Top 25 Adjustable Standing Desks with Drawers of 2023
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Top 25 Adjustable Standing Desks with Drawers of 2023

Autonomous|Dec 15, 2022

The back and shoulder pain you experience after spending almost all day at your desk may seem inevitable. Studies have hinted at a connection between sitting a lot and many health problems. These issues are prominent in people who often work seated in comparison to those who don't.

Workplaces are turning to the adjustable standing desk with drawers to reduce the health risks identified with long hours of sitting. It also prevents the development of bad posture by encouraging you to stand, pace, or walk. Many advantages come with using one, even though the full extent of its benefit is not known. 

Standing Desk with Drawers Versus No Drawers

It is not common for a standing desk to have drawers because of the weight they add to it. The heaviness, in turn, places a strain on the lifting columns. Storage drawers also create an unbalanced load situation, stressing the legs of the desk. All these increase the probability of ending up with a broken piece of furniture. 

Nevertheless, there has been an increased demand for storage capabilities as standing desks grow in popularity. In response to this need, manufacturers have been including drawers and file cabinets in their new designs. 

Reviewing 25 of The Best Standing Desks with Drawers

Here are some of the best standing desks with drawers currently on the market. 

1. SmartDesk Connect Pro

SmartDesk Connect Pro is an adjustable desk with drawers that uses sensors to make automatic changes according to its environment. It has enough space for storage and an anti-collision feature. The product can transform from a height of 23.6 inches to 49.2 inches. There are also grooves at the back of the desk to help with cable management.

Overall dimension55" x 29.2 x 4 (3" hollow)
Drawers dimension18” x 7.4” x 2”
Height range (without top)23.6" - 49.2"
MaterialsTop: MDF and white PU paint
Frame: SPCC steel
ColorsTop: White
Frame: White, Black, Grey
Weight capacity310 lbs
Warranty7 years for frame
1 year for top

2. Uncaged Ergonomics Rise Up Glass Standing Desk: Electric

It is a contemporary adjustable desk with drawers that comes in a variety of attractive designs. The table's modern design will offer your workstation a luxurious impression. With its integrated 3 USB charging connections and 2 AC outlets, it also makes it simple for you to power and charge your gadgets. It will be simple to store your items close at hand thanks to the storage drawer's easy-glide design. 

Top dimension23.7” x 45.3”
Height adjustment27” - 46.3”
MaterialsSteel, Glass
Warranty3 years

3. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk: Double Drawers and Hutch

One of the greatest adjustable desks with drawers is this desk because it contains two roomy drawers. In addition to having a lot of office storage space, the desk has an ergonomic monitor stand that supports up to two screens and lessens eye strain from staring at a computer all day. To maintain a good posture while working, you may easily adjust the table's height to suit your requirements. 

Top dimensionClassic Top: 47”W x 23.6”D
L Top: 55”W x 23.6”D
Slide-out drawers dimension15.4”W x 10.6”D
Height range29” - 48”
MaterialsSteel, MDF wood
ColorsGray, Walnut
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty5 years

4. ApexDesk CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & USB Charging Port

The Lumi 47" Standing Desk was created especially for people who want the stability of an electric standing desk with the beauty of a tempered-glass surface. With more than enough space for all of your office supplies and a laptop or desktop computer, it is sturdy enough to handle up to 130 lbs. You can also get a CPU holder if you have a PC system. 

Dimension47”L x 23”W x 30” - 47.7”H
MaterialsTop: Solid tempered glass
Frame: Steel
ColorsBlack, White
Weight capacity130 lbs
Warranty2 years

5. Northread Standing Desk with Drawers: USB & Type-C Charging Port

It's a contemporary adjustable desk with drawers that gives your room a polished appearance. The optimal working environment for yourself is ensured by this stand-up desk since working from home is just as demanding as working in an office, it also has cable holders for desk. You may modify the desk's length to sit or stand at it while working thanks to its height-adjustment options. You have a place to arrange all of your work supplies in the drawer. 

