Is A Gaming Chair Good For Lower Back Pain?
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Is A Gaming Chair Good For Lower Back Pain?

|Feb 9, 2024

Lower back pain or nerve pain is one of the leading problems in the workplace. This kind of pain resembles shooting pins in the lower region of the spine and extends to the entire upper body and lower body. The result? Hindering the activity of a person to do anything efficiently. Especially in office workers, lower back pain and stiffness after sitting can seriously impact work efficiency and make it difficult to reach maximum productivity potential. Fortunately, along with other solutions, using an office chair for lower back pain can help with this issue. Below are our favorite picks for work or a gaming chair for lower back pain.

Reasons for the Lower Back Pain

While playing games, does your back hurt? Then you must be sitting in the wrong chair. Whatever may your posture be, prolonged sitting can affect your lower back pain. In every sitting position, the pressure exerted on your body is directed towards the spine. This is the main cause of lower back pain due to prolonged sitting.

There are a lot of companies, which design chairs for gamers that are much more ergonomic in design and support healthy sitting. During gaming, one needs to sit in a chair for long hours. Which means it demands a more comfortable sitting chair. And if one has different sitting postures, a bad chair can have a bad influence on his or her health. While gaming, we have many casual postures. Any office ergonomic chairs do support this posture. While sitting in those chairs, two casual poses might hurt our back. Therefore, the lower back pain gaming chairs have been introduced for longer sitting comfort. The proper usage of the gaming chair might yield productivity benefits along with amazing health and wellness.

Reasons for the lower back pain

Top 5 Gaming Chairs for Lower Back Pain

1. The Typhon - Best Lumbar Support

Ideal for an unmatched gaming/work environment, the Typhon best lumbar gaming chair is your one solution for working by day and gaming by night. This chair, as per its features, design, and aesthetics, is highly suitable for all kinds of settings, and that is the first thing we love about it. Other than that, the rich ergonomic features and a good price take the lead, too. This affordable office chair for lower back pain comes with unmatched support and a hybrid design. The racing car style is what gamers love the most, and this design is available in more than three different colors.

The chair has adaptive lumbar support, making it suitable for a wide array of users. The smart design and technology evenly distribute the users' weight throughout the chair, making it pleasant and active to sit on. Moreover, you can adjust all the features, such as the chair height, armrests, headrest, seat depth, and lumbar alignment too. Besides all these features, the Typhon is indeed the best gaming chair for lower back pain and extended hours of gaming, as the mesh design supports adequate breathability and work performance.

2. Herman Miller Embody - Most Premium

Though being the most expensive isn't exactly a feature that bodes well with many users, we all know the sophisticated quality and big price tags of the Herman Miller chair series. The same is the case with this chair for lower back pain. With a highly expensive price tag of $1800, the Herman Miller Embody is one of the best gaming chairs for lower back pain. It is safe to say that the chair's quality, performance, and durability are well worth the price, and if you have the money, there will not be a single day that you regret this purchase.

With a simple design, the chair is more inclined towards offering rich ergonomics and quality rather than investing more in aesthetics. Other quality features of this chair include full adjustability for each user and a control feature that is easy to use. The gaming/work seat is cushioned with excessive layers which provide dual cushioning but doesn't sweat the user. The additional layer is also a big reason behind the lasting comfort of the chair and a reason why it is the best chair for lower back and hip pain. Other than that, the copper-infused cooling foam is the latest technology you won't find in an ordinary chair, thus making the Embody an expensive yet justified pick.

3. RESPAWN FLEXX – Best Design

Let's seal the deal about who is the ergonomic expert when it comes to lavish looking office chairs with appealing features! The Respawn Flex is indeed the best gaming chair for lower back support as well as adequate care for the neck and the shoulders. Designed by ergonomic experts, the respawn is two times stronger in terms of design and strength, hence adding to the performance of the product. The breathability of the respawn is also applauded, and this is because of the high-performance mesh, which creates full body ventilation.

The respawn also has an adjustable recline feature, which makes leaning back and gaming a pleasant experience. Another comfort feature of this chair is that you can sneak in a quick nap, thanks to the sturdy lock of the seat, which bears your weight well. The chair, despite its petite and compact frame, offers a surprising weight capacity of 300 lbs.

4. ErgoChair Curve - Best Ergonomic

If you are looking for a range of office chair for lower back pain under $300, then the ErgoChair curve slightly makes the mark with features of a three times more expensive chair. This chair has the best ergonomic features, coupled with a smart look and commendable aesthetics. The ergo chair curve offers personalized back support which makes the chair feel just for you. You can adjust the chair height, seat alignment, lumbar support, armrests, lumbar support, and back recline to meet your desired needs perfectly. The contoured foam gives unmatched comfort and makes you feel cool with the breathable mesh. The chair also has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and is suitable for both shorter/slimmer people to rather big users. With an unmatched quality, you can also get peace of mind with a 2-year warranty.

