15 Large L-Shaped Desks for Expanding Workspace 2022
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15 Large L-Shaped Desks for Expanding Workspace 2022

AutonomousAutonomous | Dec 30, 2021

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If you are looking to add an ergonomic touch to your gaming area or de-clutter your workspace, an L-shaped standing desk may be the perfect option for you. An L-shaped table has two sides that offer a larger surface area and are connected right. Office workers worldwide love this style desk for its vast range of adjustability options.  

It lets you place office supplies, mouse, keyboard, and even two or three monitors if you wish to do so. This type of desk has a flexible design that can fit into any corner in the traditional or remote workspace. Another great thing about L-shaped desks is that most models can provide additional storage options if you require a lot of peripherals during your day at work.  

With all the added extras, it may be a good idea to include a desk of this nature in your office if you are a writer, graphics designer, or avid gamer. 

In today's article, we have compiled a list of the most loved L-shaped desks and highlighted their features so you can make an informed decision when purchasing one. We wanted to make it easy for you to understand the benefits of these desks without having to ask a store clerk for advice. 

Without further ado, let's explore the top 15 large L-shaped desks for expanding workspaces in 2022!

15 Large L-Shaped Desks for Your Expanding Workspace

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner large l shaped desk

The SmartDesk Corner is an Autonomous product that offers maximum work area and electronic height adjustment. What's great about this desk is that it is modular, meaning that you can turn it into a single desk if you have a smaller office area. 

This L-shaped standing desk measures 50.8 inches long and has plenty of surface space to hold your mouse and keyboard comfortably. There are adjustable leg pads at the bottom of the X-shaped legs, providing support no matter where the large L-shaped desk is.  

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core large l shaped desk

Autonomous is a brand known for a quality ergonomic standing desk that not only looks futuristic but fits in no matter where it's placed in the office. The SmartDesk Core is no exception and is an entry-level standing desk from the Autonomous range.  

You can combine two of these desks to get a large L-shaped workstation. It has four programmable buttons that can be set with relevant height settings so that you can raise the desk at the press of a button. What's great about this product is a five-year warranty and a 30-day return policy if you are unhappy with the product. 

3. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro large l shaped desk

The SmartDesk Pro is the epitome of ergonomic excellence and comfort. If you want something that can fit into any office space and has electronic height adjustment, this may be the solution for you. This desk is the same as the Core version but more premium. If you desire for a large L-shaped workspace, let’s set it up with two of them.

When this desk arrives, it comes pre assembled, meaning that it may only take you a few minutes to assemble with the help of a friend. It is held up by a solid steel frame and is covered in rust-resistant paint that can last you for years.  

4. GreenForest L-Shaped Modern Computer Desk

This long L-shaped desk has a three-piece moldable design that is contemporary in style and perfect for long nights gaming or working. It's crafted from moisture and scratch-resistant P2 particleboard that is also eco-friendly. 

Besides being simple to maintain, the GreenForest is also sturdy and stable due to its heavy-duty metal frame plus adjustable legs. An L-shaped bracket underneath the desk makes the table durable and firm on uneven surfaces or carpets.  

There is ample legroom because it's of its 29.1 inches height, and there is even a handy storage space for your CPU to stand on. 

5. Walker Edison L-Shaped Modern Desk

Walker Edison large l shaped desk

It is fabricated from durable powder-coated steel and thick tempered safety glass; the Walker Edison large L-shaped desk is minimalistic and elegant. Some of the features included with the table are a CPU stand to offer maximum space and a sliding keyboard tray that can be mounted to either side of the huge L-shaped desk.  

It measures 51 inches long and has a weight-bearing capacity of 50 lbs on each work surface, which means that it can accommodate accessories, gaming consoles, and monitors. The desk's total height is 28.25 inches, and it stands on X-shaped legs that do not obstruct the underneath space.

6. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

This L-shaped gaming desk is covered in a stylish espresso finish wrapped around eco-friendly particleboard. It can easily withstand chipping and scratching, so do not stress concerning the kids damaging it if you have a home office. 

A convenient two-tier shelf allows you to store all your office supplies, binders, and files. Did we mention that this table is super easy to assemble? Two people can put it together within minutes, and it even includes two grommets for practical cable or wire organization.  

7. Vasagle L-shaped Corner Desk

Vasagle large l shaped desk

This static model wooden desk comes in a rustic brown finish that can add elegance and charm to any office environment. It measures 54.3 inches on both sides, plus includes two shelves that offer space to keep your books and files.  

The top shelf can be removed to accommodate your CPU tower, and there is a unique cut-off back corner that is perfect for storing your cords and cables neatly. This extra wide L-shaped desk has minimal parts, making assembly effortless and efficient, while its adjustable feet keep the desk sturdy plus stable. 

8. Bestier Modern Adjustable Corner Desk

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable brand, the Bestier black corner standing desk may be the perfect option for you. It comes equipped with adjustable storage shelves fitted on the middle, left, and right. 

The big L-shaped desk can also accommodate a computer tower by removing the middle tier shelf to free up space underneath the desk. It has an X-shaped metal frame that holds the solid wood worktop stable and high load-bearing capacity to store all your items. 

Each desk-side measures 59.45 and can be adjusted to make one long desk or a two-person workspace. 

