A Full Guide On Building an Insulated Garden Shed
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A Full Guide On Building an Insulated Garden Shed

|Jul 27, 2022

Blessed are the homes that have separate garden space for their habitats. Outdoor space in your house always welcomes you to have a pleasant time, and even if you ignored the benefits of having an outdoor garden space in your home, you might have grown to realize the importance of the hit of the pandemic. With all of us restricted inside our homes, having even an inch of extra space served to be extra beneficial for us. This included the extra space by the garage, a private place in the attic, or even an insulated garden shed where you could easily create your home office setup.

And let's be honest, there is no productivity or efficiency when you don't have a separate home office set up in your home. For remote employees, the problems become even more serious; hence they keep on searching for cost-effective modern home office ideas that will fit their homes. And while you must be looking for the best home office ideas and tips to create a productive home office, you might have come across the backyard shed office.

Backyard or garden offices have dozens of benefits over an indoor office. They provide a private working space that is in your home but also away from your daily home life chaos. You get an upsurge of productivity when you are working in a separate space, and you also feel better control over your work hours as your bedroom and other living space are separated from your home office. However, a problem with garden shed offices or outdoor offices arises when one has to meet and greet the various limitations such as weather changes. In this article, we will cover tips and tricks for building an insulated garden office shed and the benefits of having one.

Reasons to Insulate Garden Shed

When you are building a work-from-home setup, you need to make a few changes to make your home office setup as close as possible to a professional work setting. Only then will you find yourself comfortable enough to work and feel productive. Here are some reasons to insulate the garden shed.

Minimizing Weather Effect

Minimizing Weather effect with insulated garden shed

The most obvious benefit of an insulated garden shed is lessening the effects of the harsh weather on what is within the shed, whether you live in an area with chilly, rainy winters or sweltering, hot summers. Sensitive equipment, electronics, paints, and a wide range of other goods can be harmed by extreme temperatures and humidity. When a shed is properly insulated, the temperatures and humidity are stabilized, and you have a climate-controlled space where you can extend the life of your goods even when they are stored for an extended period.

Comfortable Environment

Comfortable Environment

Comfort is a crucial part of a productive workplace, and without comfort, you cannot work to deliver your best. This is why offices are made with controlled conditions in more than one way. If your garden office shed is not insulated, you will feel the cold breeze in the winter months and hot scorching heat in the summer months. This will, in turn, bring discomfort; hence your motivation to work will directly be affected.

Permanent Office Setup

Permanent Office Setup

Studies prove that having a proper desk with a dedicated space for work will bring your mind into productive mode as soon as you step in. An insulated garden shed with all the facilities will provide you an all-year-round solution to your home office needs where you will not be moving around with your gadgets throughout the day let alone year.

Increases the Lifespan of Your Shed

Less moisture in your shed means fewer opportunities for mold to develop and insects to set up residence there. Additionally, an insulated shed will be less prone to corrode, decay, or degrade. So you can get even more use out of your investment, an insulated shed often lasts longer than one that isn't.

Additional Utility

Additional Utility

You can more easily convert your storage area into a type of living space by insulating your shed. If you have a shed that is a bigger space needed than your office setup, you can use it for multi-purpose. Since there is insulation, you don't have to worry about damage to any furniture. You can build a home gym, gaming station, a man cave, or a place to hang out with your buddies.

How to Build Insulated Garden Shed With Electricity

No matter what purpose a garden shed you have in your mind, you will need a proper supply of electricity to make it functional. Especially if it is an office setup, electricity will charge your device, power your lights and keep the heater running in cold months. Though it is tough to easily bring all the wiring and solutions into your garden shed, a simple solution is to buy a shed with all the settings done (if you already don't have one built-in).


You can pick a wooden pod or an office pod with all the facilities and even use a discount to get them through the employee purchase programOffice pods are highly popular and effective solutions to build outdoor office setups, and as compared to building a shed and then insulating it with all the facilities, purchasing a work pod will cost much less.

On the other hand, for a built shed that needs electricity supply, it is only recommended to get work done by a professional. An SWA cable will be installed from your property to your shed by them. Due to its resistance to rotting and water, this is intended to be safe to bury in the ground. There are various types and thicknesses of this cable. Depending on the situation, your electrician will know which one to use.

Cost of Insulated Shed

This is the major reason why many people would let go of their outdoor office setup plan. Because the cost of insulation, electricity supply, and all the other factors, in turn, can take a huge toll on your budget. However, the cost of insulation can be brought to the lower possible side by first evaluating the area of your shed and secondly finding out the best yet cheapest type of insulation possible that also has a longer life span.

For instance, cellulose fiberboard (CFC) insulation is reasonably priced. Due to its durability and moderate weight, this material is frequently utilized in exterior walls. CFC must be replaced every five years because of its short lifespan. Consider utilizing solid foam board if you want a cheap solution that will last longer.

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