

3. Corner Desk Setup

Having a corner desk to organize your things is one of the most useful ideas you could try, especially if you want to save some space. 

Your desk setup with a laptop and monitor doesn't need to be overly complicated. At the same time, you should never feel like you need to change your whole living space just to have a home office. Sometimes, you simply don't have much to work with, and that shouldn't discourage you. 

If you get a corner desk, you can organize your laptop, monitors, keyboard, and even some decorations. The most important thing is to try out different laptop and monitor setup ideas and find the one that’s perfect for your space.

Corner Desk Setup

4. The Space-saver

Similar to the corner desk setup, the space-saver can be your saving grace if you don't have much space to work with. 

The space-saver is characterized by using different monitor arms, especially if you have more than one extra screen. Instead of buying a big desk to organize all of them, you can simply use the arms and position them however you want.

The Space-saver

5. Extravagant Setup

The last way to organize your desk setup with a laptop and monitor is to have an extravagant style, which is the perfect idea for people who like to go all the way. 

With the extravagant setup, you have to pay much attention to the decorations because they're the most relevant aspect of it. Of course, you also have to position your desk and chair but to achieve the extravagant part, you need to play around with all the decor. 

To make your workspace look extravagant, you have to include different colors or even combine various styles. You could, for example, use both colored LED lights and decorative figurines, statues, or similar objects.

Extravagant Setup

Laptop Desk Setup Ideas For 2023

Setting up your work office essentials in different ways can greatly impact your performance. Some people work best with the traditional monitor, a simple setup, while many require a different setup.

Here is a discussion of some different ideas for laptop and monitor setups:

Dual Monitor Setup

The main aim of every worker is usually to be as productive as possible. It would be a great help if your workspace were designed to help you reach your maximum productivity levels. Luckily, setting up such a work environment is not really that difficult or expensive. All you need is to get another screen. You will use the same keyboard and mouse for both screens. 

A dual monitor allows you to simultaneously set up and work from two screens. This laptop desk setup works wonders for your productivity. This is because you can run a lot more programs at the same time. This setup also prevents wasting time that might have been caused by one of the monitors not working properly. It helps you to focus more and is really easy to operate. It is also very simple to set up. 

Dual Monitor Setup - laptop monitor setup

Vertical Monitor Setup

People are usually unaware of this fact, but most monitors can be used both horizontally and vertically, depending on your preference. Setting up a monitor to be used as a vertical screen is quite simple and offers a wide array of benefits.

A vertical monitor offers an increased screen view. It allows you to focus more easily as a lot more text and pictures can fit into one page, reducing the need to scroll very often. It also reduces the movement of your eyes which makes them less tired. This will lead to you getting more work done in the long run. Another benefit of this laptop and monitor setup is that you don't necessarily have to spend any money. Most of the horizontal screens work perfectly fine as vertical screens as well. 

How To Set Up A Second Monitor For Your Computer?

If you work fine with one monitor, you will work better with two. This is simply because two screens will provide you with more workspace. You can install more apps, use more apps at the same time, edit documents side by side, multi-task, and reduce downtime. This is one the best laptop with monitor setups as it is really easy and cheap is a bonus.

First, look for an HDMI or DisplayPort on your computer. These let you connect your computer to a secondary screen. After this, all you have to look for is a cable compatible with the monitor you buy. You should also try and buy a cable with a higher refresh rate.

Buying the monitor is also very simple. You just need to confirm that the ports of the monitor you're looking to buy match the ports of your computer or laptop. You may look at specifications like contrast ratios, response time, resolution, and price. You might not even have to buy a second monitor. Any old monitor or compatible screen would work fine.

How To Set Up A Second Monitor For Your Computer?

Setting up the second screen is really easy. As soon as you plug it in, your computer or laptop will recognize that an additional device has been attached. You won’t have to go through any long or complicated setup procedures. You may, however, choose to take a few extra steps to set it up exactly how you want it to be. You can even add a monitor stand for desks to make this setup more comfortable for you.

This is it. Setting up a second screen is this simple. You won't have to repeat these steps when you shut down or restart the computer. On the other hand, if you remove the second screen, your computer will automatically return to its previous settings. 

