The Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming Accessories for Beginners
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The Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming Accessories for Beginners

|May 27, 2024

Do you think that PC gaming accessories are a must to enjoy an exceptional experience? Are you looking for the best tools, technological solutions, and peripherals to build the best setup? You've come to the right place!

Once you get your computer ready for your first competitive battles, the next step is to buy and prepare the gear that will take your gaming adventures to the next level! But what exactly do you need to create the perfect setup? Is it a keyboard, a high-quality monitor, or just some powerful headphones?

This comprehensive guide contains all the information you need about the must-have PC gaming accessories and some recommendations to help you choose the best options. Read on!

Guide to Essential PC Gaming Accessories

A powerful computer is the foundation of an exceptional gaming setup, but the right accessories can make the difference between a regular and an extraordinary experience.

The best PC gaming accessories can enhance comfort, improve aesthetics, provide precision, and give you a boost of energy for your victories.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there are some essential PC gaming accessories that you and any gamer should have, including the following:

Gaming Mouse

Compared with traditional versions, gaming mice are equipped with special features to detect even the smallest motion to offer better and more precise movement on screen.

To choose the right gaming mouse, look for devices with the following features:

DPI Settings

Dots per inch (DPI) measures how far the cursor moves on the screen with each hand movement. The higher this measurement, the faster the in-game experience. However, this doesn't mean it's the best option.

A mouse with a lower DPI offers better aiming precision, so it may be more suitable for certain gamers. Ideally, you should choose an option with adjustable DPI and switching buttons that allow you to change sensitivity while playing in different situations.

Gaming Mouse

Programmable Buttons

Many gaming mice have extra buttons with additional in-game functions that can significantly improve your gameplay, including weapon swaps or even grenades.

These devices give you a tactical advantage, especially if these buttons allow you to set settings for different games. As such, they're great gaming accessories for those with more experience, but they can benefit beginners, too.

Ergonomic Design

Design is the most important feature you have to look for on any device you plan to add to your gaming station. Since you'll spend hours and hours playing your favorite video games, your mice should be ergonomic.

Always choose a mouse that fits your hand size and grip style to avoid fatigue and protect your limbs and joints. Some additional features, such as thumb rests and textured grips, offer even more comfort.

Gaming Mouse - pc gaming accessories

Gaming Keyboard

Gamers need powerful and highly responsive keyboards for a great experience.

These tools also have unique capabilities that improve their performance, such as a high-response technology that helps computers register a key as soon as it’s pressed to decrease latency.

These are the features you should look for in a gaming keyboard:

Mechanical vs. Membrane

When it comes to gaming keyboards, there are two common options: mechanical and membrane. Each one has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Mechanical keyboards are more responsive and offer a more tactile typing experience with a “clicky” sound that many love. In contrast, membrane ones are quieter but don't provide the same feedback.

Although this may vary based on their preferences, many gamers choose mechanical ones because actuation forces and typing sounds can be adjusted to suit their needs or tastes.

RGB Lighting

RGB lighting isn't essential for gameplay but adds to a cool gaming aesthetic. That's why keyboards with these features are so popular. If you choose one of these, you can add your personal touch to your setup for a dynamic and more fun experience.


This feature ensures that your devices register all the keys you press correctly, even if you hit several at the same time, which is crucial for fast-paced games where each keystroke can contribute to your victory.

Keyboards with N-key rollover are the best options in this category.

Customizable Macros

Some keyboards have features or are compatible with software solutions that allow you to program complex macros with multiple keystrokes or mouse movements to trigger in-game actions and boost your performance.

Gaming Keyboard - pc gaming accessories

Gaming Headset

Headsets are important for gamers because they improve communication by making teammates' voices clearer, which improves efficiency and decision-making.

If you're looking for high-quality headsets for your PC gaming setup, these accessories should have the following features:

  • Surround sound: This feature creates a 360-degree soundscape where you'll have greater awareness to detect your enemies, identify their locations, and reach in-game cues.
  • Microphone quality: It’s all about communication. Online games require you to communicate with teammates to implement group strategies and defeat enemies, so the best headsets should have microphones that capture your voice and minimize background noise.
  • Noise cancellation: This is another important feature that can improve your performance by blocking distractions, allowing you to focus only on your game's audio.
  • Comfort: Your headsets should also be comfortable and ergonomic. Choose those made of breathable materials with adjustable headbands and padding for extended gaming marathons.

