A Complete Guide to Office Layout Feng Shui for Your Desk
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A Complete Guide to Office Layout Feng Shui for Your Desk

|Sep 13, 2021

Your office is your sanctuary, the place where you spend most of the time making a good fortune. So, it is vital that here you align everything in a way that satisfies your mood and boosts your productivity. Adopting the office layout feng shui is the best practice to do if you wish to achieve that workplace nirvana.

We know that several questions might be floating in your mind, for instance, “what is feng shui?”, “how can I benefit from it?” and something like, “how can I adopt it in my office layout?” To clear your confusion, we have shared a detailed guide on a feng shui office space in this article. We also add some furniture ideas for each element of feng shui. If you want to buy it all at a better price, consider wholesale office furniture.

As you will read further, you will realize how easy it is to use the feng shui office design to favor your growth. So, let’s go ahead and explore feng shui further! 

What is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui

"Feng" means wind, and "Shui" means water. Historically, Feng Shui is a Chinese art that is known for promoting a positive, harmonious attitude. Such an attitude builds your inner strength and makes you more calm and composed. People with a calm and composed nature always make better decisions and perform better in all walks of life.

Certain objects, colors, or materials can help you add feng shui to your room. Adding them creates a positive vibe that makes you feel the flow of natural energy throughout your workspace. In all this process, the arrangement of these objects gives the major kick to the flow of this natural energy.

Although this idea originated in China, its benefits made it popular across several Asian Pacific countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. Being an office worker, you can adopt it too in order to avail the following benefits. 

Benefits of Feng Shui Office Design

Benefits of Feng Shui Office Design

Adopting the feng shui office design can make you do wonders by promoting positivity. Having an optimistic attitude towards your work and goals help you keep motivated and perform better. If you think of it in terms of your office, feng shui can bring productivity and success.

Imagine having an office that is well organized in the light of the feng shui principles. Its positive vibes will make your work experience more delightful. Many people have tried adopting the feng shui principles, and their results are wondrous.

As we said earlier, the way you organize things in your office defines the art of feng shui. So, let's understand the basic elements of feng shui and how you can amalgamate them to get the best results. 

The Five Elements of Feng Shui


Feng shui lies on five principle elements; earth, fire, water, metal, and wood. Each element symbolizes something significant in your office layout feng shui. Once you understand these basics, understanding and implementing the feng shui office design will become easier. 



Earth signifies calmness, stability, and strength. This element is achieved by using the landscape’s artwork. You may think of introducing this element in your workspace with rocks, carpets, your family portraits, or anything that is brown-colored like a brown desk pad. Brown color symbolizes strength and reliability, so using it can help you incorporate the Earth element of feng shui. 


Fire is known as the most powerful element out of all five. This element can create transformation, expansion, and passion in your office layout feng shui. In addition to this, it has a lot of passion associated with itself, so it helps you transcend your passion for working.

Thus, it plays a vital role in boosting your productivity. A brighter office can bring the fire element into your office. Candles or the red color work similarly as well. 



As you would have expected, water symbolizes calmness and clarity. It is linked to your emotional side, i.e., it is meant for your renewal and relaxation. This element is very important to keep your mind clean and your productivity levels high.

A good way of doing that would be to add some water features like a small fountain in your workspace. The sound of fountains is itself pretty soothing and satisfying. You may also think of adding anything that is blue in color, as the blue color represents calmness. 


Growth and creativity are the most vital aspects for any business to thrive. The wood element talks about these aspects in your office layout feng shui. So, you can say that it is as vital as any other feng shui element. If you wish to have that, you should make your workspace greener, as plants are known to promote creativity and growth. Or you can use a wooden desk as a feng shui desk idea.

There are certain feng shui plants that are known to promote success, power, and prosperity. Adding such plants or trees to your desk décor can help you here. 



Metal is known for uniting all elements while signifying a better focus and order within each element. Using office accessories like filing cabinets, computers, and faxes come under this category. These small yet significant additions can do wonders in bringing you all along on a productive path. 

How to Feng Shui Your Office and Desk?

By now, you have learned what feng shui is and what benefits you can expect from adopting it. You also know the basic elements of feng shui. All you need to know now is how to feng shui your office.

Introducing the elements that we discussed above can be a great way of introducing office layout feng shui. However, there are few other things that you should know to get the most out of feng shui. Feng shui discourages clutter. Clutter is bad for your productivity. If you fail to avoid it, you end up having unorganized thoughts and ill-planned outputs. So, it is better you avoid it.

In addition, ensure that you invest in some good office chairs to keep yourself comfortable. Your standing desk’s design matters a lot as well. The best idea would be to invest in a standing desk that has a sleek design to promote productivity and avoid clutter.

Using these tips and adding the feng shui elements in the right order can help you design your ultimate feng shui office space. So, go ahead and make the necessary changes today!

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