How To Connect A MacBook To A Computer?

Adding a screen to your MacBook will help you be more efficient and productive. While setting up a laptop with monitor setup, it is up to you whether you want to extend the view to the second screen or for it to be a duplicate of the laptop screen.

MacBooks have the option of connecting through a USB-C or a ThunderBolt connection. If you’re able to connect your monitor directly, it’s great. Otherwise, you will have to use an adaptor. 

Use an appropriate cable to connect the MacBook to the monitor. Then, turn the MacBook on and click on the apple logo. Go to 'System Preferences and click on 'Display.' Then, click on the 'Arrangement' tab and arrange the screens as they are arranged on your desk. Choose a mirror display if you want both screens to display the same thing. Leave the box blank if you want one screen to be extended to the other.

How To Connect A MacBook To A Computer?

These steps are all it takes to connect a MacBook. Now, you can enjoy working from two screens. 

These setups aim to get you to perform the best you can. These are all designed to improve productivity. According to a study, productivity is closely linked with comfort. You can add as many accessories as you want if you think they would help make work easier and more comfortable for you.  You can use a monitor arm for desks and even keyboard trays. You can use other accessories for office storage & organization.

Why You Should Have an Ideal Setup for Your Laptop and Monitors?

The ideal laptop with monitor setup is not only a way to organize your space adequately. It's also a form of self-care because you need it to ensure your health. In the long run, sitting down on an inappropriate chair or using a lopsided desk could make you suffer from a lot of pain. 

Therefore, you should think all the best laptop desk setup ideas are simple ways to organize your workspace, so you can work while also taking care of your body.


Each laptop workstation setup idea is unique, and you should pick the one that best suits your space and needs. No two remote workers are the same, so examine each option and choose the perfect one! 

Setup Essentials for All Remote Workers

If you're a remote worker, you probably have some ideas you could try for your laptop and monitor setup. However, you might not know what to buy before you start organizing everything. 

Before you start examining all the laptop and monitor setup ideas, you should take a look at what you need to get. Many people believe they just have to put their laptop on a desk to get started, but that's often a mistake if you want to have an adequate workstation. 

If you don't have the right items for your laptop workstation setup, you may suffer from several consequences. On the one hand, you could have health issues such as back pain or neck discomfort, especially if you lack a proper chair or desk.  

On the other hand, your productivity could drop. Not having an organized workstation with everything you need to complete your tasks might lead you to waste time unnecessarily because you have to get up and get what you require to get the job done. 

In other instances, your lighting might be so poor you could quickly get tired and need breaks, which is also not convenient. Therefore, before thinking about organizing your desk with laptop and monitor setup, you need to take a look at the following essentials and make sure you have them all: 

1. Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is possibly the most important item you could include in your workstation. If you have one, you can ensure you take care of your back's health and prevent many issues. 

When you buy an ergonomic chair, you might notice that your neck and back immediately start feeling better, especially if you've never used one before. However, other parts of your body might also benefit from it, such as your legs. 

Having an ergonomic chair lets your blood circulate correctly each time you're sitting down to work. Therefore, you are less prone to suffering from leg cramps and similar problems.

Ergonomic Chair

There are many ergonomic chair options, so you should carefully examine them before making a choice for your desk with laptop and monitor setup. It's one of the most crucial items you have to get, which is why you should make a list of all the pros and cons of each model first. 

Furthermore, if you've never bought an ergonomic chair before, you should keep several things in mind. A good suggestion, for example, is to make sure that the chair offers adjustable features, which gives you the chance of adjusting your sitting spot the way you want.

2. Desk

The second most important item to get for your laptop or desktop setup is your desk. You need a great desk to accompany your fantastic ergonomic chair, especially if you constantly need to revise documents, or if you require space to organize different items. 

One of the most popular items for a desk setup with a laptop and monitor is an adjustable standing desk.

The Autonomous Desk is often a great option as well. It offers more features than a classic model, and it often allows you to customize it in many different ways.


