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15 Best Standing Desk Under $500 You Should Buy
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15 Best Standing Desk Under $500 You Should Buy

|Nov 16, 2020

Everyone needs the right desk on which to work. If you’re working at home, you may want an electric standing desk under $500. There are plenty of options out there, and we’re going to discuss them all and help you choose the best height-adjustable desk under $500. 

1. SmartDesk Core (Home Office) from Autonomous

The SmartDesk Core (Home Office) could be the best standing desk under $500. This fully-adjustable desk uses a steel frame and offers four different programmable settings for height. Therefore, you can easily adjust it and save those preferences no matter what shoes you wear or how many people use the desk. 

It comes in various colors, and it’s made of MDF wood other than the Natural Bamboo style. This could be the best height-adjustable desk under $500 because it has a lifting speed of 2.3 inches per second with a lifting capacity of 300 pounds. Plus, the noise level is quite low, at 45 decibels. 

SmartDesk 2 premium from autonomous

2. SmartDesk Corner (L-Shaped Desk) from Autonomous

Although this L-shaped standing desk from Autonomous is over $500, it’s still perfect if you need more room and is going to help you space out your desk area the way you want it to be. 

With it, you get the cable tray, which helps you deal with your standing desk cable management by holding all the cords from your computer, monitor, and laptop. You can also choose from two colors (white and black), and it uses MDF wood for durability while staying lightweight. 

We like that this desk can lift 330 pounds and still features a lifting speed of 2.3 inches per second. Plus, it goes from 28.5 inches to 47.5 inches with the press of the button. 

L-Shaped SmartDesk from Autonomous

3. SmartDesk Frame (DIY Kit) from Autonomous

Do you already have a tabletop that you want to keep? If so, then the DIY standing desk could be the best height-adjustable desk under $500. You can pick from different colors and frames to meet your specific needs. Many people like the Premium version, but the L-shaped option is also suitable. 

In fact, the solid steel frame has rounded edges and a dual-motor system, just like the other SmartDesk products. The height range goes from 25.4 to 51 inches, so you’re sure to enjoy using it while sitting or standing. 

You can use any desktop you like, but Autonomous recommends one that is between 45 and 80 inches long and 26 to 32 inches wide for traditional shapes. 

DIY SmartDesk from Autonmous

4. SmartDesk 4 from Autonomous

If you want the ultimate best standing desk under $500, then you’ve got to check out the SmartDesk 4. Though it’s right over $500, it’s probably the most exciting standing desk on the market. 

You can choose between different top and frame colors and designs to truly personalize the desk for your needs. We also like that the keypad is WiFi or Bluetooth enabled. That way, you can use your phone to change the height of the desk. 

There’s still the dual motor, and you have a lifting capacity of 350 pounds. Plus, it’s less noisy than the others from the same brand at 40 decibels. Since it’s quieter, you don’t have to worry that you’re going to wake up the household when working early or late. 

SmartDesk 4 from Autonomous

5. SmartDesk Art Desk from Autonomous

We couldn’t round out the Autonomous products without at least mentioning the SmartDesk Art Desk. It could be the best height-adjustable desk under $500, though it just barely makes the cut.

This desk features a rounded shape on the inside where you sit or stand. That way, you can feel closer to the items on the desk. We also like that it comes with a lifting capacity of 300 pounds and lifts 2.3 inches a second. You’re sure to enjoy the height range of 28 to 47 inches, making it ideal for those who are short or tall. 

SmartDesk Art Desk from Autonomous

6. Flexispot 48x30-Inch Standing Desk

With the Flexispot brand, you get a quality desk that’s competitively priced. It comes in the standard or basic size, but you get plenty of space for your workstation. The desk can raise up to 47.6 inches and goes as low as 28 inches. 

With its sturdy build, you might be surprised that it only has a weight capacity of 154 pounds. We do like the smooth edges, making it less painful if you bump into the desk. 

Flexispot 48x30-Inch Standing desk

7. AITerminal Desk

Could the AITerminal Desk be the best height-adjustable desk under $500? It might be because it has a gorgeous layout and features a walnut desktop. However, this also has a unique design with two-tier levels. 

Some people still use desktop computers and find that the monitor needs to be more elevated while the keyboard stays lower. You can do that with ease and don’t have to use phone books to achieve your goal. 

This electric standing desk allows you to push a button and go from 27.9 inches to 45.7 inches tall. We like that it’s durable and made of high-quality materials. There’s also a phone holder on the top deck, making it highly convenient. Overall, this could be the right choice for you! 

8. VariDesk Pro Plus Standing Desk 

Though we aren’t often happy with desk additions, you may already have a desk you don’t want to get rid of yet. The VariDesk brand is known for its sit-on-the-desk unit to raise your computer to standing level. 

With it, you can add your mouse, keyboard, and monitor and adjust everything to your liking.

This is actually one of the few adjustable mechanisms that we like. It’s not flawless, but it is better than many others. If you’re unsure that a standing desk is for you, this is an excellent way to test the theory. Plus, it’s built for durability and longevity and comes with a 5-year warranty. 

