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The 5 Best Corner and L-Shaped Gaming Desk for 2021 Gamers

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Apr 25, 2021

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One of the more unforeseen results of everyone spending the last 12 months indoors is that lots of new people are taking up gaming as a hobby. 

We’ve seen this first hand with the PS5, Xbox, and Switch shortages that have been going on since the pandemic hit. 

With so many new games coming to the scene, it falls on the shoulders of the more experienced to help them become accustomed to the hobby. 

This doesn’t just include the games themselves but also helping them put together a solid gaming setup. A part of that setup is a desk. 


L-shaped gaming desks give you far more room than a traditional one, which is critically important for gaming. You’re going to end up with two or three screens, a console, a PC, and more, so you need room for all that tech. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the five best L-shaped gaming desks for gamers in 2021. 

What to Look for in an L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

Before we give you our recommendations about corner gaming desks, let’s talk a little bit about what you should be looking for in one of these corner gaming computer desks. This way, you can go looking for one yourself even if you don’t like our picks. 

Do You Want an RGB Setup?

The answer is probably yes, but it’s something that you still have to answer, regardless. An RGB gaming desk setup is one of, if not the single most common type of gaming desk setup in the world. 

It involves the excessive use of red, blue, and green lights to add a techy vibe to all of your equipment. Done right, it looks incredible, but done wrong, and it looks really tacky. 

rgb setup

If you don’t want an RGB setup, then don’t worry about a thing. If you do, though, you should make sure that the L-shaped gaming desk you’re getting can support the lights. 

Some gaming desks come with RBG built-in, but most of the time, you’re going to have to buy strip lights yourself. Take a look at the design of the PC gaming corner desk and judge whether or not you would be able to comfortably hook these strips up before you buy. 

Size Matters

Why should you choose an L-shaped gaming computer desk? The whole reason we’re looking at L-shaped desks for gaming rather than traditional ones is because of all the extra room we’re getting. There’s no point in going after a corner desk if you’re getting a tiny one with no surface area. 

How much room you actually need on your desk depends on your current circumstances, but you should always plan ahead. 

If you only have a switch, then you can tone down the desk size a little bit. If you’re planning on getting a PlayStation or PC in the future, though, then you need to account for that. 

size matter

If you have a fully-fledged gaming setup already, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. You have to deal with multiple monitors with standing desks, a bulky PC, a handful of consoles, a handful of handhelds, headsets, controllers, a laptop, speakers, and more. 

No matter how good you are at organizing, all of this is going to take up some space, so make sure you have that space, to begin with. 

Cable Management

If you’re new to gaming and those two words didn’t just make you shudder inside, then count your blessings because you’re not going to stay that way for long. 

Cable management is the most dreaded part of every single gaming setup to the point where there are professionals who specialize in it for streaming setups. 

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, let us explain. Cable management refers to how you organize and deal with all the cables you have in your setup. That might not sound so bad, but consider this: for every single device you have, that’s two or three cables. 

cable management

So, if you have a PC, PlayStation, two monitors, and a Switch, that’s eight wires. And that’s just for HDMIs, power leads, and a wire for your Switch controller. You also have charging cables, headset wires, extension leads, and all sorts of other small and messy cables. 

So, to put it simply, a good gaming desk needs to come with some sort of native cable management. Most gaming desks do, L-shaped or not, and typically in the form of a platform under the desk that can be used to run your wires along to keep them off the floor. 

If you’re looking to make a gaming setup of any significance, this is a massively important aspect for you to keep in mind while you shop. 


Ergonomics is going to play quite a large role in our list, and for a good reason. 

If you’re a gamer, especially during 2020 and 2021, then you’re spending a serious amount of time sitting at your desk. It’s not uncommon for people made unemployed by the pandemic to spend 16+ hours gaming every day. Everyone that’s a gamer has been there at some point. 


The unseen side effect of this, though, is the fact that it can completely destroy your back. When you’re gaming, you’re going to be putting your body at an unnatural arch regardless of how you sit. 

It doesn’t matter if you recline with a controller or are hunched over an ergonomic keyboard; the effect is the same. 

Your spine isn’t built to support the weight of you sitting down, especially excessively, so you should be looking for a desk that minimizes that damage. 


Last but not least, we need to talk about price. Everybody hates this subject, but it’s something that we still have to cover. 

L-shaped gaming desks can get expensive; let’s just put that out in the open right now. These desks are a niche and specialist product, meaning you have to pay a price that reflects that. 

