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24 Best Easter Gift Ideas for Teachers 2024
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24 Best Easter Gift Ideas for Teachers 2024

|Mar 11, 2024

Spring is fast approaching, and with it a new opportunity to share care and appreciation for the people in your life—Easter! Whether you celebrate the holiday for religious reasons, or simply enjoy the opportunity to spread Springtime cheer and cute Easter bunny-themed decor, this can be a great opportunity to show your appreciation for the teachers in your life.

Teachers work all year to show care to children, youth, and students of all ages, which can be a particularly challenging and demanding job. The past year has been particularly hard for teachers—both those that have returned to the classroom and those teaching remotely—and a little appreciation will go a long way for the teacher in your life.

If you have a teacher in your life that you wish to show appreciation for this Easter, the list below shares gift ideas with different ranges in price and personalization so that you can select a gift the teacher will actually love.

1. Fun Coffee Mug

A quirky, cute, or funny mug goes a long way for your teacher, especially if you know their personality enough to fit the mug to their style. Simple, chic mugs are also always appreciated if you are less familiar with the teacher.

Fun Coffee Mug

2. Chair Pillow for Back Support

While reading or grading for long periods, a teacher can develop back pains and general aches from long periods of sitting. Your teacher will thank you for the comfort of a chair pillow with a lumbar support feature or a chair with built-in back support.

ErgoActive Lumbar Support Pillow

ErgoActive Lumbar Support Pillow

Dimensions15" x 12.75" x 4.25"
MaterialsMemory foam
Warranty10 years
ErgoFoam Lumbar Support Pillow

ErgoFoam Lumbar Support Pillow

Dimensions15.35”L x 3.75”W x 15”H
MaterialsMemory foam
Logicfox Lumbar Support Pillow

Logicfox Lumbar Support Pillow

Dimensions15.3""L x 14.9""W x 2.3""THK
MaterialsHigh-density memory foam
ColorsStripe-Red, Stripe-Green, Mesh-Blue, Mesh-Grey, Velour-Black, Velour-Blue, Velour-Grey, Stripe Blue
Warranty2 years

Chair Pillow for Back Support

3. Magazine Subscription

You can’t go wrong with a magazine subscription that fits the teacher’s interests. There are plenty of teaching-related magazines if you’d like to remain professional, or find a magazine related to their personal interests such as cooking, home décor, fixing up cars, music, or any other hobby.

4. Calming Candle

Teaching is one of the most stressful and under-appreciated professions. Help the teacher in your life alleviate stress with a soothing scented candle. You can choose a classic scent like Clean Linen or Vanilla Bean, or go for something more exotic like a citrus-based candle or forest scent.

Artistscent Coral Scented Candle

Artistscent Coral Scented Candle

Dimensions3.25”D x 3.5”H x 9 oz
MaterialsZero plastic, eco-friendly packaging
Premium clean-burning soy wax blend
NotesSea Salt + Coriander + Sun Bleached Driftwood
Burn time55 hours
Lamp Depot Hydrangea Candle

Lamp Depot Hydrangea Candle

Dimensions    2.2” x 2.2” x 2.2”
WaxSoy wax, jelly wax
ScentWild Bluebell
Burning time3-4 hours
Warranty1 year

5. Books

Perhaps a bit obvious, but a classic gift for teachers. Books will always be popular for continued learning, plus a break from technology if the book is in print.

6. Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are a hot trend for prioritizing mental health, relaxation, and stimulating creativity. Let your teacher friend get out some stress and express themselves creatively with an adult coloring book and colored marker or pencil set.

Coloring Book

7. Desk Lamp

Being a teacher often means hours of grading and reading to support students. A stylish, functional desk lamp can be one of the best gifts for teachers.  

Light Bar

Light Bar

Dimensions31.5”L x 1.8”W x 35.4”H x 12.56 lbs
MaterialsDie casting Aluminum & Metal
Input voltageAC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Brightness1200 lm
Light colors3000k, 4000k, 5000k, 6000k
Lamp lifetime50,000 hours
Warranty1 year
Stella Lighting Wireless LED Task Lamp

Stella Lighting Wireless LED Task Lamp

Dimensions11"W x 9.25"D x 5.5 lbs
MaterialsAluminum, Alloy Steel, Silicone, Plastic, Rubber
Input voltage12V DC, 1.5A
Light colorsWarm White (2800K)
Pure White (4500K)
Cool White (5500K)
Lamp lifetime50,000 hours
Warranty2 years
Lumicharge LED Lamp with Wireless Charger

Lumicharge LED Lamp with Wireless Charger

Dimensions8"L x 8"W x 15.8"H x 3.75 lbs
ColorsBlack, Silver
MaterialsAluminium + ABS
Input voltageAC 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Brightness850 lumens
Light colorsYellow 2800-3200k, Soft White 3750 k-4250K, Bright White 5500K -6000K
Lamp lifetime50,000 hours
Warranty6 months

8. Candy

There is a reason candy is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, since you pretty much cannot go wrong with a box of chocolates or a variety pack of heart-shaped sweets. If the teacher is back to working in-person in the classroom, you can even gift a package of individually wrapped candies so that they can share them with their students. (Avoid potential allergens like nuts, though!) If you’re not sure of the teacher’s candy preferences, go for a variety including the classics like chocolate candies, sour candies, or mint candies.