Gaming Headset

Gaming Mousepad

Besides improving control and accuracy, mousepads can increase the mouse's longevity, reducing costs in the long run. These are the features that these PC gaming accessories should have:

  • The right size to accommodate your playstyle and movements (larger pads offer more freedom for mouse movement, but smaller ones may be sufficient for devices with higher DPI)
  • Durable materials that don’t affect your mouse's performance and that fit your preferences (cloth provides a smooth feel, while hard surface pads offer more control and faster tracking)
  • Anti-slip base to keep the mousepad firmly attached to the desktop, even during intense gaming sessions
  • Stitched edge to prevent fraying over time
  • Water-resistant coating to prevent damage if you accidentally spill any liquid on your desk

Gaming Mousepad

Guide to Advanced PC Gaming Accessories

At this point, you should have the essential PC gaming accessories, so it's time to get those “advanced” ones that will boost your performance and help you stay comfortable even after extensive adventure sessions.

Some of the options you'll see in this section are essential as well, but their designs have been adapted to fit gamers' needs and lifestyles. Check them out below!

Gaming Monitor

A monitor is a non-negotiable accessory for a gaming setup. Actually, it's essential for many users, except those who have laptops (although even they can benefit from bigger screens).

Essentially, your monitor will be your window to the gaming world, so you should choose a high-quality option with a high-performance display. These features will make a significant difference in your experience:

Refresh Rate

Generally measured in Hertz (Hz), this element describes how many times a monitor updates an image on the screen per second.

The higher it is, the smoother the visuals will be, which is a great advantage in fast-paced games. Devices with 144Hz or higher refresh rates offer the best experience.


This term refers to how many pixels the monitor displays on the screen, meaning that those with higher resolutions will offer more detailed and sharper images. Opt for those with 1080p (Full HD), 1440p (QHD), and 4K (UHD) resolutions, but remember that your graphics card’s capabilities also play a key role here.

Panel Type

Gaming monitors typically have three main LCD panel types, which are:

  • Twisted Nematic (TN): They offer the fastest response times but have limited viewing angles and color accuracy.
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS): They provide superior viewing angles and color reproduction but have slightly slower response times.
  • Vertical Alignment (VA): They provide a good balance between response time and viewing angles but may have lower contrast ratios compared to IPS panels.

Adaptive Sync Technologies

These technologies synchronize your monitor's refresh rate with your graphics card's frame rate, eliminating the annoying screen tearing and stuttering that can occur when both elements aren't aligned.

However, it’s essential to ensure compatibility between your monitor and graphics card if you want to choose a device with this feature. Otherwise, it won't work.

Gaming Monitor

Gaming Chair

If there's something every gamer needs, it's definitely an ergonomic chair. Have you ever spent hours playing your favorite video games only to end up with excruciating back pain?

Well, the right chair can offer comfort and support to reduce those discomforts and provide you with the best gaming experience. Consider the following features to make a wise decision when choosing yours:

Ergonomic Design

Chairs are also essential PC gaming accessories, as you'll use them every time you play online or offline, especially for extended sessions. As such, these furniture pieces should have a comfortable design that promotes good posture and protects your physical health.


This is what a chair with an ergonomic design should have:

  • Armrests: These accessories must be adjustable to different gaming postures. The best are those that offer 4D customization, which means you can modify the height, angle, and position for maximum comfort.
  • Backrest: This item should also be adjustable and adapt to the natural shape of your spine to promote good posture and relieve back pain.
  • Lumbar support cushions: These elements also help you maintain good posture and reduce discomfort during extended gaming sessions, especially if they’re adjustable.
  • Comfortable and adjustable footrests: Many chairs include footrests that you can adjust and customize to relieve pressure on your legs, thighs, and buttocks, providing maximum comfort throughout the day.

Gaming Chair

Gaming Controller

When it comes to must-have PC gaming accessories, most gamers focus on just their mice and keyboards. However, many believe that controllers are better for certain games, especially for platformers and racing ones.

