40-Inch Desk for Office: Top 15 Reviews 2024
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40-Inch Desk for Office: Top 15 Reviews 2024

|Jun 29, 2022

Whether you’re working from home, in your office workspace, or on the go, a small desk up to 40 inches is essential to jump on small tasks and big projects. A suitable 40” desk in your workplace can reflect the style of your workstation by providing a sturdy setup. Remote workers with limited space can easily incorporate a 40-inch computer desk into their home office space.  

The 40-inch desk with drawers is also affordable; you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets, as Autonomous Online Shop allows employees through the employee purchase program to get discounted deals for all office work essentials. As an employee, you can easily buy a 40-inch computer desk in bulk using your employee benefits. Check our Autonomous EPP for more details. Before we review the best 40-inch desk with drawers, let’s look at the types of 40-inch desks. 

Types of 40-Inch Computer Desk

There are various types of 40-inch desks on the market with different designs to meet various needs. It’s, therefore, wise for remote workers to consider their needs before setting into the market to buy a 40” desk. The following are some types you’ll find on the market: 

40-Inch Computer Desk with a Hutch

40-Inch Computer Desk with a Hutch

Many home workers usually go for desks that give them the best storage for their small office. A small desk with a hutch allows you to store work supplies leaving the desk free from clutter. It gives you a place to store work essentials that can easily interrupt your workflow. 

Adjustable Small Standing Desk

Small standing desks have changed how we view the workplace. Gone are the days when you’ll feel fatigued from sitting for longer hours. A 40-inch standing desk allows remote workers to work in a healthy way by improving posture and reducing back pain. It comes with an adjustable knob that allows you to adjust the height to a suitable level you like.  

L-Shaped 40” Computer Desk

L-Shaped 40” Computer Desk

These 40-inch computer desks are suitable in areas with limited spaces. You can easily put the desk at a particular corner in your workstation to maximize or rather optimize the small space. It’ll make the area look big and spacious. Look for ways to spruce up your workstation with small desk setup ideas to ensure a comfortable working environment. 

40 Inch Desk with Drawers

Another excellent option to go for when you desire efficient storage is getting a 40-inch desk with drawers. It leaves the work area free from must-have home essentials that can make the workspace look untidy or unorganized. They come with drawers on one or both sides of the 40” desk. 

Best 40-Inch Computer Desks for 2022

If you’re looking for the best 40” desk for 2022, the list below highlights some of them. 

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) 40 inch desk

Overall, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) standing desk with an adjustable height knob is the best 40-inch standing desk to go for when you need a sit-to-stand desk for work. It not only improves your health and body posture but also creates a nice ambiance in your office. The maximum height adjustment is somewhere between 29 inches to 48 inches. 

Its adjustable control systems are simple and are done with the click of a button for greater convenience. They come in a variety of sizes, so it's important to consider your office space. If you’re looking for something modest for your compact workspace, then choosing a 43-inch X 24-inch is the best option.

2. The Office Oasis Small Computer Desk

Next comes The Office Oasis Small Computer Desk - it's an excellent desk to opt for as it fits where you want it to while providing enough workspace for efficient workflows. The 40-inch desk is sturdy and is built to last a lifetime. A unique thing about the Office Oasis desk is that it has a cable organization tray and cable ties to keep everything together for proper cable management. 

At face value, you might think that the desk is simplistic; however, it comes with well-thought engineering features. Examples of these features include an anti-scratch and waterproof surface, high-quality materials, leveling feet, and an organized tray for cable management. It’s certainly one to keep an eye on when purchasing the best 40-inch computer desk.

3. Aesthic Folding Desk

Aesthic Folding Desk 40 inch desk

The 40-inch foldable desk oozes simplicity with simple construction yet attractive style and looks that go hand in hand with your taste and preferences in terms of interior decor. Aesthic Folding Desk supports stacking and splicing for easy management. Moreover, the desk gives room for unexpected effects as a result of free stitching in any small office like a home office, training, meeting, or interview. 

It features an adjustable leg pad with an anti-scratch and non-slip rubber ring, protecting your flooring surfaces. The 40-inch desk has a waterproof and anti-scratch surface for easy cleaning and durability. Furthermore, it has a sturdy supporting bracket underneath the desktop, allowing greater weight support.  

4. Folding Desk with Pullout and USB

The 40-inch computer desk ensures style meets tech-friendly function. It's a great addition to your workspace, whether home or office, as its design means effortless transportation and storage. The USB port slots are built-in for convenient device charging. Additionally, it comes with a slide-out that can keep your keyboard or writing materials for top-notch organization. The brown woodwork finish accentuates any style or decor in your workspace, improving aesthetics. It's made of wood for durability. 

5. Pemberly Row 2 Drawer Computer Desk in High White Gloss

Pemberly Row 2 Drawer Computer Desk in High White Gloss

This 40-inch desk with drawers is simple yet multifunctional. It features metal legs for sturdiness with two drawers that provide storage space for paper and desk accessories. The desk is made of wood with a high white gloss finish for durability and aesthetic value, ensuring it improves the ambiance of any room. 