Regarding back support, the chair draws inspiration from the calming sound of running water and the sensation of floating in the ocean. ErgoChair curve actively accepts your spine's natural curvature and conforms to all body types. Lastly, the polyester mesh and molded foam seat are great at keeping you cool during hours of work and play.

5. Secretlab TITAN™ Evo - Coolest Chair

Claiming victory in the race, The Titan Evo gaming chair is a traditional tall-backed chair that features a pull-lever reclining mechanism. Its exceptional materials and construction quality set it apart from the competition. Our top choice for traditional gaming chairs is the Titan EVO because of its superb feel and style. This is the chair to choose if you want something large, robust, and cozy to put up in front of your workstation or wherever your gaming setup is located.

The Titan EVO line consists of a single series of gaming chairs with the same characteristics that come in three sizes: S, R, and XL. This is in contrast to splitting up big and small seats into two distinct models with somewhat different features. The variety of seats is appropriate for gamers worldwide, with variations in terms of weight capacity and seat width. Due to this and many other qualities, the Titan Evo is a deeply personalized research-backed chair with many commendable features.

What is the Difference Between a Standard Office Chair and a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are quite different from the standard office chairs. The question that arises, are gaming chairs good for lower back pain? Or are gaming chairs worth it? Let us see whether the gaming chairs are for the better or the good.


The headrests of office chairs come either in separate pieces or do not have any. In comparison, the gaming chair has a fixed headrest. This makes the gaming chair quite comfortable when the user is tending to use the chair for a longer time.



The backrest of the gaming chair often comes winged; the office chair is wingless.

Seat Pan

The best gaming chair comes with a bucket-shaped seat which makes the user feel comfortable as well as convenient. The standard office chair is, however, flat. This makes it uncomfortable when used for a prolonged period.

Seat Edge

The edge of the seat of the lower back pain gaming chairs is slightly raised. This gives the lower back support when one is using the chair for a longer time. However, the standard office chair has a sloping edge.

Seat Edge - gaming chair for lower back pain


Backrest leak recline is a crucial factor a person must look for while buying a gaming chair. As a gaming chair has a high level of decline, it offers the user maximum comfort. Whereas the office chair mostly has no backrest recline. Several companies nowadays are manufacturing ergonomic design office chairs.

Lumbar Support

The gaming chair comes with attractive lumbar support. The detachable pillow that comes with the gaming chair can be used for the preference of the gamer. At the same time, the office chair has fixed lumbar support. Some of the office chairs do come with self-adjusting lumbar for better convenience.


For a gamer chair without an armrest is a deadly dream. Thus, most lower back pain gaming chairs come with 3D armrests or something much more technical than 3D armrests. But in a standard office chair, one would get 2D armrests.


If we talk about the design of gaming chairs, then it comes with different flashing colors, which reveals the chair's overall aesthetics. But in the case of a standard office chair, the style and the colors are mostly muted, which serves as a perfect option for office use.


How is a Gaming Chair Good for Your Back?

The gaming chair is said to be good for our lower back pain and the overall back. Let us see some of the factors for which one should prefer gaming chairs.

Tall Backrest

Gaming chairs are often built with a higher backrest. Due to this ergonomic design, it provides the user complete support to their entire back. Along with that, the tall backrest off the chair is also responsible for giving extra support to the shoulder head and the neck area.

If one experiences back pain, then they should go for the given chairs without any further ado. That all backrest of the chair runs through the entire length of the human vertebral column.

The height of the backrest of gaming chairs ranges from 30 inches to 33 inches. When you opt to purchase one such best ergonomic chair, make sure that you measure your entire torso area for the best fit chair.

Gaming involves a lot of fidgeting, which needs enough room for you to wiggle in your chair. Make sure that your seat has enough room for you to make casual postures.

How is a Gaming Chair Good for Your Back?

Strong Backrest Recline

The robust reclining and tilting of the lower back pain gaming chair make them the best product for your back. Most ergonomic gaming chairs can tilt around 10 degrees to 15 degrees back. Also, it lets you rock and reclines. The 135-degree backrest recline helps one to undergo the least amount of lower back strain. One can comfortably recline on this chair instead of slouching.

External Neck Pillow

All gaming chairs are designed to provide an external neck pillow. This aids in relaxing your upper back and shoulder area. As one can adjust all the pillows according to the height, one can fit the pillow for your spine's curvature.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar support that comes along with the gaming chair relaxes the lower back muscle. As a gaming chair for back pain, it does the job by creating a space between the backrest and your lower back and helps you correct your posture. If you feel uncomfortable with the lumbar support, you can remove it.

Lumbar support


These aspects of the lower back pain gaming chair make it suitable for anyone and everyone. Maybe at the end of the day, it won't help you win your games, but it will certainly protect your back from excruciating pain.

Above all, these gaming chairs are designed with an ergonomic concept making them comfortable and affordable.

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