VariDesk Pro Plus Standing desk

9. SHW 55-Inch Standing Desk

We believe the SHW 55-inch could be the best standing desk under $500. You can easily adjust it by pressing a button, so it’s easier and less work for you. That way, you’re not taking more time to get the desk just right or using a crank. 

This desk is very stable, so it’s going to last for a long time. Plus, you don’t have to worry that it’s going to tip over if you’ve got a lot of items to put on it. 

We like that it goes from 28 to 45 inches quickly, and the motorized lift makes it effortless. However, it is quite heavy when compared to other standing desks on the market. You may need help bringing it into the house and setting it up. 

10. Sunon Standing Desk

Those who want an electric standing desk under $500 might want to consider the Sunon brand. It only has one motor, but it’s powerful enough to lift at 1.5 inches per second with a full load. 

We like that the top has been coated to protect it from water damage, dings, and scratches. Plus, it always looks polished and has a wet-style finish. 

The melamine tabletop is 1 inch thick and has a PVC edging to prevent erosion. Plus, the frame is made of durable steel so that it’s going to last a while. 

There are four memory settings, and the desk goes from 26.4 to 44.5 inches tall. You’re going to appreciate the extra-spacious work area because this desk is 56 inches long. That means you can put everything you need on it and space it all out to look uncluttered and still be easy to reach.

Sunon Standing Desk 

11. Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk

We believe the Uncaged Ergonomics brand could have the best height-adjustable desk under $500. It’s only 48 inches long, but that still gives you plenty of room to fit all of your computer accessories. 

This desk has a beautiful finish, but it doesn’t look obtrusive. That way, you can still focus on work. Plus, it’s electric with a dual motor, so you can push a button and raise the desk to your preferred height. Because of the dual motors, the desk handles heavier loads and is designed to last longer. 

You’re going to appreciate the memory function because you can store four different height preferences. Then, just press the button related to the height you want, and you’re good to go. There’s no reason to stop talking on the phone just because you need to stand up. While we aren’t sure how loud it is, most standing desks work at 45 to 50 decibels. 

12. Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot is a popular brand, and we like the white standing desk it offers. You get a spacious work area that handles all of your computer accessories and other items. Plus, it uses an electric motor to lift the desk up to a standing position. Therefore, you get a smoother adjustment that ranges from 28 to 47.6 inches. 

However, the table only changes position at 1 inch per second. This is a little slower than other brands, but it still gets the job done. The noise level is low at under 50 decibels, and you only hear anything when the motor is running. 

This product features an industrial steel frame, so it holds 154 pounds of weight. That’s not as much as others, but it is still sufficient for many remote workers. 

Flexispot Standing desk

13. AITerminal Dual-Piece Standing Desk

Those who want the best standing desk under $500 might like the AITerminal brand. It’s 59 inches long and features two tiers. That way, you can have the monitor you work on a little higher with the laptop lower. If you’ve got a computer tower, you may like your monitor to sit taller, and this helps you do that without any issues. 

We like the lift system used here. It’s called “Timotion,” and it offers smoother adjustments, regardless of how high or low you need your desk. Speaking of height, it goes from 27.9 to 44.1 inches in just seconds. While we aren’t sure how fast it rises, it takes less time than with a hand-crank version. 

It just recently added a digital button for one-touch functionality. Now, you can program your preferred desk heights so that you push the button, and it goes as high as you require it. There are only two presets, but that’s better than none! 

14. VIVO Electric Standing Desk 60x24 Inches

Since VIVO is a top brand for standing mechanisms, you’re going to appreciate the 60-inch-long standing desk. We think it could be the best height-adjustable desk under $500 for those who require a longer tabletop. You can have all the tools you might need on the desk and ready for use. 

The electronic motor allows this desk to go from 30 to 50 inches tall. However, you can press a button to do the heavy lifting for you. It only supports 176 pounds, but that is probably enough for many people’s needs. 

VIVO Electric Standing desk

15. EleTab Standing Desk

Another top contender for the best standing desk under $500 is the EleTab brand. You can adjust the height of this desk from 27.6 to 46.5 inches. Plus, the build quality is excellent, and it’s stable enough to be used in various settings. 

There’s also a memory function, so you can set it up to press one button and let the desk rise to the right height for you. We also appreciate the 55-inch-long work surface. That’s enough room for computers, large monitors, and everything else you might want to use during the workday. 

Just note that it only supports 176 pounds, but most office equipment needed by a remote worker is less than that. We also liked the tiered edges, which makes it look more modern and gives it a professional look for your home office. 


Are you interested in the best standing desk under $500? We’ve talked about 15 products, and they’re all inexpensive and suitable for your needs. However, we feel that the Autonomous brand has everything you could ever want and more. Check out the newest addition to the family with the SmartDesk 4. Even though it is slightly more, it still qualifies as an electric standing desk under $500 and provides more features and advantages than the others.

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