9. CubiCubi L-Shaped Corner Desk

CubiCubi large l shaped desk

This large L-shaped desk provides extra space on the worktop while raising the height of the LCD to eye level. It is a black L-shaped standing desk with a slim storage drawer, supported by a solid metal frame, and includes a sturdy particleboard top. 

There are triangle struts that provide stability and full support on uneven or carpet floors, so you can rest assured the table is always firmly mounted. The convenient hook on the side of the large corner desk gives you an excellent place to hang your headphones safely when you are not using them. 

Its stylish and scratch-resistant finish is easy to clean and adds a modern touch to any workspace.

10. Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk

The Cubiker white L-shaped corner desk is a 51-inch eco-friendly desk manufactured from a premium grade MDF board that is scratch-resistant and waterproof. Its powder-coated steel frame offers superior support for three or four monitors, while the tables' adjustable leg pads ensure stability. 

There is a sizable movable storage shelf that you can place on either side to clear up space on the desktop or accommodate your laptop. This large L-shaped desk gives you the freedom to put it in any central area or corner due to its flexible minimalistic design.

11. Homfio L-Shaped Desk

Homfio L-Shaped Desk

The Homfio large L-shaped desk is equipped with a reversible design that provides flexibility to adapt the sides of the desktop to fit into any corner. Its 58 inches worktop is made from premium P2 MDF board and can hold up to 450 lbs due to its sturdy metal frame. 

The large surface area can accommodate up to three monitors while still leaving a sufficient amount of space for your plants or folders. A removable storage bag is attached to the table, and underneath it, you can find a convenient CPU tower stand. It even has adjustable footpads, so it always remains stable no matter where it's placed 

12. Viewwee L-Shaped Computer Desk

Instead of using metal clips, the Viewwee corner desk uses cork connectors to offer an easy installation for whoever is using it. This spacious and long L-shaped desk measures 50,4 inches and has legs shaped in a rectangle to provide additional stability to the table's structure.  

The added convenience of a footrest is ideal if you spend hours at the desk and require some additional support for your legs. It is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials and has powerful suction cups under the legs to keep the table still at all times. 

13. Bon Augure L-Shaped Computer Desk

Bon Augure L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Bon Augure large L-shaped desk has a minimalistic contemporary design constructed from a premium grade MDF board built to last. X-shaped legs underneath the table include a support bar and a bottom shelf for additional stability. 

It's easy to keep the desk clutter-free because one desktop sits on top of the other at a right angle, opening up more space for your work. The work surface of this huge L-shaped desk measures 59 inches and includes multiple storage shelves for a CPU tower or your office supplies. 

All the hardware required for assembly comes with this table, and it even has anti-skid pads to prevent scratching or slipping on your flooring. 

14. Chadior L-Shaped Corner Desk

The Chadior L-shaped desk can be used as a single table or transformed into a spacious two-person desk no matter your requirements. Its right-angle orientation measures 60 inches long and is manufactured from an eco-friendly board that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and does not release any harmful smells.  

A strong metal frame provides stability, while the foot pads can be set to keep the table firmly no matter the surface area it is placed on. This extra wide L-shaped desk can organize your cords and cables because it has three-wire grommets for convenience. The height is around 28 inches making it great for -people who need ample storage space and legroom underneath the unit. 

15. Sauder Edge L-Shaped Desk

Sauder Edge large l shaped desk

If you are looking for something manufactured from eco-friendly wood, the Sauder Edge L-shaped desk is the perfect solution. It comes with space-saving features, such as an additional storage drawer plus a CPU stand to hold your tower.  

There is also a lower bookshelf for convenient placement of papers or books, plus a small metal drawer with runners to store your files and documents. The big L-shaped desk is finished in a chalked chestnut that adds a contemporary European look to any workplace it is situated in. 

After an excellent cable support system, people appreciate this desk because of its well-placed grommets. These grommets allow for simplistic cable and cord management no matter how much wiring you have around the desk. 

What's great about the Sauder Edgelarge corner desk is that it's easy to assemble and can be segmented, so you have easy placement in any remote or traditional office. 

What Are the Benefits of L-Shaped Desks?

If you require two or more monitors for your work, an L-shaped desk may be the best solution for you. These large L-shaped desks offer maneuverability and a sense of comfort, plus superior ergonomics.  

It provides you with more space to accommodate peripherals, such as plants, office supplies, two monitors, and a printer. If you are after an ergonomic workspace with a chair swivel area and enough legroom, purchasing an long L-shaped desk is the ideal option.  

Another great thing about using an L-shaped desk in your home or traditional office is that two people can use it simultaneously. It can easily fit in any office corner while maximizing the worktop's surface area. 

The contemporary style of these desks can brighten up any office space and may even boost productivity among your employees. Most desks are supplied modularly and can be segmented to fit the space requirements of your small or traditional office space. 

If you have sufficient space in the office and need a sustainable work surface, one of these desks may be the perfect solution to your problem. 


An L-shaped desk is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a spacious worktop that allows you to store multiple monitors or segment the unit to use as two individual desks. 

All the tables mentioned on this list fit the above criteria and can fill any office corner you like. It is time to enjoy superior comfort and get the workspace you or your employees require.

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