Storage Hacks for Your Standing Desk Setup
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Storage Hacks for Your Standing Desk Setup

|Apr 11, 2024

A standing desk is incredibly beneficial in many ways - which is why more and more people are choosing one for their office setup. That said, one thing that is often missing with adjustable height desks is storage.

While it is possible to buy an electric standing desk with storage built-in already, there are far more options that don’t have any. Fear not - there are plenty of creative standing desk storage ideas and accessories offering versatile and convenient solutions.

If you can’t find an adjustable standing desk with storage that you love and works for you, you should consider the following options. Below, you can find nine different storage hacks for your standing desk setup - and top recommendations and reviews for some of the best accessories for keeping your workspace neat, organized, and productive.

Why Is Standing Desk Storage Important?

Standing desk storage solutions are essential for organization and keeping your desk clear and professional. Cluttered desks can decrease concentration and productivity - and can eventually bring down your mental wellbeing. Most people use at least a few stationary items, electronics, or papers while they work - and they need a way to keep things tidy.

The type of standing desk storage you need depends on your daily work equipment and how much stuff you have around you. It can also vary based on your preferences and the aesthetic vibe you are going for. You can have storage under standing desk surfaces, sitting on the desk itself, or entirely separately - there are plenty of options!

Why Is Standing Desk Storage Important?

Types of Storage Solutions to Add to Your Standing Desk

Let’s take a look at some of those options now. As mentioned, there are many ways to incorporate smart storage into a modern standing desk setup. Here are nine possibilities - plus reviews for my favorite accessories in each category. These reviews are here to help those looking for the best tools to help them enhance their standing desk storage solutions.


Drawers are perfect for keeping things safe and out of sight. They are ideal for storing paperwork, stationary, and other items that you don’t need access to all the time. Desk drawers come in all shapes and sizes - from simple under-desk trays to tiered desktop mini cabinets. Think about how much drawer space you need at your desk. There is no point in taking up valuable space when you could keep some things in drawers elsewhere in your office.

You can find a great electric standing desk with drawers  - but you have more choices without. If the desk you want (or already have) doesn’t have a drawer included, you can easily add one.

My Top Pick: Autonomous Swivel Desk Drawer

I have tested a few different desk drawer accessories, and my favorite is the Autonomous Swivel Desk Drawer  - a small, ultra-lightweight under-desk drawer that adds simple convenience and quick access to your essentials.

My favorite thing about it is the 360-degree swivel. Instead of pulling straight out like most drawers, it spins around. It is a bit different, but I found it much easier to work with when standing - as it never got in the way.

The drawer itself is small and discreet - and is only designed to hold small items such as pens, sticky notes, keys, etc. There is also space for a mouse and mouse-pad  - an added bonus if you have limited desk surface area.

Filing Cabinet

If a small desk drawer is not sufficient for your setup, you could consider a filing cabinet. This is one of the best under-desk storage ideas for those who work with a lot of paperwork or have other larger items they need to keep close by.

The good thing about having a filing cabinet as part of your standing desk setup is that it fits comfortably under the desk while you are sitting and can stay in the same convenient spot when you need to stand up. You don’t need to worry about the weight capacity because it won’t be rising with the desk.

My Top Pick: Autonomous Filing Cabinet

I am a big fan of convenience  - and believe a filing cabinet should be easily moveable, have generous drawers, and fit seamlessly with the rest of my workspace. For these reasons - and a few others - my top pick is the Autonomous Filing Cabinet.

This sleek and simple three-drawer cabinet moves smoothly on sturdy casters - which are lockable to keep it in place when needed. The unit itself is made from steel and feels high-quality and durable. It offers ample storage space in a compact package - ideal for home offices or study setups.

Other features I liked include the lockable top drawer, customizable drawer dividers, and modern inverted handle designs (with four color options). It can hold up to 275 lbs. and still roll easily (even on a low carpet) and looks best with a white standing desk.

Shelves or Racks

A good alternative space-saving desk storage idea to drawers is a shelf or rack to sit on your desk surface. This works best if you have a desk with enough room for desktop storage and want something that can hold books, stationery, and other desk accessories. It can double as a display unit if you want to add a touch of your personality to your workspace.

Something to consider about shelves or racks is that they don’t usually include any enclosed storage area, so if there is something you don’t necessarily want to be visible at all times, you may need to think of another solution.

Many different designs vary in shape, size, and style. Some keep it very simple and are compact enough to fit on even smaller standing desks. Others offer more versatile desk storage but take up a bit more space.

My Top Pick: Jahrome Wood Storage Rack Desktop Bookshelf

I have browsed many desktop shelves and racks to find the one that I like the most, and I just keep coming back to the Jahrome Wood Storage Rack. As soon as I saw it, I immediately loved the whole design - from a style point of view and for practical reasons. Since trying it out on my standing desk, I haven’t been able to find something else I like quite as much.