Dimension45.3”L x 23.6”W x 27.2” - 44.9”H
ColorsWhite, Black, Maple
Weight capacity130 lbs
USB charging ports2 USB Type-A, 1 Type-C
Warranty2 years

6. Northread Glass Top Standing Desk: Drawer & USB Charger

As an electric standing desk, it is a fantastic option. The contemporary table includes a twin electric motor and four programmed memory height presets. It also has a tempered glass top. You can store your belongings within easy reach without cluttering up your desk thanks to the built-in charging outlets and drawer. This desk has so much space that you can also have a keyboard tray

Product dimension45.3”L x 23.6”W x27.2” - 44.9”H
Drawer dimension10.8”W x 18.3”L
MaterialsTop: Tempered glass
Frame: Solid steel
ColorsWhite, Black
Weight capacity130 lbs
Warranty1 year

7. Nexera Arobas Desk with Drawer

A contemporary adjustable desk with drawers from Nexera called the Arobas Desk with Drawer has drawers to let you store essential materials and equipment. The drawer includes a detachable rear panel for cable management and is positioned on full extension slides. If you require big storage space office accessories, this desk is your answer.

Dimension47.75”W x 22”D x 30.75”H x 84 lbs
ColorWhite, Gray, Nutmeg
Warranty1 year

8. Mount-It! Height Adjustable Rolling Stand up Desk

This sophisticated mobile height adjustable desk is constructed with a solid steel frame and spacious shelves to accommodate many displays, input devices, a computer tower, and an output device. If you have a monitor stand, this tall desk with storage will make your workspace much more comfortable to work in. 

Dimension28”W x 27.5”D
Height range37" - 54"
Weight capacityTotal 132 lbs (33 lbs. per shelf)
Warranty10 years

9. Modernsolid Rolling Computer Cart: Height Adjustable

It is a computer moving cart with height adjustment and a sliding keyboard and mouse tray. The ideal sit-stand workstation. This desk provides ample room for you to work comfortably and unrestrictedly.. 

Dimensions16.54”L x 19.61”W x 46.03” - 55.87”H
Material‎Aluminum alloy
Laptop holder loadingUp to 11 lbs
Height adjustment46.03” - 55.87”
Weight capacity11 - 22 lbs
Monitor mount loadingup to 17.6 lbs
Warranty3 years

10. Labelle Desk

One of the greatest adjustable standing desks with drawers is the Labelle Desk. It features a sturdy design and a lifetime guarantee to back it up! This tall desk with a good storage design, which expertly blends contemporary and historical elements, is a terrific way to give a workstation flair.

Labelle Desk - adjustable desk with drawers

11. Ambriah Desk

Take a look at the Ambriah Desk if you want a multipurpose adjustable desk with drawers. The chic desk may be used for working, studying, playing games, and many other things. The desk is also odor-free, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant. 

12. Carson Electric Furniture Sit/Stand Desktop, Brown

This electric standing desk is made from solid wood and has an elegant finishing that fits both home and executive offices. You can use it as a sitting or tall desk with storage by adjusting its height to within a range of 30 and 45 inches. 

It has a drop-front drawer for your pencil or keyboard, two others for additional storage, three USB outlets, and two grooves to help you properly manage your wires. The weight makes it heavy enough to support heavy loads. 


The Flexispot UD1 is a classic tall desk with storage that blends well with modern elegance. It has a spacious drawer that opens and closes without a problem. This minimalist desk has a Type-C port and two Type-A ports that integrate well into its sleek design. 

Anyone can assemble it within five minutes without extra tools or professional help. You can also adjust the height to one that makes you more comfortable.

FLEXISPOT UD1 standing desk with drawers

14. FEZIBO Standing Desk with Double Drawer

This standing desk with storage has a solid construction that gives you a comfortable working experience. Its adjustable height means it can be changed to fit anyone. 

There are two wooden drawers for storage and desk hooks to hold bags, headphones, and jackets. The desk has a rack on the side for efficient wire management and uses anti-collision technology. Its wheels underneath can turn in any direction, simplifying movement. They can also be locked to restrict it. 

