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8 Best Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Arms (2024 Updated)
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8 Best Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Arms (2024 Updated)

|May 14, 2021

Mesh office chairs are one of the most popular types of chairs. Their upholstery lets you enjoy a unique sitting experience that other types can’t match. However, as their popularity rose, so did the number of chairs available.

You may wonder what could be the best chair for your needs, but answering that question can be challenging with the number of options you have. Considering a couple of things, such as which adjustable features they have, can help you get closer to your ideal choice by trimming down the list.

Adjustable arms are an essential feature most mesh office chairs have. Chairs with static arms may not be at an adequate height, making it a gamble whether the resting position of your arms aligns with them. Investing in a mesh office chair with adjustable arms lets you avoid that situation and ensure a comfortable experience.

If you’re looking for a chair, you should look for one with this feature. In this article, you can find eight of the best mesh office chairs with adjustable arms. These aren’t the only options you have, and they may not be the best choice depending on your build. Still, they’re excellent picks that provide a starting point on what you should look for in office chairs with armrests.

1. ErgoChair Pro

The ErgoChair Pro is a mesh ergonomic chair with arms that are adjustable in six directions. You can move them forward, backward, up, down, in, and out. These slightly concave arms comfortably cradle your forearms and ensure they are at an ergonomic perpendicular angle as they rest by your side.

ErgoChair Pro

Other essential ergonomic features this chair has are the flexible lumbar system, tilting backrest, and headrest. The chair’s lumbar system contours your back the best way possible, and the adjustable cushion lets it support most body types. Its relaxing tilting backrest, Korean mesh backrest, and headrest make up for an excellent mesh back office chair with arms adjustable in three ways.

2. ErgoChair Plus

This mesh ergonomic chair with arms adjustable in four directions adds intuitive supports while reducing the necessity of manually adjusting the chair. The environmentally friendly ErgoChair Plus lets you maintain a proper posture throughout your days, thanks to its comfortable features.

ErgoChair Plus

You can adjust the armrests’ height and width with the push of a button underneath them. It unlocks them, allowing you to move them up and down or in and out. The chair also has a unique modern design that uses thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) on its backrest and seat. This TPE ventilated backrest and spring seat provide you with a superior sitting experience.

3. Steelcase Leap

This chair supports various body types due to its exceptional adjustment range. The armrests’ four-dimensional adjustability has an extensive range of motion. You can change their height, width, depth, and pivot. They’re also comfortable, offering a nice balance between firmness and softness.

Steelcase Leap

The backrest has a lumbar support system with two separate adjustments. You can move the cushion up and down or adjust its tension to alter how pronounced it feels. If you’re looking for a mesh ergonomic chair with arms adjustable in eight directions, the Steelcase Leap is an excellent choice.

4. Nightingale CXO

If you’re looking for a high-performance mesh desk chair with arms adjustable in three ways, the Nightingale CXO is the right pick. This chair adds a refreshing look to your office and offers you significant comfort. The three-dimensional armrests, along with the adjustable lumbar support, seat depth, and headrest, let you tailor the chair to your exact measurements.

Nightingale CXO

It’s a great mesh office chair with a headrest. This chair has an exceptional build quality and offers considerable comfort and durability. It fits nearly all office aesthetics with its sleek design and has many upholstery and color options.

5. Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller is an iconic luxurious chair featuring many innovative technologies. It has a high-end build quality and uses environmentally friendly materials in its design. Although the chair doesn’t have backrest height adjustment, the flexible lumbar support is good enough to compensate.

Herman Miller Aeron

The armrests are significantly comfortable and provide three-way adjustability. You can change their height, pivot, and depth. This luxurious mesh office chair with adjustable arms is one of the best options you can get if you can afford it.

6. Eurotech Vera

This chair offers incredible lumbar support without any backrest adjustment options. Its natural curve lets you utilize it to the fullest and cradles you more than other chairs. The armrests are four-dimensional, allowing you to modify their height, width, pivot, and depth to your preferred position.

Eurotech Vera

Other great features of this mesh desk office chair with arms adjustable in four ways are a seat slider, optional headrest, and synchro-tilt mechanism with lock and tension adjustment.

7. Vertagear Triigger 275

This mesh reclining chair features luxury materials that increase its quality and longevity. It offers maximum comfort thanks to its breathable mesh cushion and calfskin leather. With 275 meticulously assembled individual components, this chair is one of the most ergonomic and flexible in the industry.

Vertagear Triigger 275

You can adjust the height and rotation of the multi-directional armrests and your seating position with buttons located below each of them. The left armrest controls recline angle adjustment and lock while the right one alters the chair’s height. You can also change the chair’s back support height as well as the lumbar support position.

8. Raynor Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG

This chair has a height-adjustable backrest that goes up to 30.5” and a pivoting headrest. The headrest’s adjustability lets it support your neck’s curve at any reclining point, and its lumbar support flexes automatically based on the sitting individual’s weight.

Raynor Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG

The chair has excellent adjustability features, such as a tilt lock and tension adjustment, seat slider, and adjustable arms. You can move the latter vertically or horizontally. This mesh desk chair with arms adjustable in two ways fits everyone who sits on it, and it comes at a highly accessible price.

Bottom Line

An essential feature you should look for in any chair is adjustable armrests. Without them, a chair may be unable to support your posture adequately, making it uncomfortable to use for long periods. This list provides you with excellent options with considerable armrest adjustability, but there are way more available. Pick one of these, or use the list as a foundation to find a mesh office chair with adjustable arms that best fits your needs

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