How to Decor Your Workstation Inspired by Boho Theme
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How to Decor Your Workstation Inspired by Boho Theme

|Apr 12, 2021

If you work in a home office, your workstation should look attractive enough to give your creativity a boost. There are so many themes and styles to decorate your office, but the bohemian design is one of the most commonly used themes for home offices. 

Bohemian or Boho style is an exotic design to decorate your workspace. Boho office décor is for those who want to build a workstation full of life, culture, and beautiful material to improve the style of that area.  

Rooms inspired by the Boho office decor look quite similar as most of the features, such as design, decorative material, etc., are the same. This style is most suited for actors, writers, travelers, or anyone who lives an unconventional life.  

Moreover, the Boho theme combines different color schemes, objects, and patterns from various cultures around the world. Below are some ways to décor your workstation inspired by the Boho theme. 

Building a Boho-themed Home Office

Add Bohemian Colors

boho bohemian color desk setup.jpg

Generally, there are no rules for a bohemian-style workstation. But most people use warm, earthy colors, such as metallic or jewel tones, to decorate their Boho office. You can select green, deep brown, or gray color for the base, whereas, for the office accessories, you may choose from purple, blue, or fiery orange. 

The uniqueness of this style comes from the combination of these colors that make your home office attractive. 

You can mix these colors with multiple patterns and textures that complement the comfortable work environment. Moreover, trying out unconventional design for your bohemian office décor is also a way to enhance its style.  

To give your workspace an exotic and fun look, you can use dyed textiles and patterns from different parts of the world. These include Suzani textiles made in Central Asia, or Ikat made in Cambodia. 

Tapestries and rugs would go well with the photos and art in your home office. However, if you feel it’s too much, just go with the white color. It provides a backdrop to the richer tones in your workspace. 

Decorative Materials

bohemian decorative material.jpg

While other styles require minimum, sleek, and modern decorative material, Boho office decor asks for the opposite. The important thing to remember for a Boho workstation design is to mix and match. Make attractive combinations of different materials that enhance the style of your workspace. 

Use basic or natural materials such as sisal and burlap and combine them with silk and chenille textures. You may use old materials with a slightly worn look, which are neither shiny nor new. 

Combine fringe or crochet curtains, throw rugs, and pillows to make your Boho-themed home office a cozy place to work. 

Bohemian Furniture

bohemian furniture.jpg

Furniture plays a vital role in a home office. Both home office standing desks and office chair like the Kinn Chair should be comfortable for you to work for hours. However, you may not find bohemian furniture in stores near your house. 

Areas inspired by the Boho theme usually have old and second-hand furniture collected for years in your home. You can use vintage items to embellish the design and style of your Boho home office.  

In case you don’t have old furniture at home, you can explore vintage shops in your local area to find the most suitable furniture for your Boho office decor. Add a plush chair with saturated colors to feel the Boho vibe in your home office. Also, look for a bohemian desk design that complements the colors, materials, and look of your workstation. 

The furniture in your Boho-style office should make you feel comfortable so that you can sit and work for hours. You can choose relaxed pieces of modern office furniture and avoid the streamlined ones to enjoy the theme. 



A Boho-style home office may have ambient lighting that gives you a calm and welcoming feeling. So, instead of using fixtures, you can add candles, lanterns, or table lamps for your small room desk setup that allow you to work any time of the day. 

In today’s world, there is a wide variety of shapes and styles in the design market, making it easy to find the perfect lighting for your Boho office decor workstation. This also helps you fulfill the mix and match criteria of bohemian designs. 

Natural elements are the key to a Boho-style workstation. You can add as many plants as you want to your office desk. These plants will embellish the room and put a smile on your face every time you walk into your Boho workstation design . 

Moreover, plants make the room more vibrant and improve air quality in the office. So, the more plants in your home office in bedroom setup, the better the working experience every time you enter the room. 

Use philodendron or peace lilies that can withstand different temperature levels. You can also use succulents available in the market in a wide range of colors and textures. The only thing to remember is that you have to take proper care of these plants for your Boho workstation design as they need more than just sunlight and water. 



Accessories are a must in every home office and Boho office decor as well. For Boho-style workstations, you can use handmade items, family heirlooms, or any ancient object to amplify the style. It can be anything you love that adds a unique visual interest to your home office. 

If you don’t have enough space, you can buy a monitor arm that supports your monitor and leaves enough space for plants and accessories. 

Summing Up 

A bohemian home office is the best environment to work in as it improves your productivity and boosts your creativity simultaneously. You can create a Boho-themed workstation even in your bedroom. 

You can look on the internet to find thousands of boho home office ideas that fit perfectly in your home. Or get as creative as you can to design a unique Boho workstation that inspires you to work. 

Combine multiple patterns, use vintage furniture, add plants, and fill the room with the right accessories that complement your Boho office decor. Bohemian décor styles also allow you to create an attractive environment in your office or home. They do not restrict you to use one or two colors, unlike other styles, but encourage you to mix as many colors as you can. 

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