6. Offex Traditional Rectangular Writing Desk

It's suitable for any work area, whether home or office. Featuring a white cottage finish, cabriole legs, and five drawers, this 40-inch desk with drawers has undoubtedly proven to be a game-changer in terms of style and appearance. The desk comes with a stool beneath this crisply finished desk to create an aura of chic vanity and create a colorful office chair for an inspired workspace. 

7. Parker House Washington Heights Library Desk

Parker House Washington Heights Library Desk

This is certainly another home office desk to look out for. The 40” desk creates your dream library workspace, featuring a washed charcoal finish and modernizing traditional styling. It has drawers for optimal organization, ensuring the desktop area has enough space for efficiency and is neat. Moreover, it has levelers that help you align and level your furniture easily. Furthermore, the Parker House Library Desk has materials made from poplar solids and birch veneers. 

8. L-Shaped Eagle Furniture 40-Inch Computer Desk

If you’ve been using your kitchen counter as your office area, it’s time to get serious about your home office workspace. You'll need a desk like the L-Shaped Eagle Furniture Desk to create the right focal point for your office. It features built-in slots for keyboards to give users room for easy typing and hides the slot away when not in use. Besides providing a specialized storage area, the 40’’ desk comes with a bead board panel, plus wooden moldings, giving the desk a classic traditional look that can easily sink well with any decor style of your home, ensuring users get a swing of things in a roll. 

9. Palisade 40” Writing Desk

Palisade 40” Writing Desk

This 40” desk is for remote workers embracing modern styles but still revered traditional designs. The Palisade collection offers contemporary flairs and has room to still stick to its classical roots. This 40-inch computer desk offers the best of both worlds with drawer construction for maximum storage. All drawers are time tested with English and French dovetail for years of use without problems. It also features additional plywood drawers for strength and durability. Additionally, it has metal side glides or wood-on-wood glides that operate efficiently. The palisade writing desk is definitely a great addition to your office if you want a nice focal point to the office. 

10. Parker House Catalina 2 Piece 40” Library Desk & Hutch

This two-piece 40-inch desk with drawers is another type to go for. It has a hutch and drawers for maximum storage. You can store books and paperwork in the hutch to free up space in the desktop area. As for drawers, you can store your work essentials and office accessories. Ensuring the desktop area is neat. 

Moreover, the 40-inch computer desk has a white cottage finish with poplar solids and birch veneers. It also has interlocking ladder rails to provide continuous access to all units. It’s a must-have desk for those who love that library-feel office. 

11. Hon Utm2040 Utility Table Rectangular

Hon Utm2040 Utility Table Rectangular

The 40-inch computer desk is an excellent option for people who love minimalist design for small office ideas for work. It features a thick laminate desktop with square corners, self-edge, PVC edge banding, a high metal apron, and an overhang. Both sides of the rectangular utility table have a thermally fused melamine surfacing. Its square chrome-plated legs have adjustable leveling glides that can be screwed in. As stated, it’s made of metal, which meets BIFMA standards. 

12. Convenience Concepts Designed 2Go 40-inch Computer Desk

This is another great addition desk for your home office setup. The Designed 2Go from convenience concepts features two storage cabinets fitted to store binders, books, and files. This ensures you work efficiently as your work essentials are neatly stored away from the desktop, which can cause clutter. Moreover, its black tone and cherry wood grain finish can complement any decor design type in your house. It’s quite simple and would complement any interior decor around the office space. 

13. LUFEIYA Small Computer Desk White Writing Table

LUFEIYA Small Computer Desk White Writing Table

The following 40” inch desk is made with modern style yet simple design. It has broad particles that are scratch-resistant, anti-collisions, and waterproof, protecting your home office surface from daily wear and tear. Moreover, it has a white desktop matching its black metal frame with a storage bag and a headphone hook, which are removable. The sturdy structure has fixed steel brackets and an adjustable leg pad for greater stability. Furthermore, it comes with detailed instructions for assembly. 

14. Cubiker Home Office Computer Desk with Drawers

Overall, the Cubiker 40” desk comes with a confident modern style that delivers a greater user experience wherever at home or office. It unifies rigid metal and wooden boards to ooze out fashionable, functional 40-inch desks. Moreover, the desk comes with a splice board and two tiers open storage design. The desk’s rigid metal frame offers stability and sturdiness as it has an adjustable leg pad and an iron strut design. You can use it as a gaming table, study desk, and computer desk. 

15. CubiCubi Home Office 40 Inch Computer Desk

CubiCubi Home Office 40 Inch Computer Desk

It provides a peaceful user experience at your office or home, matching black wooden boards and rustic brown rigid metals. The desk is stylish yet functional, giving users value for their money. Moreover, it has two-tier open shelves for storage, which provides room for plenty of storage underneath the 40-inch desk. When you need a bigger chassis for your computer, you can easily remove the middle shelf to add some extra room. Plus, it comes with adjustable leg pads and iron strut designs for extra stability. 

Bottom Line!

When trying to find the best 40-inch computer desk, any of the above tables can pretty much work their magic. It’s important to first consider your needs before going on a shopping spree as you’ll be able to locate a 40” desk just right for you.

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