Top 7 Desk Ideas for a Boho Office Aesthetic
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Top 7 Desk Ideas for a Boho Office Aesthetic

|Oct 14, 2021

The boho desk style seems to have tremendously caught on in recent times. People are looking for a host of contemporary styles to decorate their office spaces. After all, you feel that much more comfortable working in an area that reflects you. 

With the right finishing touches, you can get a traditional standing desk and office chair set up to look like something that no one has seen before. So many ideas are out there that come together incredibly well.

Still, it requires some level of knowledge over complementary elements. Without that, your design can end up falling flat and becoming incredibly visually unappealing. The boho style workstation can accommodate a traditional desk with no additional effort. A boho L-shaped desk is also possible, though it may take a little more planning. 

Are you interested in a bohemian computer desk style? If so, then you've come to the right place. Even if the term is new to you and you just want to know what the craze is all about, not only are you going to get that information here, but there are also some design suggestions that should assist you greatly. How is that thorough? 

What Is Boho Style?

What Is Boho Style?

Introducing a concept by bringing clarity to its definition is typically a good way to go. So, before diving into bohemian desks and what you can do to achieve the look, why not start by ensuring an adequate understanding of the idea? 

Bohemian decor is a design style that is based on inspiration. There is no set way to pull it off, but the common factor tends to be a basis on tropical destinations. It's not just your traditional locale too, as designers tend to go for the most exotic of visual places. 

While there are ways to create this kind of office desk style with a simplistic nature, you can count that as the exception and not necessarily the rule. Note, however, that there is a recommendation below for those who prefer things to be a little less vibrant and a little plainer to the eyes. 

Once you find your source of inspiration from nature, the idea is to infuse your office space with color and elements from the destination you've chosen. For example, some people like to bring textures and colors from beautiful Caribbean islands. 

Even if you live somewhere that could be an inspiration for a bowl desk style, people tend to use international places as the basis for design. What was the vision behind this style? Well, the idea is that uniqueness, joy, and spirituality are celebrated when you take your roots from certain areas. 

How to Create a Boho Desk Inspired Office Décor

Create a Boho Desk Inspired Office Décor

As indicated before, it's all about capitalizing on elements from tropical destinations. While this is technically a contemporary style, vintage office design choices are also available for the type of office desk decor that’s generally used. 

What's important for you to remember is that your bohemian desk is the centerpiece of something much larger. At the end of the day, the choice of how to decorate your workstation ultimately rests with you. Be that as it may, a good recommendation would be for you to ensure that the rest of the office is pulling things in the same direction that your boho office desk is. 

So, if you choose to base your design on a beautiful jungle, and only your boho office desk seems to be involved in the change, you can end up with an incredibly imbalanced look. Even if you want the bohemian computer desk to stand out, it would be in your best interest to implement some of the design choices behind your selected boho style in other areas too. 

There is a whole floor around you, and you may even be near a wall or two. Think of the whole office space as your canvas and not your bohemian computer desk. So, are you now ready to look at work desk decoration options that can help you to achieve the boho desk style? 

Decoration Samples

As the topic would have indicated, there are seven design recommendations here. As you proceed through the information, it would be in your best interests to use these as nothing more than thought starters, based on what can be done with bohemian desks. 

It's not an exhaustive list, nor do you need to implement the styles in the way they're laid out here. This whole concept is all about creative flair, and it would be incredibly disappointing if none of yours made it into a space that you are going to be occupying for work. 

With that in mind, it's time to proceed to the boho desk samples. 

Vibrant Greenery

Vibrant Greenery for boho desk

Some would say that the implementation of greenery is the definitive design for the boho desk style. Why? It’s because tropical plants and thick forests tend to be associated with tropical destinations. Those who believe so are not necessarily far off, because there are areas that are popular for such physical features. 

However, there are beautiful tropical areas that lean more towards white sandy beaches, natural reserves, springs, etc. For this layout though, the more popular belief is relevant. 

The idea here is to make use of plants creatively at your bohemian computer desk. There should be enough for it to be obvious that there is a theme here, but not so much that it becomes overbearing. 

Different plant types are recommended since having them is a callback to the different types of greenery president at your location of inspiration.  

If you have shelves present, sparsely placing some of your plants on them should help you to reinforce the look. If you want to compliment your desk plants, you can use various pots, artifacts, and figurines that also scream a tropical style. 


Textiles boho desk

Textiles are also tremendous for those looking to go the boho desk way in their offices. Using them makes for more convenient acquisitions than many of the other options you may have. If you've ever attempted to purchase any before, you know that they are widely available, and the cost is not usually anything too exorbitant. 

