4 White Gaming Setups (PC, Desk & More) to Bring a Clean Aesthetic
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4 White Gaming Setups (PC, Desk & More) to Bring a Clean Aesthetic

|Jan 22, 2024

Not only is the minimal desk setup incredibly popular, but there are now also subcultures that have their own theme under the main one. Many of these creative people have shared their work with the world to give inspiration, which has helped numerous people build their own. The white gaming setup is one of these, and it has caught on incredibly well. 

As the name implies, it sees people incorporating white furniture and PC hardware as the base of the look period from there, different elements of color can be added in different ways to create incredible visuals that feel futuristic, cheerful, relaxing, etc. 

You may be interested in the white PC setup too, but you may not have that much information about where to start. Don't worry about that, as all the information you need is going to be present below. 

It begins with a run-through of some of the white gaming setup ideas that are going to make great reading and construction for you. Remember that this is not an exhaustive list, so feel free to take it beyond what you see here. 

Beyond the look, you might require some suggestions of hardware and gaming accessories that you can use to bring everything together. Some of these are present as well, as the intention is to give you the strongest possible foundation you could have before trying to design your gaming or streaming space. 

This is by no means exclusive to professionals. You may get that idea just because of how magnificent all these layouts are. However, they are just as much for the casual gamer who is looking to change things up and create a different vibe in whatever designated gaming area there may be. 

Without further ado, it's time to get into the all white gaming setup options.

White Gaming Setups Ideas

As indicated before, this section is dedicated to the incredible work that has been done by gamers around the world. Their white desk setup ideas are beacons of creativity and neatness. If you get the feeling that you want to immerse yourselves in the world of gaming using one of these white gaming desk layouts, it would imply that these people have done their job correctly.  

1. TechSource

TechSource is incredibly popular in the world of all things technology and gaming, and this anime-themed white gaming room is truly a marvel to behold. Some minimal desk layouts simply use accessories and the desk as a centerpiece to create the look they're going for. 

There is by no means anything wrong with this, as it is the standard way of creating these kinds of looks. However, those who use the color of their walls and additional art to enhance the visual stand out like the contrast of a black and white gaming setup. 

In this instance, the fact that TechSource has put this together in a room with a white wall makes it stand out more than it probably would on its own. Of course, the desk and peripherals are all white. It all is perfect for your all white gaming setup consideration.

There's a soft blue lighting accent at the base of the desk that gives the most attractive and softest touch of color ever. The blue is then complemented by light in the tower, a wallpaper displaying an anime girl with flowing blue hair that covers the whole screen, and A five-segment piece of kawaii art hanging above. 

Even if you are not an anime fan, it's going to be hard for you to deny the beautiful assortment that TechSource has managed to put together. 

White Gaming Setups Ideas

2. Ominous Setup

If you've ever consumed any media, such as video games or film, you know what it is like to experience an ominous feeling just by seeing the visual before you. Certain colors and themes tend to bring this off incredibly well, and it's not hard to see that happening in this desk setup. 

You are likely to have a fun mix of feelings with this one. it compels you to want to experience it, while very likely making anything horrific or ominous on the screens stand out. The color red is used to achieve this, and it does so with undeniably great effect. 

It's a red and white battle station. All the base items, such as the standard hardware and peripherals are white, best suit for your white gaming room. The red is brought in through the lighting within the tower, the seat cushion on the Herman Miller chair present, the wallpapers on the dual monitors, and a combination of customizable Nanoleaf light panels above.

You can also tell that maintaining this white gaming setup layout is on the more effortless side of things, thanks to the choice of a gaming desk that boasts five drawers on each side.

Ominous white gaming setup

3. Jungle Setup

Imagery and decorations are powerful things, and you see that demonstrated to great effect with this minimalistic jungle setup. It communicates a sense of maturity, which is probably a very weird thing to say about the combination of items that brings a gaming space together. 

