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10 Computer Desk Setup Ideas Perfect for Small Home Office Space

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Mar 18, 2021

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As a remote worker, you are always looking for some ideal way to get your ergonomics workspace right so that you can have a more productive day. Maintaining productivity becomes quite challenging when you are working in a small home office. Are you among those remote workers who are looking for some small computer desk setup ideas that can help them boost their productivity?

Well, then we would say you have come to the right place. We have scoured the web to find out some of the most innovative desk ideas for small spaces to help you have the perfect home office even if you are short on space. These ideas will not only keep you productive but will also keep you healthier. So, without any delay, let's have a look at them.

1. Invest in a Standing Desk

It is ideal for getting an adjustable standing desk for a small space, as that improves your work ergonomics. Since you are required to divide your time between sitting and standing, setting your desk at the right height is crucial. A home office desk like the SmartDesk2 by Autonomous is a suitable choice in this regard.

Such desks are a vital component of a small office desk setup, as they make you more productive. The best part is, these are motorized standing desks, so you can adjust their height with a single button. If you only have a corner space available in your home office, you can think of going for an l-shaped desk, too, as they let you utilize corners efficiently.

Invest in a Standing Desk

2. Bring an Ergonomic Chair

To design a complete home office setup, it is vital that you have an ergonomic chair as well. These chairs are designed to keep you upright and eliminate any sort of muscle strain. Therefore, once you use them, you are able to have a reliable sitting surface.

In this way, you can rest assured that your sitting time is also well-spent, and you stay productive round the clock.

Bring an Ergonomic Chair

3. Invest in a Monitor Arm

A small computer desk setup would be incomplete without a monitor arm. Since you will be arranging your monitor at the eye level to ensure you do not encounter any neck injury or chronic muscle pain, you will have to place your computer at a particular angle. A monitor arm allows you to do that efficiently.

This is even more ideal when you are dealing with multiple monitors. You can adjust the height and angle of your monitor as you divide the time between sitting and standing. As a result, you can smoothly shift from a sitting to a standing session.

Invest in a Monitor Arm

4. Use a Cable Tray

It is often much of a hassle when you have too many cables crowded on your working desk or around your working space. Such an issue becomes even more unbearable in a small space. If there is no other way that you shift to cordless accessories completely, it is vital that you use a cable tray. It can be conveniently added to a standing desk and helps avoid clutter on your workspace, freeing up more space and allowing you to work more efficiently.

Use a Cable Tray

5. Add Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are vital equipment when you are designing a small office desk setup. These glasses help block the blue light when you are working with your computer for prolonged hours. Consequently, your sleep schedule remains unchanged, and you tend to stay healthier, leading to you being more productive in performing tasks. Nevertheless, these glasses are not a requirement if you already have prescription glasses.

6. Shift to Cordless Accessories

It is always significant to have lesser clutter, and cordless accessories can help you achieve that. You can opt for buying a Bluetooth keyboard and a high-quality Bluetooth mouse to make your job easier. Such office desk accessories will make your workspace look tidier. It is easier to work more in a clean workspace, so you can rest assured that this arrangement will boost your productivity.

Shift to Cordless Accessories

7. Invest in a Keyboard and Laptop Stand

It is vital that you correct your sitting posture to work more effectively and efficiently. A keyboard and laptop stand helps you achieve that. It helps you place your laptop at an accurate angle to avoid any muscle strain. Therefore, you can work longer hours without getting fatigued.

Invest in a Keyboard and Laptop Stand

8. Add Multiple Monitors

It can be really tough to view minor details on a single computer, so you should consider adding multiple monitors to your small office desk setup. This helps you view the data more clearly, which in turn helps avoid any mistakes. This equipment is vital, especially when you are a programmer or have to analyze some data.

Add Multiple Monitors

9. Add High-Quality Lighting

The addition of high-quality lighting in your small computer desk setup is significant. Your productivity is immensely affected by the presence of light in the area where you are working. Ideally, you should select an area that is closer to some natural light source, like a window.

Nevertheless, it is often difficult to have that in a small space. So, you can add an ultra-wide LED desk lamp or any other high-quality desk lamp that keeps your workspace brightly lit. With a desk lamp, you have the liberty to choose the light color that makes you feel more relieved. You may choose a warmer light or a full spectrum one as per your desire.

10. Incorporate Greenery in Your Workspace

It is always best to incorporate greenery in your workspace. This makes it look more appealing and refreshing. Therefore, it can be a unique computer desk setup idea to add some small office plants around your working desk, maybe on some nearby shelf. Once you do that, you can see a noticeable improvement in your mood and overall productivity.

Incorporate Greenery in Your Workspace

The Bottom Line

It is tough for remote workers to maintain a higher productivity level, as they have to create an office-like environment at their home. Nevertheless, you can achieve this by adopting certain simple alterations in your workspace and eliminating clutter in general. All the suitable alterations that we discussed above will help you do that.

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