When Do St. Patrick’s Day Sales Start in 2024? What Should You Expect?
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When Do St. Patrick’s Day Sales Start in 2024? What Should You Expect?

|Mar 13, 2024

Has there ever been an inconvenient time for savings? It is understood that throughout the course of life, there are many things that you will need to purchase, whether those be clothes, personal effects, or even equipment for your home office, such as an adjustable-height desk. A St. Patrick's Day sale represents a terrific opportunity for you to experience tremendous savings.

Today, the focus is simple. First, it starts with a bit of background on the immensely popular holiday, after which you can get some great insights to boost your shopping experience, so you do not end up with post-purchase cognitive dissonance. To wrap things up, you will also be given a cheat sheet of sorts with 10 great e-commerce options for your shopping needs.

When Is St. Patrick’s Day in 2024?

For reference, Saint Patrick's Day is always on the 17th of March, and that will not be changing for 2024. As the name implies, it has a lot to do with Saint Patrick, who was a patron saint of Ireland, born in the late 4th century in Roman Britain.

At only 16 years old, he would be kidnapped and transported to Ireland as a slave. While lucky enough to escape, he would return in 432 CE, intending to bring the Irish to Christianity. By the time he died, which was on March 17, 461, he would be responsible for the establishment of schools, monasteries, churches, and more.

The holiday you now know and love can be attributed to United States emigrants who made it into a celebratory and secular day of all things Irish. As you can imagine, the biggest and most elaborate celebrations would often come from cities where there were a ton of Irish immigrants who had great political power.

Why Should You Shop Online During the St. Patrick’s Day Sale Season?

St. Patrick's Day deals are all around you, as it falls under the category of holidays when e-commerce businesses just love to reduce prices to attract customers. These days, just about any recognized public holiday has some kind of sale, so this is just one more opportunity for you to capitalize.

Bear in mind that you are going to be receiving some valuable insights to ensure that you save and get the best out of any St. Patrick's Day discounts there may be. What better time is there to get those office accessories you have always wanted?

Online Shopping Tips for St. Patrick’s Day Sales

Slow It Down

Whenever you see the offers that a given business advertises for its Saint Patrick's Day sale, it's very easy to go off the deep end to start buying this, that, and the next. This tip is just as simple as it sounds. Slow things down and ensure that you are paying careful attention to every purchase that you will be making for the season.

There may be an office chair for sale that is incredibly attractive because it has superb lumbar support. You may end up on another site noticing that one of the best recliners for neck pain is available, and that you can get a great discount too. The next thing you know, somehow, you've bought both chairs, when you only needed one.

Establish a Budget

The idea of a sale can suck people in very quickly, causing them to spend money that they never intended to use. You do not want to be one of the persons who fall under that category, so making frugal decisions is non-negotiable.

To this end, you will want to establish a budget ahead of the sale. How much money can you realistically afford to spend without causing any kind of detrimental consequences later? When the sale is over, you will still need to cover your expenses as usual, so whatever funds you plan to use to do so must be set aside.

If you can, it is also good to establish the amount you want to spend on items under various categories. For example, you may have a budget for office equipment that you may use to buy a computer chair for sale or a vertical monitor.

Additionally, there may be a clothing budget that you can use to purchase the beautiful Saint Patrick's Day-themed apparel that is generally available.

Start with What You Need

Separating needs from wants is also important as you go into the sale period. While many people are exceptions to this rule, the chances are that the average person cannot afford to buy everything that they may find appealing during the season. This is where prioritizing becomes very crucial.

Focus on what you need first, with what you want taking a backseat. Imagine that you are just starting to put your home office space together and have only bought a basic chair and a filing cabinet so far. It makes sense that an office desk for sale should be higher on the priority list than another chair that has some outstanding features.

Therefore, you would want to buy the table first, and if you can afford to, then you can consider the chair.

Put a List of Stores Together

Apart from laying out the different items that may be appealing to you, it also helps to have a list of the different stores that you will be checking. Doing so helps to guide your purchases, and it also prevents you from wasting valuable time trying to figure out where to look.

The storefronts selected will usually be based on what it is you are trying to buy. For example, if you want a standout ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, height adjustment, a good recline angle, and more, then including Autonomous on your list would be recommended.

Don’t Double Buy

This was slightly alluded to before, though the context there was more along the lines of doing so accidentally. However, many people will intentionally buy the same item multiple times or different items that fall under the same category, only to find themselves experiencing a severe spell of regret later.