Even though there are many desk setup ideas, with an adjustable standing desk, you can alternate between sitting down and standing up while you work.  

If you've never worked while standing, you might wonder how that could benefit your laptop or desktop setup. The truth is that standing up from time to time helps blood rush through your legs and the rest of your body, which is essential if you work for many hours. You probably don't want to experience numbness, cramps, or pain, which is why changing your position is a wonderful idea.

3. Adequate Lighting

Having the right lighting in your laptop workstation setup is as important as buying a good desk and chair. If your workplace is not properly illuminated, you may be less productive while you're working, and you might even end up suffering from eye strain. 

The best way to ensure your workstation is adequately illuminated is to invest in a LED desk lamp since it may give you all the features you need. If you buy a lamp, you may adjust its position and ensure it lights the specific spots you want.  

Additionally, in many cases, you can adjust the lighting itself, so the lamp might work if you want to ensure you don't overly illuminate your surroundings or work in the dark.  

Overall, a good lamp might be the solution you're looking for your desktop laptop setup if you want to take your workstation to the next level. Fortunately, there are hundreds of different models out there, and you can choose one that's both functional and beautiful. 

4. Monitors

Working with a laptop is not particularly easy, especially if you need to switch from one document to another one, or regularly check different tabs. Therefore, having more than one monitor is essential if you want to optimize your work and guarantee you have the best items in your workspace. 

If you already have a laptop, having one or more additional monitors is a fantastic idea. Even though you would have to invest some money in it, it could help you in the long run. Instead of wasting time switching between different documents or websites, you can simply open one thing on each screen. 


Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that multiple monitors mean adjusting each of them, so they're in the right position. When the items are incorrectly placed, you could end up sitting on awkward postures, and that could eventually lead to suffering pain or discomfort. 

Your screens should always be directly at eye level, and you should try to reduce the glare by properly adjusting the angle. In many cases, you may want to try buying a monitor arm, which allows you to easily personalize the position of your monitor.

5. Keyboard

If you take a look at different laptop with monitor setup ideas, you might notice many of them neglect the correct positioning of the keyboard. Unfortunately, people often forget it's as important as adjusting every feature on their chair. 

Therefore, when you're organizing your desk setup with a laptop and monitor, keep in mind that the keyboard is just as relevant as the rest of the items you're placing.

Your keyboard should always be directly in front of your body, and you should make sure you place it correctly in your desktop laptop setup. There is no universal positioning of the keyboard because it completely depends on your body. Therefore, you should make sure your shoulders are relaxed while you work, your hands are straight, and your elbows are at the right angle. 

6. Accessories

The most fun part of checking out best laptop desk setup ideas is browsing through all the accessories you could include in your workspace. 

Even though your laptop workstation setup should be efficient and perfectly organized to help you get your work done, you can also have fun while you're choosing everything you're including, especially if you want your home office to have a specific style.


Your office desk décor includes everything from a cork desk pad to indoor plants you might want to buy to give your workstation a more natural look. Additionally, you can even make things more fun by choosing a specific theme to work with. Who would say no to a Disney-themed workspace? It might make you want to spend more hours in front of your computer!

How to Set Up a Monitor to a Laptop?

Getting your work done with one screen seems straightforward and something you can do, but adding a second screen increases your workstation's performance. People with a dual monitor setup enjoy more room to work, get better views, and have complete control over their apps. This also helps them locate the right file quickly compared to seeing tiny icons from a single screen. Modern multi-screen setups are an integral part of any highly functional desk setup. This includes desk setup for gamers or creative professionals who work with designs and coders who enjoy a complete set of codes working and actioning on their screens all the time.

A second screen setup can be two monitor screens connected with other computer accessories or a laptop and monitor setup where your laptop and secondary screen work in unison. Either way, there are many ways to achieve laptop desk setups efficiently. Here, we will cover some tips on how to set up a second screen for your work or gaming or the bunch of items you will need to achieve a perfect secondary screen setup.

Most laptops have simple ports for connecting an external monitor, and you can quickly set up the display. You can duplicate the display on both screens or extend it to the second monitor, giving you more screen area. From multiple types of monitor cables to a decision between curved vs. flat monitors, several factors help in achieving the perfect dual-screen setup.

