How to Make an Office Chair More Comfortable?
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How to Make an Office Chair More Comfortable?

|Jul 21, 2023

People spend so much time sitting on chairs. An average individual spends over 6 hours sitting in an office chair. Prolonged sitting leads to discomfort and may result in back pain and a loose posture.

To make sure that sitting for long hours on a chair is a comfortable experience, we have penned down some tips on how to make an office chair more comfortable. Moreover, we have also listed some products that can help increase your comfort level while sitting.

The best ergonomic chair makes working comfortable and allows you to get rid of back pain and posture issues. That being said, to buy an ergonomic chair, you need to pay close attention to how comfortable it is and whether or not it is one of the most comfortable office chairs for long hours.

So if you have been searching for ways to make a computer chair more comfortable, this article will cover some of the best ways to achieve that.

Importance of Comfort of an Office Chair

Since we all spend so much time of our day sitting on a chair, the significance of having a comfortable chair cannot be overstated. Here are some factors why comfort is important for an office chair:

Enhanced Productivity

Comfort directly relates to productivity. A comfortable chair allows you to focus on the task without discomfort, leading to the ideal level of productivity. On the other hand, an uncomfortable chair that makes squeaky noises and fidgets unnecessarily results in a loss of focus that plummets your productivity.

Reduced Health Issues

Sitting in one position for hours can lead to various health issues, such as back pain, neck strain, poor posture, and chronic back pain. A chair with proper ergonomics and back support diminishes the risk of all these health issues, which also contributes to your overall well-being.

Prevention of Fatigue

Like loss of productivity, an uncomfortable chair can leave you feeling drained and tired even after a short work period. A chair with additional cushioning, a footrest, and the desired ergonomics allows you to work longer without feeling tired or fatigued.

Importance of Comfort of an Office Chair

How to Make a Chair More Comfortable?

Many high-end chairs have beautiful colors and sturdy solid frames, but if a chair doesn't bring you comfort, is it even worth using? The right chair will keep your back straight and prevent any body part from the extra strain. In addition, the most comfortable computer chair comes with smart features like adjustability and adjusting to various body shapes.

While you could be searching the right office chair for back pain, your search might need some time. Until then, you need to make the office chair more comfortable rather than sitting on that unbearable piece of furniture again. So without further ado, here are a few answers to your question about how to make a desk chair more comfortable?

Study Your Chair

If you have to buy an ergonomic chair or even a semi-modern product, then chances are your chair comes with most of the smart adjustments. Make sure that you tried everything to discover the most comfortable combination with buttons and levers and numerous contemporary office chairs. The ideal setup might take several days.

For instance, a small modification that sits uprightly by a few grades can substantially reduce the pressure on your spinal column. Also, there are pneumatic levers that can adjust the height of the chair.

Study Your Chair

Wrist Rest

When you type or work with a mouse all day, your wrists can beat when you sit down at a desk. Adding a gel wrist rest to your workplace arrangement might be an excellent method to decrease your wrist stress. In addition, you may invest in a wireless, ergonomic mouse while you are at it. This can save stress on your wrists and hands by utilizing a trackpad all day long.

Adjust the Armrests

Armrests are an important part of a chair, and they make the sitting experience better by various degrees. If your chair has an armrest, you must adjust them to the optimum position, so you don't have to bear the extra strain. Your arms' posture may have an important impact on your chair's overall comfort. The difficulty is that the armrests are excessively low in most cases.

When that happens, the body is forced to sink, which leads to poor posture and persistent discomfort in certain situations. The answer? The only thing you need to do is add armrest supports. These simple supports add up to your brackets, help you keep your posture, and prevent discomfort.

Adjust the Armrests

The Chair Size

The size of the chair you sit on plays a vital role in keeping your body comfortable. Since not all chairs are made for all body types, you need to measure proper size. This will make sure the chair you choose keeps your weight supported and allows you to work peacefully.

When you have a chair that seems tiny for you, it just doesn't fit you. No quantity of office chair accessories will improve it. Usually, smaller persons can modify it with larger chairs. But, on the other hand, it is seldom true. So when you fit into the second group, go out and find something for yourself that works.

Monitor Level

A cause of neck strain is sitting on a desk chair and tilting your head up or down at a laptop or a computer display throughout the day. Go easier with your laptop or monitor on your spine to the level of your eye, so you have to see the screen straight ahead. You can achieve that with a laptop or a monitor arm.

Monitor Level

The Office Lighting

You might be blaming your chair for the wrong reasons when the cause of that uncomfortable feeling could be your poor lighting in the workplace. While glaring at your screen, you might not realize, but soon, the strain on your eyes could travel and cause your eyes to hurt. This can affect your posture and cause general discomfort during your employment.

The good news is that altering your office light might make your screen more comfortable. Start by investing in several desk lamps, where you can adjust the light intensity and the location it lands on your computer and desk.