Most of these creators understand the value of allowing their desktop and lock screen wallpapers to support the decoration decisions around it. Greenery is the order of the day, as shelves above feature typical standing and hanging plants. 

You get a natural and earthy feel, and the stark lighting present manages to drive that home. It's very hard to not feel like you are ready for some exploration after an encounter with this one.

Jungle white gaming setup

4. Yin and Yang Setup

Here is an interesting black and white gaming setup idea for you. The naming convention here is enough to clue you into the contrasting design style that is present. It is the quintessential black and white gaming setup. With this one, the monitor, peripherals, and desk pad are completely black. The gaming desk, however, is white. Finally, there is the chair and tower which mix both colors. 

Instead of opting for a dual monitor setup and having to deal with a bezel gap, this person opted to use an ultra-widescreen monitor for that unified big picture look. Lighting is present behind the desk, which also helps to bring off the look.

Yin and Yang white gaming setup

White Gaming Room Setup

Transform your gaming space into a realm of sophistication with a white gaming room setup. Embracing the elegance of an all-white aesthetic, this setup brings a sense of purity and modernity to your gaming haven. 

White gaming setup with RGB lightings

The pristine white walls, furniture, and accessories create a visually harmonious environment that radiates tranquility. Immerse yourself in the ethereal glow of LED lights accentuating the clean lines of your gaming rig.

White Gaming Room Setup

The minimalistic yet functional design fosters a clutter-free atmosphere, allowing you to focus on the immersive gaming experience.

White Gaming Room

Elevate your gaming sanctuary with the timeless allure of a white gaming room setup, where style meets the thrill of digital adventures.

Decor white gaming space

In your white gaming room, a sleek desk adorned with high-tech peripherals becomes the centerpiece. The all-white gaming chair complements the setup, providing both comfort and style. Floating shelves display gaming memorabilia against the pristine canvas, adding a personalized touch to the space. Natural light streaming through white curtains enhances the room's vibrancy, creating an inviting ambiance.

Minimal white gaming setup

Autonomous Gaming Arena Desk Setup

Creating the perfect gaming arena desk setup involves a careful consideration of ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetics. An Autonomous gaming arena desk setup is designed to enhance the gaming experience by providing a dedicated space for all gaming essentials.

The desk is often equipped with features like built-in cable management, adjustable height settings, and surface area to accommodate multiple monitors and gaming peripherals. Cable clutter is minimized, allowing for a clean and organized gaming space.

Personalized gaming desk setup

Additionally, some gaming desks come with customizable RGB lighting to add a futuristic and immersive touch to the gaming environment. The ergonomically designed desk ensures comfort during long gaming sessions, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

All White Desk Setup for Coders and Gamers

For coders and gamers who appreciate a minimalist and clean aesthetic, an all-white desk setup offers a sleek and modern look. The all-white color scheme creates a bright and open atmosphere, making the workspace visually appealing.

This type of setup often includes a white desk, chair, and accessories to maintain a cohesive design. The desk provides ample space for coding and gaming essentials, with storage solutions for organizing gadgets, cables, and other accessories. A white desk setup not only enhances the aesthetics but also creates a serene environment that can contribute to increased focus and productivity. It's a popular choice for those who seek a stylish and functional workspace that seamlessly combines coding and gaming activities.

All white desk setup

Your Equipment for White Gaming Setup

The white gaming setup ideas you saw above didn't come together out of thin air. While design has a lot to do with it, there is also finding the right puzzle pieces and putting them together in adequate proportions. As simple as a minimal desk setup may look, you would be surprised to see what goes into it in some cases. 

Below is a look at some of the necessities and the considerations you should likely make as you get your hands on them. 

1. Monitor

This one goes without saying, as the true entertainment from any of these desk setups is what you are going to be seeing on screen. The monitor can make or break the immersive experience that you are no doubt looking for as you begin to game. When you've chosen the right screen, even gaming cannot improve that much on it. 

