Small Home Gym Ideas to Save Space for Your House
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Small Home Gym Ideas to Save Space for Your House

|Nov 20, 2021

What can you do if you enjoy exercising but do not want to pay for an expensive gym membership? If you have the right equipment, a little creativity, and a little extra space, you can build the perfect gym in your home with these small home gym ideas. The following home gym ideas for small spaces make it easy for you to design the home workout room of your dreams, no matter what type of space you have - an unused bedroom, attic, basement, even garage!

Some Small Home Gym Ideas and Layouts

Home offices

Home offices small home gym ideas

How many flex spaces or spare rooms are there? Make your home gym and office in one with any of these small home gym ideas. Give each function its own area to separate bulky cardio equipment from office supplies. Make sure weights, resistance bands, and yoga mats are accessible by utilizing furniture with hidden storage. Office and gym supplies can also be stored in totes in shared spaces because of their ability to be stacked against walls.


Creating a home gym in the basement makes good use of unused space. Thanks to the rubber flooring, overhead lighting, and mirrors, keeping the space open and inviting will be easy. The entire basement can be converted into a gym if you have a kitchen and bathroom there.


One of the best home gyms for small space ideas is to build a gym in a garage because it offers durable flooring, storage space, outlets, and ventilation. If you have an elliptical or stationary bike, you can even install a stereo system in your garage.


Bedrooms small home gym ideas

Don’t like the first two small home gym setup ideas, try this one instead. Your spare bedroom would be a great place to build a gym. In addition to closets, dressers and other pieces of furniture can be repurposed to store items such as balance balls, extra towels, and free weights. Because bedrooms have doors, they provide privacy and are one of the better home gym ideas for small rooms.


It is easy to build a home gym in a loft space or an attic. You can keep the room cool by installing window air conditioners and fans and covering any exposed insulation with drywall. You should also make sure that the floors are properly braced if you use heavy home exercise equipment or weights.


Sheds small home gym ideas

Here is one of the interesting small home gym ideas for you. Consider converting your shed into a gym if you're running out of space in your house. Your cardio or weight training equipment of choice and rubber mats to protect the floors are all you need!

Small Home Gym Setup Ideas


Your exercise room floors will be protected from damage with rubber mats! You can install this flooring easily and at a low cost. Additionally, it aids in reducing the noise generated while running on a treadmill or setting down heavyweights.

Colour and decor

Colour and decor small home gym ideas

You don't have to have a drab exercise room! Add vibrant colors and funky wall designs for a bright and uplifting atmosphere. You could also add scenic wallpaper to your workout space to create the feeling of biking in nature.

What should you do with your old sports medals? Display them on your wall! It's great to brighten up your gym space with old jerseys, posters, and ribbons and to keep you motivated to work out. Make your workouts more motivating by investing in inspirational wall decals.


Nature's light can make any tiny space look bigger than it really is. Therefore, if you want your home gym to feel spacious and energetic, you will need to emulate this in plenty.  The best way to achieve this is to have a picture window. By orienting your home gym equipment toward the windows, you will also get a pleasant outdoor view.



Keep the home gym equipment as simple as possible if you have a small space. In this case, as in the previous, knowing what type of exercise your body needs are crucial. Exercise routines usually consist of running on a Treadly 2 slim treadmill and using a resistance band bar.The only way to maximize the use of your available space is to design an area for such home gym equipment. It is best not to clutter the room with additional items.


You can create the illusion of space in your home gym by adding unabridged mirrors to all the walls. If you continue to do this, the space automatically doubles in size - granted that this is merely an illusion. Because of these mirrors, even if you have a small space, it will seem twice the size, making you feel as if you are carrying out your work out in a larger gym!

Equipment You Could Invest in Your Home Gym


With shelving units, you can organize loose items such as free weights, jump ropes, kettlebells, and yoga mats and keep them off the ground. Storage units made from wire, floating shelves, or bookshelves are all suitable for any exercise room. An innovative way to store gym equipment in your home gym is to install a pegboard!

Have you considered a home gym with a small amount of storage? Wall storage will keep it organized! Make the most of your space by mounting weight benches, weight plates, and mats on the wall. 

Tools that suit you

Tools that suit you

Your body's workout needs will determine what kind of indoor cycling bike and other equipment you need for your home gym. Spending money on equipment that you won't use is a waste. Additionally, you will simply be wasting valuable space that could be used in a range of ways.

Having a clear understanding of the gym equipment you need means that you also understand your body's needs. It's easy to place your niche machines throughout your gym with plenty of space to spare - especially when space is at a premium!


Unsupervised, you can't expect everyone to handle straining and rigorous exercises that cause you to sweat along with grunt. The reason for including non-aerobic workout in your home gym is because they are less likely to deplete your energy.

You, therefore, need to make space for equipment including bouncy balls, mats, smart fitness watch, and small dumbbells, in addition to the usual weight machines and treadmills.

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