If you're adding a controller to your arsenal of PC gaming setup accessories, consider the following features:

  • Wired vs. wireless: Wired controllers minimize latency and offer a more stable connection, while wireless devices provide freedom of movement but require batteries and can introduce latency.
  • Compatibility: You can't just pick up a controller and start using it. This device has to be compatible with your PC or console, whether it's through a wired or wireless connection or with a software solution.
  • Features: Many controllers are equipped with features that enhance gaming experiences, such as analog sticks with smooth movement, a D-pad, a good grip, and pressure-sensitive triggers for nuanced control. Choose the right one based on your playstyle.

Gaming Controller

Gaming Desk

Another essential PC gaming accessory is the desk. These furniture pieces will hold your devices and allow you to play your favorite video games when you’re ready for adventure.

If you want to choose the right option for your gaming desk setup, consider the following features:


Your desk should be large enough to accommodate all your devices, such as your PC and monitor, peripherals, and accessories. Plus, you have to consider your height, the space you have in the room where you’ll install it, and the distance between your legs and the tabletop when you're sitting.

Ergonomic Design

This furniture piece should also be comfortable and benefit your physical health, especially during extended gaming sessions. Many have curved front edges to protect your forearms, while others feature a keyboard tray for better posture. You can also use a standing desk to switch between standing and sitting positions and stay active during the day.

Cable Management

Besides keeping your gaming setup clean and organized, desks with cable management solutions can reduce the risk of accidents and protect your equipment.

Height Adjustability

Sitting in front of your computer for extended periods can affect your health, but some desks have been designed to adjust to different positions and promote better posture. Those with adjustable height capabilities are the best.

Gaming Desk

Guide to PC Gaming Accessories for Streamers and Content Creators

Have you joined the movement of streamers and content creators? In that case, you may need other PC gaming accessories, including the following:

Capture Card

Although it isn't essential, a capture card can really benefit you if you're a streamer or a gaming-oriented content creator.

This device captures video from external sources, so you can use it to record audiovisual material from your console, such as an XBOX or PlayStation, without affecting your gameplay.

These are the features you should consider to pick the right one:

  • Compatibility: You should ensure your capture card works with your chosen platform (Twitch or YouTube, for example) and software.
  • Features: Choose those with specialized features that suit your needs, such as 4K passthrough, which lets you display the game in excellent resolution while capturing at a lower one to optimize streaming.
  • Recording capabilities: Some cards offer high-quality recording for later editing. These are excellent options if you want to save time.

Capture Card


If you're a streamer or content creator, your voice can help you engage audiences and keep them interested in what you say or do. Therefore, you need a microphone.

Microphones come in three main types:

  • Condenser mics: They're known for their high sensitivity and detail, offering excellent recording quality.
  • Dynamic mics: They're better suited for loud environments, as they can block out sounds and focus only on the voice.
  • Cardioid mics: These options are ideal for streamers, as they can minimize background noises and focus only on the voice.

To choose the right microphone, you should consider the following features:

  • Polar patterns: These features define the microphone's pickup area.
  • Frequency response: This is the range of sound frequencies a mic can capture. Those with a wide range make the voice sound natural.
  • Connectivity options: Make sure your microphone is equipped with connectivity options, such as USB, for easy use.



A high-quality webcam lets your viewers and subscribers see you clearly every time you stream. However, you should choose one with the right features, which should include the following:

  • Resolution (at least between 720p and 1080p)
  • Frame rate (between 30fps for smooth video and 60fps for fast-paced action)
  • Field of view, which defines how much of your background is visible
  • Autofocus to ensure your image stays sharp
  • Background removal features for a cleaner, more professional look


Lighting Setup

Proper lighting makes a huge difference in video quality if you're a streamer or content creator. To make a wise choice, you can consider the following:

  • Ring lights offer even illumination for your face, while softbox lights provide a diffused, flattering glow, for example.
  • LED panels are important, too. These elements offer adjustable brightness and color temperature, so you can use them to illuminate both your face and the background.

Ideally, you should experiment with different setups and lighting layouts to find what works best for your space, your content style, and the results you want to achieve.

Lighting Setup

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right PC gaming accessories can greatly impact your experience and your performance. Therefore, you need to find the right ones.

However, that won't happen by magic. You should consider several things to pick the ideal devices and peripherals and take your gaming adventures to the next level.

Ask yourself: What do you need? How much is a PC gaming setup? What should you improve? These answers will help you make the right choice.

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