What makes it my top pick for this category? For starters, it fits an impressive range of storage into a fairly compact package. You get three small drawers, a small covered shelf, one long open rack, and a little book nook (enough for around seven or eight books). It does take up a fair amount of surface space - but it doesn’t feel clunky or intrusive. Instead, it is a really attractive and functional feature for any desk.

The natural bamboo finish is very on-trend, and the materials used are visibly good quality. It takes a bit of putting together, but the instructions were easy to follow.

Desk Organizers

Desk organizers are great storage solutions for small desks with limited weight capacities. If you have a rolling standing desk or sit/stand cart-style desk, this could be the way to go. They are not fancy - they are essentially just pots, stands, or trays that keep your stationery and other small bits and bobs neat and tidy.

Simplicity is not a bad thing, and you can find plenty of cool modern styles that add a little extra aesthetic appeal to your desk setup as well as improved organization.

My Top Pick: AOTHIA Magnetic Desk Organizer

One perfect example of a trendy desk organizer that is as stylish as it is functional is this design by AOTHIA. The sleek black and natural wood look (also available in white) is super professional and modern, and the magnetic connections make it versatile, convenient, and customizable. It combines pen holders, a phone stand, a few different-sized trays, and tubs to make desk organization easier.

I enjoyed playing around with different combinations and layouts. All the possible ways look good - whether you keep them all together or split them into different sections.


The next storage idea works well for people who want to keep things off their desk surface altogether and have permission to attach something to the wall. Instead of attaching an accessory below or on top of your desk, you could mount a pegboard on the wall above the desk surface.

That way, you can attach trays, clips, storage pots, and hooks in whatever layout you want, giving yourself convenient and customizable organization without using any of your desk surface space.

My Top Pick: Keepo 4Pcs Pegboard Organizer with Accessories

My top recommendation for anyone considering a pegboard organizer is the Keepo 4Pcs. It comes in three colors, so you can make it work with your preferred style - and you get a selection of accessories included to help you customize your organization.

There isn’t much to say about this product other than that it is incredibly easy to install and use and is very unobtrusive. It works for study corners, cubicles, home offices, and collaborative workspace. Really, it works for anyone who doesn’t mind putting something on their wall. Depending on the type of surface you have, you might not even need to make a hole - sticky pads can do the job (not as effective on concrete or paint - you will need to use nails in this case).

Cable Management Accessories

One of my biggest pet peeves is having loose wires hanging around. It bugs me, and it gets in the way sometimes - especially when you are using your adjustable desk in the standing position. Many of the best adjustable standing desks have some sort of cable management integrated (either a space for wires to pass through or a tray for them to rest in), but some do not.

Cable trays or clips make your desk look neater and more professional. Instead of running wires here, there, and everywhere - keep them tidy and safely out of the way with a cable management accessory.

My Top Pick: Autonomous Cable Tray

The Autonomous Cable Tray is a discreet and effective way to keep cables in place. It screws easily below the desk surface without the need for any drilling (compatible with the Autonomous SmartDesk collection).

You can use it for more than just cables - thanks to the strong and sturdy design. I kept an extension cable and a power bar there to keep my desk completely clear of sockets and wires, and there was still free space.

Storage Cart

If you want something versatile that gives you quick access to the things you need, a storage cart could work. Unlike filing cabinets, they are open and have additional spots for storing bits and pieces. They usually have wheels - so they can move around your workspace with you.

My Top Pick: EUREKA ERGONOMIC Three-Tier Metal Utility Cart

EUREKA ERGONOMIC gets brownie points for clever design with this metal utility cart. It has three generous trays with plenty of storage space - plus a pegboard-style side that lets you hook on extra pots and hooks for even more convenience. The wheels move smoothly, it is easy to put together, and the quality of the materials used is excellent.

Monitor Stand

A monitor stand gives you a little extra desk space underneath your monitor. Instead of having the screen sitting directly on the desk, it sits on a raised platform with some space underneath. This is a great idea for a corner standing desk - especially if you use two monitors.

My Top Pick: Fenge Dual Monitor Stand with Eco Cork Legs

I love this minimalistic design by Fenge. It is simple, trendy, and practical - and offers some small, discreet storage beneath the monitor. There is another Fenge monitor stand with built-in drawers if you want more storage, but I prefer the overall appearance of the cork leg model - and it is much more compact for smaller desks.

Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray helps free up more desk space for other things. You could look for the best standing desk with keyboard tray included, or you could buy an add-on to give yourself more options.

My Top Pick: Mount-It! Under-Desk Keyboard Tray Clamp-On

The Mount-It! clamp-on keyboard tray is so easy to set up and use, and it feels sturdy, strong, and stable. There is plenty of space for a keyboard and mouse - but no need for a mouse-pad - the whole tray works just fine.


Finding the best standing desk with storage already included isn’t always possible, but it is easy to keep things organized and practical with these handy storage hacks. Consider what type of storage you need, and then check out my top recommendations to improve your modern standing desk setup!

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