The tip you are getting here is just meant to tell you not to yield to the temptation of double buying unless it is absolutely necessary. Imagine that you have two kids, for example, that you are building little workstations for. In that case, then getting two kid-sized chairs is a great idea. What would not be a good move is getting multiple office desks for one person.

Avoid Panic Buying

This goes hand in hand with the first tip about slowing things down before you start to make your purchases. If there is one thing about sales, it’s that they can make people feel rushed, which can lead them to questionable purchasing decisions. It is better to miss an opportunity than to buy foolishly. If you did not carefully think about it, do not buy it.

St. Patrick’s Day Sales

Which Websites Offer St. Patrick’s Day Sales?

Now that the tips are out of the way, it's time to transition the focus to some great websites that you may want to consider for the St. Patrick's Day sale options that may be available.

1. Autonomous

Starting with Autonomous, this is your one-stop shop for everything home office, or even business office related. This includes the standard fixtures, such as office desks, ergonomic chairs, and filing cabinets, alongside great accessories, such as desk pads, monitor arms, and anti-fatigue mats.

Each year, there will usually be several sales offered by Autonomous, for which you are advised to keep your eyes peeled. However, since the focus here is St. Patrick’s Day, you should know that some great savings are around the corner, which means that there has never been a better time to transform your traditional or remote office space.

St. Patrick’s Day Sales in 2024

2. Best Buy

Best Buy is well known for its broad array of items, spanning various categories such as electronics, furniture, security systems, toys, and more. Each year, it is not easy to tell what the company executives may be thinking, which means you never know what kind of price drops to expect.

If there is one thing that you can bet on, however, it is that there will be some amazing savings to capitalize on for this Saint Patrick's Day. Therefore, you are advised to scope out the site to see what you can take home.

3. Amazon

Standing as potentially the largest e-commerce platform in the world, it makes sense that Amazon is a great place to check out for Saint Patrick's Day sales. What's awesome about this site is that it will usually start things off a few days early and maintain deals even a bit after the holiday has passed.

Amazon is well known for its sales that align with just about every holiday you can think of. After all, there are even sales for random days that do not even have any special mainstream appeal.

4. AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the weirder entrants on this list, considering it is a Chinese-based site that may or may not have sales that are specifically Saint Patrick's Day themed. However, its inclusion is because you can find price cuts on AliExpress across every category on any random day for seemingly no reason.

Some of these price cuts are incredibly significant too, standing in the 20% to 50% range. Considering that there are many cheaply available items across categories such as clothing, personal care, and electronics, AliExpress is not a bad option at all.

5. JCPenney

JCPenney, which is the home of some incredible clothing options, finds itself here as it is already known that the 2024 Saint Patrick's Day apparel savings will allow buyers to get up to 20% off.

Some companies will announce these kinds of things early, allowing consumers to prepare themselves to shop. If you were paying attention to the tips that were offered earlier, this simply means that you can add JCPenney to your clothing store list.

6. Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is offering Saint Patrick's Day discounts on various decor items that come highly recommended if you want to spruce up your environment a bit. You may have to look for coupons online for this one, but thankfully, they are not too hard to find.

Be advised that the discounts apply to this site itself, as well as products that may be on other storefronts, such as Amazon.

7. Kohl’s

Like a couple of the options highlighted so far, Kohl's is all about the clothing. You can find the items specifically for men, women, boys, and girls, with savings of up to 40%.

While there is apparel that you would purchase for any time of the year, there are also special items that are Saint Patrick's Day themed, so if you want to get that Irish look on, Kohl’s may very well be your place to go.

8. Hard Rock Café

There are a series of Hard Rock Cafe promotional codes and discounts that you can take advantage of for this Saint Patrick’s Day. Who knows? Maybe what's on your mind is making a resort booking to get some relaxation.

After all, leisure is just as important as work, and no one is going to turn down the opportunity for their bookings to be cheaper than the norm.

9. Lowe’s

To keep it short and sweet, you can find a sale section on Lowe's that offers some very impressive discounts. How impressive? Well, tools, outdoor essentials, home appliances, and more, are seeing prices slashed by up to 50%. Do you need any more convincing?

10. Nike

Finally, we come to Nike, which you can browse to find many different kinds of apparel. Of course, the greatest appeal always comes from the shoes. What is unique here is that you have different kinds of sales that will usually happen. For example, there will sometimes be last-chance sales that you can use to get discounts of up to 51% off.

Get Your St. Patrick’s Day Shopping on Today!

At this point, you have all the information you need to shop till you drop on Saint Patrick's Day, provided you follow the tips you were given and do so responsibly. Keep the e-commerce stores in mind, make a plan, and enjoy the results.

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