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Show Your Appreciation: Chinese New Year Gifts for Clients
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Show Your Appreciation: Chinese New Year Gifts for Clients

|Feb 5, 2024

As one of the most significant holidays observed by Chinese people, Chinese New Year is a chance to send warm wishes to those we hold in high regard. In addition to reserving a table at a fancy reunion dinner and buying new CNY attire, one of the most crucial aspects of getting ready for the celebration is finding appropriate gifts for the people who matter most in your life, whether that’s your employer, business associates, or friends and family.

Finding the perfect present for those special people in your life may be challenging, so we have compiled a list of 9 Chinese New Year gifts for clients we think would be sure to please. Everything you need to know about appropriate Chinese New Year gifts is right here, from traditional gifts to contemporary wellness tokens.

Meaningful Chinese New Year Gifts for Clients

1. Year of Animal Showpiece

The start of a new year provides an opportunity to form or deepen relationships. Stunning corporate gifts can be sent to clients by drawing inspiration from the Chinese New Year zodiac, in this instance, the Wood Dragon. A dragon sculpture, whether crafted from wood, porcelain, or glass, would be a beautiful accent to any office or living room.

2. Red Packets

One of the most appropriate Chinese New Year gifts is a red package or Hongbao. Though they were originally presented from one generation to another, monetary presents are now given to loved ones, acquaintances, and coworkers in red envelopes as a prominent lunar New Year activity. The gift of new, crisp money is a symbol of blessings, wealth, and success for the next year, and it is considered polite not to open the red envelope while the giver is present.

Sending red packets online has become a modern Lunar New Year celebration during the spring festival, particularly among friends, thanks to the internet era. Smartphones often facilitate the sending and receiving of digital red packets through online payment channels.

Red Packets - Chinese New Year gifts for clients

3. Floral Arrangements

One of the most beloved Chinese New Year corporate gift ideas, both by clients and the general public, has always been and will always be flowers. Pick out some red, fresh flowers, like tulips or gerberas, and then wrap them with golden ribbons or paper.

Consider sending more elaborate flower arrangements or baskets filled with treats like mooncakes and chocolates as gifts for Chinese clients.

Floral Arrangements - Chinese New Year gifts for clients

4. Artisanal Chinese Calligraphy Scrolls

Optimistic Chinese characters or sentiments decorated on calligraphy scrolls make a classic Chinese New Year gift for employees. Often crafted by master calligraphers, these scrolls represent prosperity, longevity, or good fortune. For an extra special touch, you may also arrange for a personalized message or the client's name to be exquisitely written in calligraphy. This Chinese New Year gift for clients could be a wonderful token of appreciation for your client's business and a symbol of your commitment to them in the future.

lunar new year dragon hunt

5. Tea Packets

As a company, you should promote a healthy lifestyle with nutritious Lunar New Year gifts, as celebrations make us crave unhealthy food.

Plus, who could say no to warm digestive teas after a few days of eating junk? A variety of flavored teas is a great way to wish clients a happy Chinese New Year. Your clients will be quite pleased with either the tea-based Chinese New Year hampers or the combos you order.

6. Edible Hampers

Gifts for Chinese clients don’t always have to be dull. When shopping for friends, family, and business associates, culinary hampers are a great option. The mouth-watering Chinese New Year baskets may include a bottle of wine, brownies, chocolates, moon cakes, wafers, and a variety of other delectable treats.

You and your company associates will form everlasting relationships over this enjoyable and delicious Chinese New Year corporate gift idea.

Edible Hampers

7. Feng Shui Plants

Everyone has their own set of challenges when the New Year begins. Some people take it all in stride, while others find it very difficult. Companies can make a difference in their employees’ lives by providing them with Feng Shui plants. If you’re looking for some plants to give as Chinese New Year gifts to clients, consider Lucky Bamboo, Sansevieria, or Aglaonema. These plants also work as visually pleasing office accessories in workspaces.

However, the Pussy Willow plant is usually a safe bet if your clients are more into conventional Chinese New Year presents. Not only does this evergreen plant remain long after the New Year’s Eve party has ended, but it also represents growth and success.

Feng Shui Plants

8. Unique Fruit Baskets

While fruit baskets are a traditional Chinese New Year present, they may be jazzed up with a personal touch. Use symbolic fruits like mandarins for good fortune and exotic fruits like dragon fruit, lychee, or pomelo for a pleasant surprise. This adds a touch of personalization to the traditional fruit basket.

9. Wellness and Relaxation Gifts

It can be especially thoughtful to give a present that encourages relaxation and well-being after a busy corporate year. Vouchers for spa treatments, ergonomic office chairs or standing desks, aromatherapy sets, or meditation packages would be great ways to assist your business associates relax and recharge after the celebrations.

Everyone deserves a break from work after a long battle, and these types of Chinese New Year corporate gift ideas can convey your concern and connection to your client.

Wellness and Relaxation Gifts

Things to Keep in Mind When Giving Chinese New Year Gifts

The Importance of Numbers

One crucial part of the Chinese New Year is the amount of money that is given as a present in the red packets. Even numbers are lucky, particularly those that include 8 (a symbol for wealth) and 6 (a symbol for smoothness).

The number 4 is the only even number that is not thought of as fortunate since it sounds like the word for death.

Lucky Colors

When shopping for presents to give to loved ones, Lunar New Year colors play a significant role. Those crimson envelopes aren't just for show; they're actually believed to bring good fortune. The decorations used during the Chinese New Year often prominently include the lucky colors of red, yellow, and gold.

Proper Gestures

Never use one hand to give or receive a gift; always use both. Money and business cards are examples of items that have historically been given in this manner. Showing gratitude and respect for the deed and the giver is a crucial aspect of gift-giving etiquette nationwide.

Things to Keep in Mind When Giving Chinese New Year Gifts

Final Thoughts

The practice of exchanging traditional presents as part of Chinese New Year festivities dates back hundreds of years. From symbolic mandarins to red money envelopes, these gifts are meant to bring happiness, prosperity, and good fortune in the next year. The best Chinese New Year gifts for clients are meaningful, so try to come up with something personal and useful for your clients, friends, or family.

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