9. Travel Coffee Mug

For the teacher back in the classroom, help them keep their morning coffee or tea steaming with a stylish or quirky travel mug.

10. Coffee Subscription Service

There seems to be a subscription service for almost anything these days! If your teacher is a coffee lover, treat them to a coffee subscription for 3, 6, or even 12 months of regular coffee bean deliveries that allow them to taste-test different brands, origins, and types. Ironically, the teacher will be the one taking a quiz to match them with their style of coffee!

If the teacher is more of a tea person, there are also plenty of tea subscription services.

11. Reusable Metal Straw

For the eco-friendly and trendy teacher. Many are now dishwasher safe, collapsible, and come with a scrubber brush for cleaning.

Reusable Metal Straw

12. Flowers

Although it may be an obvious Valentine’s Day gift, flowers are a staple for a reason! You cannot go wrong with a colorful arrangement to brighten up the teacher’s classroom or teaching area if working remotely. You can even select a bouquet specific to their favorite color or type of flower.

If you’d like something longer-lasting, go for a potted plant to brighten up the room. Be sure to order in advance, though, since flower and plant deliveries can quickly run out of stock or become expensive in the days before Valentine’s Day.

13. Standing Desk

Many teachers are still primarily teaching from home to social distance from students. Sitting at a desk all day means that your teacher is experiencing new aches, pains, and excessive sitting—all of which impact health. Standing desks have many health benefits and can even boost productivity. A standing desk from Autonomous is a great way to give the best of both worlds of sitting and standing, since desks can be used in either setting and make it super easy to switch modes.

 Standing Desk

14. Daily Planner

Keep track of notes, appointments and assignments with a daily planner, which helps keep a teacher organized. Look for a cute planner with sections such as a quick glance month- or week-long calendar, an hourly schedule, a notes section, a doodle section, or a place for to-do lists.

15. Stamps or Stickers

Particularly for teachers in classrooms with middle school students or younger, many like to put a congratulatory sticker or stamp on students’ work with phrases like “great job!” or “awesome work!” Wow your teacher with flashy new stamps or stickers that will actually be useful to them in their job, or you can even create a custom stamp for them.

16. Food Delivery Voucher

Home food delivery is always popular, but has become even more common and safe while social distancing measures are still recommended. Treat your teacher with a voucher to a popular food delivery service such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, or Caviar.

17. Ergonomic Chair

If the teacher is teaching remotely from a sitting position, their back will be endlessly grateful to you for an ergonomic chair. These chairs are specially designed to improve posture and provide better back support to keep the sitter productive and health. The Autonomous Autonomous Chair 2 is one of the best that works well with any desk type. 

Ergonomic Chair

18.Cozy Socks

Because who doesn’t love snuggling up in warm socks during winter? If you know the teacher’s personality more, look for socks that match a hobby or personality trait of theirs. (Like library card socks for the avid reader, Star Wars socks for a fan, or dog socks for the pet owner.)

19. Blue Light Glasses

Looking at screens often throughout the day for lesson planning, grading, or even teaching can lead to headaches, eye fatigue, and neck pain. A pair of blue light glasses is a stylish solution to keep your teacher feeling productive and focused.

20. Prints and Posters

Let the teacher in your life express creativity and personality with a cool poster for their workspace or classroom. Many websites online offer a variety with classical art pieces, modern geometric prints, favorite landscapes, motivational or quirky sayings, and animal portraits to fit your teacher’s personality.

21. Computer Monitor Arm

Teachers often use computer monitors for preparing lesson plans, researching topics, and reading or grading student work. This is even more true for those teaching from home at this time. However, it can be difficult to get the right positioning of the screen, and poor positioning and glare can lead to eye strainA monitor arm makes it easy and comfortable to read and adjust the computer screen.

Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm

Dimensions18”L x 19”H
Weight capacity26 lbs
Item weight6 lbs
Warranty2 years

Computer Monitor Arm

22. Gym Membership

A great gift for teachers is a gym membership, since they often spend most of the day in a small classroom area or may even be teaching remotely at this time. Promoting physical activity will re-energize the teacher in your life.

Be careful with this one, though, as some might interpret this as a hint to lose weight! Give the gift of a healthy lifestyle to someone you have a friendly-enough relationship with that it will not be interpreted poorly.

23. Ergonomic Mouse

computer mouse designed for ergonomic support will make the hours of computer time much more comfortable and painless for your teacher.

R-Go HE Sport Bluetooth Mouse

R-Go HE Sport Bluetooth Mouse

Dimensions‎4.13" x 3.27" x 2.99" x 3.74 oz
Cable length102 cm
ConnectionWireless (Bluetooth)
CompatibilityPC, Mac, Linux
Resolution (DPI)800-1200-1600-2400
Warranty2 years
R-Go-Tools Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

R-Go-Tools Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

HandRight / Left
Length of hand165-185mm(med), above 185mm (large)
FunctionButtons (5 buttons), scroll wheel
Resolution (DPI)500 - 1500 - 1750
ConnectionUSB 2.0 Wireless - Plug and Play
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Linux
Warranty2 years

24. Notebook

A classic but always well-work gift for teachers. These can be fancy or simple, but will always be useful for a teacher.

This was a tough year for teachers, so don’t forget that on top of a regular Easter gift, a thank-you note goes a long way. You can also check out for more smart office furniture to get a great gift for a friend (or yourself).


And for the teacher who has everything, there are always gift cards!

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