15. TribeSigns Modern Lift Top Computer Desk

This adjustable desk is perfect for people who prefer stretching a bit or standing after sitting down for a long time. It is made from vintage wood grain and has a metal frame that creates a modern-retro blending effect. 

There are two open shelves under the desk with enough storage space for papers and files. It also has a built-in drawer and a slot at the back for easy wire management. The working surface is laminated to give it a smooth finish. Plus, its legs are strong enough to provide 450 lbs. of weight support. They are also fitted with anti-slip pads to make it steady.

TribeSigns Modern Lift Top Computer Desk

16. AITERMINAL Electric Standing Desk

If you are looking for modern office furniture with classic finishes for your home or executive office, this stand-up desk with storage is one of your best options. 

The long utility drawer can store files and office supplies. It has two USB charging ports and three US power sockets for easy electronic connections. You can easily adjust the height of the product by simply pushing a button. 

17. Bush Furniture Somerset 72W

You don’t always come across desks like the Bush Furniture Somerset 72W. The product enables you to transform your sitting workspace into a standing desk with storage so that you can move and stretch more. 

It achieves this using an electric adjusting option and a lock system that places the height range between 35 and 41 inches. There is a file drawer that slides out and provides you with storage space. A hutch also attaches to it to add two frosted glass doors you can use for concealed storage. 

Bush Furniture Somerset 72W standing desk with drawers


FLEXISPOT presents the EW8 electric standing desk as a suitable workspace for homes. The adjusting switch transforms it from a sitting height of 28.3 inches to 47.6 inches within seconds. 

You can charge up to three devices using the two Type-A and Type-C USB ports. It also has a child lock button to prevent accidental switching of the standard desk height. The pull-out drawer stores office supplies out of sight to keep your space neat. 

19. FEZIBO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The benefits of a standing desk with storage cannot be emphasized enough in this product from FEZIBO. It has a simple modern design with a smooth working surface that can support up to 176 lbs. 

An electric adjusting lift controls the height of the furniture between 27.7 inches and 46.6 inches. These lengths make it suitable for people to use it in both sitting and standing positions. The desk has drawers that you can use as a storage space and rollers that make it easy to move.

FEZIBO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

20. Rolanstar Standing Desk

Use the Rolanstar standing desk with storage to make work more comfortable in any position. The item has a smooth lift with a controller that can set it from a height of 30.5 inches to 47.2 inches. It also comes with a monitor shelf and has two drawers. This feature helps you keep your desktop tidy and maximizes your working space. 

The USB ports enable you to charge your electronic gadgets. You also get a cable tray to manage wires and desk hooks that can hold your bags or headphones.

Rolanstar Standing Desk

21. WWS Height Adjustable Computer Desk

The WWS adjustable desk with drawers transforms from a sitting desk height of 24 inches to a standing desk height of 34 inches. There is a knob to help you secure the level you are comfortable with within the given range. It has a pull-out drawer that can store office supplies and books to keep your working surface neat. 

22. FENGE Electric Standing Desk

This product offers you an electric adjustable desk with drawers that can change its height from 29.5 inches to 48.2 inches with a button. It has a pull-out drawer that you can use to store office supplies, reducing clutter on your desktop. You also get a wire storage space, a hook to hang your headphones or bag, and rounded corners to promote safety.

FENGE Electric Standing Desk

23. Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55

Stand Steady Tranzendesk is a full-size desktop that you can adjust from a sitting position to a height of 46 inches. It has two drawers that can store work tools and files. The display shelf can extend outward or inward to increase your working space. It has leveled feet that prevent it from wobbling, giving you a steady desk. 

24. OneSpace Martin Standing Desk

This adjustable desk with drawers can convert from a sitting to a standing height when you lift the tabletop. It uses hydraulic support to move from 31.8 inches to 38 inches. There is a center drawer that you may use for storing office supplies. You can also assemble this product within minutes.