There’s an easy way around these prices if they’re too high for you, though, and that’s to drop the “gaming.”


There are plenty of non-gaming L-shaped desks out there that are incredibly cheap and still get the job done. 

These electric standing desks aren’t going to be as good as those designed for gamers, but it is a cheaper alternative if you’re shopping on a budget. 

The Top 5 L-Shaped Gaming Desks for 2021

With all of that out of the way, let’s talk about our top five L-shaped desks for gaming that you can buy right now.

1. Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDesk

Let’s, but not least, we have to talk about this L-shaped standing desk. Autonomous has really outdone itself with this gaming L-shaped desk model. It’s not strictly a standing desk. Instead, it features a motor that allows you to adjust the height at will. 

Unlike the Howzone, though, it has enough space for two or three monitors. 

It’s arguably the best made motorized standing desk on the market right now. The price may reflect that, but purchasing it comes with the option of opting into a monthly installment easy payment plan that allows you to break that lump sum down into easy to manage chunks. 

smartdesk 2

If you’ve been looking for a corner standing desk, then your search is over. This desk is phenomenal for gaming setups and even comes with native cable management support. 

It’s spacious, it’s ergonomic, and it has all the extra functionality you’re ever going to need out of your gaming desk. 

2. Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Gaming Desk

We’re starting off towards the lower end of our budget with this corner gaming desk. Coming in at just under $100, this minimalist L-shaped gaming desk is going to provide you with all the space you need for a moderate or large gaming setup with an open and airy design. 

It’s going to struggle to keep up with all of your cables, though. The open design means that there’s nothing to hide your cables on or behind, so the responsibility of managing all of that falls on your shoulders. 

mr ironstone

Aside from that, though, this PC gaming corner desk is phenomenal. It’s got plenty of room, comes with a built-in monitor stand, cup holder, headphone hook, and has space for well over three monitors. 

If you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t get any better than this. 

3. Bestier LED L-Shaped Gaming Desk

This is a prime example of an L-shaped gaming desk that comes with some LED lights built-in, so if that’s something you’re interested in, this might just be the desk for you. 

This Bestier desk is both spacious, although not as much as the M. Ironstone, and comes with a little bit of cable management support in the form of lower shelves across the legs. 


It can fit up to two or three monitors and comes with its own built-in monitor stand. Like the Mr. Ironstone, it also comes with a cup holder and headphone hook. 

This PC gaming corner desk is best suited to professionals that also work out of their home. It gives you the room and versatility to build both a gaming and work setup off of the same desk, all for a moderate price tag, too. 

4. Howzone Motorized Corner Desk

This is the first corner gaming computer desk on our list to feature a built-in motor. This motor allows you to adjust the height of the desk or turn it from a sitting desk into a standing one. 

You might be thinking, “why would I ever want to stand while playing games?” That’s a fair point, but you need to think of the ergonomic implications. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes every hour or so, getting up and stretching yourself out is going to do wonders for your back.


Being able to adjust your desk to move with you helps make that process easier, letting you keep on playing even while you stand. 

Having said all that, this Howzone model is remarkably small, especially for the price. You’re paying for that motorized function, sure, but there’s no reason why the rest of the desk should suffer as a result. We have a standing L-shaped gaming desk in first place on this list that costs a bit more but comes with a payment plan and more space than this model. 

There is one situation that the Howzone can come in handy, though, and that’s if you’re working with limited space. It’s a small desk, meaning it can fit into small rooms if that’s what your gaming setup for a standing desk is working with. 

5. YOLENY L-Shaped Desk

This is the only L-shaped gaming desk that we’re featuring that comes with a shelf. You might not be a fan of that, in which case you can read on. For those of you that like the extra space, this corner gaming computer desk costs a pretty penny, but you’ve got more room than you need. 

The desk itself can comfortably support a two monitor setup, and the shelf has enough room for consoles, collectibles, or even a printer. 


This is another desk that is designed for professionals. It has enough versatility to seamlessly connect your entire setup together, making it valuable for anyone interested in something like streaming. 

It might not be a standing gaming desk, but it still manages to get the job done. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you’ve found a standing gaming desk that you like. If not, try to reference our buyer’s guide when you go shopping for yourself.

Don’t just buy the first L-shaped desk for gaming that catches your eye. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with it, so you need to make sure it’s built to suit your needs. 

If you’re looking to read more, we have all sorts of information on gaming related office setups over on our blog. 

If you have a question about a setup, then the chances are that we’ve answered it; all you have to do is visit the blog and find the topic you’re curious about.

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