How to Set Up a Monitor to a Laptop?

The Right Cables

Attaching a second screen is all about building a secure connection that allows prompt file transmission, shared data display, and complete connectivity between the two screens. The right pair of cables and adapter will help you achieve a seamless experience and make your dual-screen setup seem like one large working screen.

To attach a second screen cable, look for your desktop's HDMI port or socket. For older computer models, these ports are known as DVI ports. The two ports do the same job of forming a connection for a second screen. Then you will need a proper cable to form the connection. Some laptops (slimmer versions) don't support these thicker HDMI ports, and you will need to buy an adapter that acts as a secondary bridge between the two.

So, if you are asking how to connect a Macbook to monitor, an adapter is the solution you are looking for. Ensure your cables and adapters are compatible with your monitor by checking the highest resolutions they can support. Check the cable's supported refresh rate, which is also expressed in hertz (Hz). When the screen can change more quickly, the viewing experience for everything from gaming to watching movies is enhanced.

The Right Screen

There is no such thing as the right screen for a dual monitor setup. You can use any old screen to build a proper setup and connect it to your laptop. If the monitor you find is a bit outdated, there is a cable adapter solution that can work with it. This can keep you from spending any money on buying a second screen for laptop and monitor setup, and you will need to invest in the right cable or connectivity solution.

The Right Cables for laptop and monitor setup

Primary and Secondary Screen

If you are using two screens for the job, one will be primary while the other will be secondary. You will be required to choose this in the settings. On your desktop right, click and select the display option. The dialogue box will display several options; at the top, your screens appear as numbered boxes. Each box has a number for a screen that relates to the relevant monitor. Then choose the screen you wish to be your main display while the second one acts as a secondary display.

Monitor Resolution

When using two screens, setting monitor resolution is an important step. You can easily set the right screen resolution for your two screens simultaneously. Start by selecting "Display" by right-clicking on your desktop. The available screen connections will be displayed at the top in blue numbered boxes. Every box corresponds to a monitor in numeric 1 and 2, or 3.

Choose the monitor you want to alter from the display. Select the "Advanced display settings" option from the bottom of the open dialogue box. Choose the resolution you want by clicking the "Resolution" drop-down menu. To complete the action, click on Apply.

Monitor Resolution

Adjust Your Monitor Screens

If both of your monitors are the same brand and model, you can generally skip this stage because Windows will likely extend your desktop horizontally as soon as you put them both in. You can start using the monitors immediately after aligning their stands precisely. This creates the appearance of one screen, and doing it this way won't make switching between screens more difficult.

Learn About Shortcuts

What's the point of multiple screens when you cannot easily manage all the shortcuts and key features? Learning about shortcuts is a must-do when you create a multi-screen work setup. You can also assign keys to shortcut or limit your screens to one type of task while the other remains just for display purposes.

How to Connect a Monitor to a Laptop on Windows?

Setting up a second screen isn't as tough as it sounds. You will need to follow a simple step-by-step procedure to complete the connection. The recognition will occur automatically when you plug in the second monitor to your laptop or PC. Once your laptop recognizes a second device, you can configure your screen. The entire configuration process depends on the operating system your computer supports.

For a windows laptop and monitor setup, you can choose from the four modes. The modes include the PC screen, Duplicate, Second Screen, and extended feature. You can choose either of these features to choose the type of screen action you require. For a dual work setup, the extended option is what you will be using. This feature will extend your program or work into two screens, giving you a bigger picture.

How to Connect a Monitor to a Laptop on Windows

Keynote Takeaways

Lastly, please remember that there are no right or wrong laptop and monitor setups. Different things work for different people. All of these setups are affordable and easy to try. You can try different setups until you find one that works for you, and then stick to it. Again, the aim is to help you be more productive. As long as this is being achieved, you are good to go.

Making a desk setup with laptop and monitor might sound easy, but it can get very complicated, especially if you don't even know where to start. However, now you know you have to buy essential items and organize them in a certain way. Thus, you can get started!

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