It may not be such a good idea to go into too much of the technical specifications here, but you at least want to choose a main monitor that features NVIDIA G-sync or AMD FreeSync (depending on your graphics card) and a high enough refresh rate.  

Any modern monitor that meets these needs typically features DP as a form of connectivity, so there's no need to worry about getting the best-in-class visuals. Just ensure that the specs of your tower can truly give you the power to capitalize on your beautiful screen. 

Monitor for white gaming setup

2.Adjustable Gaming Desk

Strangely, more people aren't into the trend of using a white standing desk to be the centerpiece of their minimalist desk setups. While office workers have been taking advantage of the benefits of the electric standing desk for a very long time, it seems not all the gaming community has gotten the memo. 

Of course, having a standing desk is incredibly beneficial from a health standpoint. Even if you plan to put your desk in a corner, there are white L-shaped gaming desk options that you can use to great effect. Such corner desks tend to translate to the ability to properly capitalize on desktop real estate. 

Remember that having a standing desk does not mean you cannot sit. In fact, having intervals at which you sit and stand is the best way to use such a desk.

Adjustable Gaming Desk

3. LED Desk Lamp

As simple as an LED desk lamp is, it usually manages to give your white gaming desk an incredibly futuristic feeling. Beyond the look and feel though, there is a very practical application to always having one of these with you. 

Comfort is a big part of a successful and fulfilling gaming experience, which is why ergonomics are just as important here as they are in the world of work. One element of the ergonomic puzzle piece is lighting. Not only does this affect your visibility, but it can even throw off your mood when it is out of whack. 

Most people have their desks at a place where natural light is present during the daytime. Others only have artificial light sources to rely on. The idea behind a solid desk lamp for their white PC setup is to provide a complete light source where necessary and to supplement natural light where possible. 

Pulling this off requires an adjustability feature, as you never want your artificial light source to be intensely pointing down.

LED Desk Lamp

4. The Chair

The mention and run-through of the desks above would not be complete without a corresponding section on having a proper ergonomic chair. Your spine needs to consistently be in a neutral position as you play. If not, you expose yourself to strains, pains, and several chronic conditions developing. 

Thankfully, many gaming chairs offer supportive features, but some do not. Before settling on a seating option, you must take a special note of the ergonomic features present and the extent to which you can customize them for a perfect fit. 

No chair is one size fits all with its default parameters. It can only become one size fits all when there is enough customizability that a wide range of configurations are possible.  

As far as the chair is concerned, you want to look out for a headrest, lumbar support, armrests, recline potential, and a mesh backrest. All of these should be fully or partially adjustable to address your need for comfort.

The Chair for white gaming setup

5. Desk Pad

Naturally, longevity is a part of the concerns you may have as you put your white gaming room together. Some people find themselves having to change their desks down the line because of the wear, tear, and scratches that have developed from continuous use. This doesn't have to be you though, as you can simply place a protective layer atop your desk to preserve it for a very long time to come. 

A good desk pad allows you to pull this off to great effect. Traditionally, you would probably only see mouse pads, and their intention was more based on the smooth operation of the mouse than preserving the value of the desk. 

The desk pad improves the mousepad design in your white gaming setup by increasing its size and providing space for your keyboard as well. Note that there are vegan leather options available for those who are interested.

Desk Pad

Final Remarks

There was a lot of information for you to take in above as someone interested in putting a white gaming setup together. That's to be expected because as stated before, the complete product may look simple, but getting there is not. 

You got a look at some of the coolest white gaming desks setups present, so you can take inspiration from them to put your own together. Of course, if you feel like replicating anything you saw, that is up to you as well. 

Beyond the desk setups, you also got to see some of the equipment that you should consider and how it ties into the bigger picture. Remember to think of the colors and what they are going to mean for your minimalist look at purchase time. 

It's easier to buy things knowing that they're going to complement each other instead of making your purchases and trying to make it work after.

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