OneSpace Martin Standing Desk

25. Evolve Primio Series

The Evolve Primio standing desk is a piece of well-thought-out office furniture that features two smooth drawer slides for storage. Adjust the sitting height to one that you may use standing up by pushing a button. It is also equipped with a child lock to prevent accidental adjustments, and the surface is scratch/heat resistant with anti-collision functionality.

What Is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk, also known as a stand-up desk, is designed to be used while trying to stand up or seated on a high stool to write, read, or sketch. However, if you need space get an adjustable standing desk with drawers.

What Is a Standing Desk?

Why Use a Smart Adjustable Desk?

It is crucial to have a contemporary adjustable desk with drawers. Desks are still a requirement in the office despite the constantly changing technologies. You can decide that the focal point of your modern workstation should be a modern desk when you assemble it. You wouldn't be the first, but if you lack the proper direction, your workstation selections may not be the best. 

How Is a Desk With Space Better?

Actually, a desk with storage is preferable since it can be used to keep office supplies, tools, and stationery organized. This article might aid you if you're looking for contemporary office desks having drawers and need some advice or guidance.

How Is a Desk With Space Better?

Benefits of Having Drawers on Your Desk

Protects Your Important Documents

  • Important paperwork and financial documents must be kept safe in a typical home office setting and a drawer is the best place for them.
  • You have a large quantity of storage space in your electric standing desk with a drawer for your crucial papers.
  • An electric standing desk with a drawer offers a safe spot for you to store your documents so they won't be lost or ruined.
  • Additionally, it improves the structure and organization of your file. 

Protects Additional Office Supplies

  • Along with files, your home office desk holds a number of other office necessities.
  • They may keep storage devices, hardware parts, and even standard office supplies in their desk drawer.
  • Your necessities may be neatly stored in the desk drawer.
  • Utilizing a desk drawer lowers the risk of losing any previous business data preserved in printed format as well as tiny hardware components of your home office.

What You Should Look for When Buying a Standing Desk with Drawers

Consider many factors when you are getting a desk for your working space. The following are a few of them that will help you get the best furniture available.


Where you plan to put your desk is important when choosing which type of product to buy. The amount of space available influences the size of furniture you can purchase. You don’t want to get one that is bigger than the place you wish to put it. 

There is also the situation where you pass up on a desk you can accommodate just because you underestimated the location. Compared to the one you end up buying, the other one may have given you better value.


How Customizable Is the Desk?

To take proper advantage of an adjustable standing desk with drawers, you should get an adjustable one. The best one to go for will be one that can be customized enough to become a sitting desk. You can also consider features like a keyboard tray and enough space to accommodate an add-on drawer if necessary.


Ignoring the role appearance plays when selecting a desk is a mistake you should avoid. Things like the color and other visual elements should blend well where you will put the furniture. If you are going to create a working space, there’s no harm in making sure your interior decoration is aesthetically pleasing.



Consider how sturdy the adjustable standing desk with drawers you want to get is because of the general height of such office equipment

A wobbly work surface is terrible especially if it supports something fragile like a computer monitor. Typing or writing on it can also be an unpleasant experience. Ensure that the desk you get is steady and safe by extending it to its full height. You can then assess how solid it is when standing.


The associated health benefits have influenced the switch to this type of desk. It is also focused on preventing the development of bad posture in the same way. 

You should allow these ideas to guide you in ensuring that the standing desk is well oriented to you. The height should not make you strain your neck and back when staring at a screen it supports. It should also allow your hands to be in a natural position while you work.



Think about the material used to make the electric standing desk with drawers that you select. It doesn’t only play an aesthetic role but affects your surroundings. Ensure that it is durable and friendly to the environment. 

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A standing desk does not only give your office a trendy look but offers many advantages too. With added drawers, you now get all the features of a usual desk and chair set

You may now support your working computer and store your files while enjoying the health benefits associated with them. Some also come with spaces to help you manage your wires and USB ports so you can charge your devices. 

The products we have reviewed in this article should guide you in finding the best electric standing desk with drawers for a healthier office lifestyle.

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