Tropical areas tend to come with a look and feel. While the feel is usually more along the lines of an atmosphere, there is also a physical feel. The latter is what textiles aim to reproduce. By having pieces that are genuinely made of certain textures to represent them, you can recreate the great outdoors in your office space. 

Sometimes, these textiles are more about their patterns than anything else. A common option is to have one that completely covers your boho office desk. If you wish, you can also make use of your walls with even more. 

Know that things can get a little weird looking if there is nothing but a bunch of textiles around your boho desk, so don't forget to compliment them with other tropical elements to create a more pleasing balance. 

Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style

For all those who were wondering when the minimalist desk setup was going to make its grand entrance, this is your time to shine. As indicated before, while the boho desk style is traditionally over the top and incredibly vibrant, that does not mean minimalist options do not exist for those who are trying to create a more subtle atmosphere. 

Though you are going to be keeping the number of decorations around you to a minimum, the recommendation here would be to adorn your boho desk with nothing more than a very small plant or two and save the rest of whatever elements you're going to be using for the wider space. 

You should also remember that certain bohemian desks furniture colors go a lot better with these kinds of designs than others. White, for example, has a naturally plain yet refreshing look. It’s the perfect backdrop for a minimalist style. 

You can, however, go for light shades of brown instead, if doing so makes you feel more comfortable. 

Rug Aesthetic

Rug Aesthetic boho desk

The principle here is not too far off from what you would have been trying to achieve with textiles. The difference here is that while textiles focus on your boho desk and your wall, the rug focuses on the floor. 

This is not to say that you are no longer going to be decorating your boho desk, but in this instance, the desk effectively assimilates itself into the aesthetic that the rug creates instead of the other way around. 

In this instance, you want to go all out here, choose a rug with a texture that simply pops. Depending on your preferences, some people go with real or faux-colored fur, as it gives that kind of nature-based feel. 

Once you have decided on your rug, then all you need to do is coordinate whatever elements you place on your boho desk and around the workspace with whatever is on the floor, and you should find that the whole thing comes together incredibly well. 

Wardrobe Implementation

Wardrobe Implementation

Whoever was the first person to implement wardrobe elements in a boho setup is nothing short of a complete genius. You might think this is incredibly odd as clothing items and office accessories are not a part of nature. 

Be that as it may, remember that some pieces of apparel are synonymous with the locations that you are trying to bring to your office space. Even if you have none of those, there are certain colors and types of materials that seem to take you there. 

For example, you tend to find that shades of brown are all but perfect for a boho office desk. It's the reason why a bamboo desk organizer seems to fit so well in such a space. Anything of that color can easily appear to be another element of the theme. Even beyond the color, bamboo is naturally occurring in many tropical areas. 

On the matter of brown, hats are an example of an item that's often placed on walls to help bring off the look. Of course, these are complemented by other elements, such as potted plants. There are even people who use their brown colored bags, which are surprisingly effective in the right places.


boho desk Patterns

You would be surprised to see what you can do with the help of a pattern. Some people are not about the rugs, plants, and all the extras. If this statement applies to you, it doesn't mean you have to forgo a bohemian computer desk entirely. Instead, you can opt for a pattern. 

You could even decide to wrap your entire bohemian desks in the material of your choice, so long as it is providing the kind of look that you are going for. For example, animal stripes are very popular in this regard. Imagine a table covered in tiger or zebra stripes. 

It's almost as if you can feel the jungle just by looking at it. You can also break out of the traditional patterns by using tribal or forest-based ones. Whatever material you use doesn't even need to have a pattern. Maybe it can have a series of graphics that represents the destination you want. 

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Of course, this boho desk option is not available to everyone. However, it can be incredibly creative for those who can take advantage of it. Instead of bringing outside to your office, why not go outside? 

You do have to plan this one extensively though, as necessities, such as electricity, need to be accounted for. If you have the yard space and there is a shaded area where you can set up, it allows you to take advantage of the natural features you have. 

Without any decoration, you would not necessarily have the international bohemian style that is often sought after. So, why not do a bit of external decorating while you are there? At the end of it, you might feel like your boho office desk is in the middle of a land far away, which is kind of the point. 

Final Remarks

The boho office style is a beautiful contemporary option for those looking to do something unique with their workspaces. Even when you have the best standing boho desk at your side, you can get a little more out of your environment by getting creative. Hopefully, the ideas presented above helped you to do so.

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