Movement and Swivel

The ideal office chair allows you to move and swing freely. Opt for a chair with 360° swivel functionality and a tilt feature. Being confined in one position doesn't allow blood to flow freely, resulting in stiffness. Moving and swiveling freely allows the body muscles to stretch, reducing strain from the body and leading to a comfortable sitting experience.

Movement and Swivel

Temperature and Breathability

We often notice sweat and stickiness when we sit on a chair for hours. This is a common problem in humid environments where temperature is high. Opt for a chair with breathable cushions and a backrest that allows airflow and keeps you cool. Many chairs nowadays come with an added layer of cooling gel inside cushions that keep you cool even in hot temperatures. This regulates your body temperature, resulting in a comfortable sitting experience.

Regular Maintenance

The next tip on how to make desk chair more comfortable is to maintain them regularly. Lack of regular maintenance, such as cleaning, results in a buildup of dust and other allergen that causes discomfort while sitting. Clean your chair regularly and replace worn parts such as cushions and upholstery as needed. Lubricating the moving parts is also a good way to keep the chair in perfect condition, ultimately offering more comfort.

Personalization and Customization

Every chair isn’t supposed to be perfect for you. Everyone has a different body which needs to be accommodated accordingly. A chair you can customize and adjust can greatly alleviate pain and discomfort. Customization includes adjusting the chair’s armrests, backrest, tilt, and height. Proper ergonomics are key in offering you the ideal comfort level while sitting.

Personalization and Customization

Noise Reduction

We all know how annoying a squeak or creak from the chair can get. If your chair has made some sounds lately, check for moving parts and tighten any loose screws and connections. Sometimes the movement of a chair causes noise, especially on a marble floor. In that case, place a rug or rubber padding beneath the chair to minimize the noise produced. A quiet workspace contributes to a more comfortable atmosphere.

Top 5 Add-in Features and Products to Make Office Chair More Comfortable

Here are some of the products we recommend that can make your office chair a lot more comfortable:

1. A Memory Foam Seat Cushion

A memory foam seat cushion properly supports your body while you sit on it. It takes the shape of your body and provides a comfortable sitting experience. Most memory foam cushions have a layer of cooling gel infused, further elevating comfort and making sitting for long hours a breeze.

A seat cushion is a must-have for a chair that doesn't have a proper seat and tends to sink you. If you want to know whether or not you need a seat cushion, then observe if your knees rise above the thighs when you sit on the chair, then this might cause an issue for your lower back.

A seat cushion, in this scenario, will help your body to be elevated, and your thighs will be parallel to the floor. And a plus point? A seat cushion will keep you warm during the cold months of the year.

A Seat Cushion


2. Lumbar Support Pillow

Back pain and incorrect posture are common in people sitting for prolonged hours. A lumbar support pillow can be attached to the back of your chair, allowing your body to stay upright and maintain proper spinal alignment. A pillow can greatly alleviate back pain as well.

Lumbar support is an important part of modern ergonomic chairs, and it is there for all the necessary reasons. Unfortunately, the lumbar region is often ignored in many chairs and can cause many issues. This is the back right under the cage. The bodily weight is high and requires a strong base.

Now several chairs are intended to support the lumbar. However, they're not the large amount. Luckily, you can add it individually. In addition, for a reasonable charge, lumbar pads are available. You may also invest in a high-quality, complete back cushion to support the lumbar region.

Lumbar Support

3. Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable armrests on a chair are great if you suffer from neck strain and shoulder pain. The armrests can easily be adjusted according to your body, allowing proper alignment of your entire body and resulting in a comfortable sitting experience.

Adjustable Armrests

4. Heated and Massaging Seat Pad

Level up your comfort by investing in a massaging seat pad with smart heating functionality. The pad can heat up and massage your back, relaxing your muscles and improving blood circulation.

Heated and Massaging Seat Pad

5. Footrest

Making a chair more comfortable gives you many health benefits. We know what level of comfort an ordinary footrest can provide. Install a footrest on your chair, which keeps your feet elevated and promotes better posture. A footrest also keeps your leg upright and reduces fatigue.

The ergonomic way of sitting on a chair is that your feet must not be dangling. If the feet are above the ground, you will experience strain and discomfort in your legs, which will travel up to the body. However, you can thankfully address this issue with the help of a footrest or even adjusting the chair height. For example, if you have a standing desk, you can lower the desk height to match the chair level and then work on it.

Foot Rests


FAQs Related to How to Make Office Chair More Comfortable

Why is my office chair so uncomfortable?

The main reason an office chair is uncomfortable is the absence of proper back support and cushioning. Lack of back support and cushioning can lead to back pain.

How can I sit in an office chair without pain?

Make sure that your chair is in an upright position that aligns your posture and prevents you from slouching. Also, maintain a 90° angle at each level so your body weight is divided equally.


There are many ways on how to make office chair more comfortable so you can work with the optimal level of productivity without feeling fatigued. Maintaining comfort while sitting is key to having proper back support and cushion. Additional products can be purchased to increase the comfort of an office chair further. Thanks for reading!

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